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Guidelines on How to Re-Evaluate Life Insurance Policy

Buying a life insurance policy and securing your family's future is an applaudable decision. But after you buy your policy, getting complacent...Read More

Why do Women Need Insurance?

Women in India today come with varying financial backgrounds. With education empowerment, women today are self sufficient financially and can...Read More

Life Insurance Myths and Facts you need to know

There is a lot of apprehension when it comes to buying life insurance products. To top it all there are people around you who can build up a...Read More

Checklist on Buying Life Insurance

Finally made the decision to buy a term life insurance? With reputed companies offering term insurance policies it is difficult to choose one...Read More

Is Life Insurance Important When There are no Dependants?

Raj is 38 years of age, and has no plans of marrying or even adopting a child. He lost his parents a few years ago and has practically no dependent...Read More

Singles don’t Need Life Insurance – Myth Busted

It is a common assumption that singles don’t need life insurance. Those who choose not to marry and have a family, therefore often think of...Read More

Understanding the Basics Of Life Insurance

Life insurance promises financial protection to the individual taking the policy, called the ‘policyholder’, and his/her family and dependants...Read More

Revival of a Lapsed Life Insurance Policy

A life insurance can lapse when you cannot pay the premium within the stipulated timeframe which includes the grace period. When a policy lapses...Read More

9 Tips To Ensure A Hassle-Free Claim Settlement Process

IRDAI reports show that on an average, a significant percentage of life insurance claims remain pending for over 12 months before final settlement....Read More

Life Insurance Myths Busted

Taxes and death are inevitable Life insurance helps cut down on taxes and provides economic security to the policyholder’sdependentsin the...Read More