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Did you know about these 5 things that life insurance can do?

Life insurance is generally viewed concurrently with the death benefit it provides – the money paid out to the policyholder’s family members...Read More

Why Insurance Claims Are Denied – 5 Reasons To Help You Understand

Nothing can be scarier than when your medical bills pile up and you suddenly learn that your health insurance company will not pay. Denial of...Read More

Life insurance versus Public Provident Fund – What should you pick?

PPF is a long-term debt scheme introduced by the Government of India. Here, an individual makes periodic payments to the PPF account and receives...Read More

9 commonly committed financial planning blunders

It is rightly said that failing to plan is planning to fail. This especially holds for those trying to make headway into achieving financial...Read More

3 Insurance Moves to Make Before You Turn 30

Late 20s or early 30s are usually the years when a lot of major changes take place in your life. It is typically the time when you get married,...Read More

Budget 2016: The Insurance Sector Gets Special Attention

This year’s Union Budget has done especially well in addressing the needs of the Insurance sector. Small investors and tax payers especially,...Read More

Which Life Insurance Is Right for You?

Life insurance has great value, as often with just a small amount a day, an individual can provide adequate financial protection to his family...Read More

Key takeaways from Union Budget 2016 and Insurance

The Union Budget 2016, which was unveiled on February 29 by the Finance Minister, has received mixed response from media and experts alike. Some...Read More

Demystifying the Concept of Sum Insured Vs Sum Assured

Sum insured and sum assured are among the fundamental terms that an individual essentially needs to understand before choosing a life insurance...Read More

Benefits of Buying Insurance Online

With the growing emergence of internet in India and the adaptability of working professionals towards transacting online, a surge in e-commerce...Read More