Things to Know About Charging Your Electric Two-Wheeler

Electric bikes not only are environment friendly but they are easy to use and fuel-efficient. All you need to do is to charge your electric two-wheeler, and it is ready to go. So with all other things, one component of your bike that you should take care of is its battery. To keep your bike's battery in good shape, you should follow some charging tips. Here we are discussing charging tips for electric two-wheelers that will help the battery live long:

Charge the Battery of Your New Electric Bike for 12 Hours

When you purchase a new electric bike, take some time to charge it fully. For the same, you have to charge it for at least 12 hours. The long initial charge of the battery of your electric bike ensures that the current flows through almost all the cells, and it helps to provide conditioning to the battery.

Charge the Battery of Your Electric Two-Wheeler Regularly

Most of the e-bikes use lithium chemistry batteries. These batteries have a longer life, but for their better working, it is suggested to keep them charged. Therefore, you should charge the battery regularly. Never let the battery of your e-bike discharge completely. Instead, try to charge its battery when it is at 30% to 60% capacity. Some electric bike battery experts suggest that you can go for occasional full discharge, but once after every 30 to 40 charges. However, otherwise, you should stick to the guideline of 30% to 60%. For charging the battery of your electric bike regularly, you should use it on regular basis and this gives you another reason to go out and ride it regularly.

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Avoid Extreme Temperature

The battery of your electric two-wheeler feels the temperature the same way as being an electric biker you do. As the moderate temperature is better for you so does it is better for your electric bike. For the prolonged battery of your electric bike, avoid the extremities of temperature both when you are charging its battery and while using it. The electric battery of your e-bike also likes moderate temperature especially when you are charging it. During electric bike charging, its battery has to be in an environment that is not freezing and is not hot as well. The hot temperature should not be hotter than 110-degree Fahrenheit at max. However, you should not go to the extremes as it is always better if the temperature remains between 60-degree to 70-degree Fahrenheit while it is charging.

Do Not Overcharge the Battery of Your Electric Bike

Never let the battery of your electric bike on the charger for a long period like for several days. When you do such things, you may create a situation in which, the battery of your e-bike discharges and leaving it probably at the battery level at 95% of capacity. The charger of your bike then goes back to work, topping off its battery. Such cycles of minor discharges and then topping it off can continue to create poor cycles of charging. Instead, it is suggested to use the timer of your mobile that reminds you to take off the charger of the battery of your e-bike.

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Never Store an Empty Battery

There can be times when you need to store the battery of your electric bike. This can be due to any reason ranging from going out on a trip or extreme cold or hot weather wherein you cannot go out with your electric bike. Despite any reason, never store the battery of your electric motorcycle empty instead lookout for it to have approximately 40 to 70 percent of the battery's full capacity.

The aforementioned are tips for charging your electric bike. However, if you are going to purchase a new electric bike, then with a battery, you must consider the following points in your mind:

  • Its Range: Range is the distance that an electric bike can travel when its battery is fully charged. So, as per the purpose of use choose the e-bike.
  • Price: The common misconception of the current time is that anything friendly to the environment is expensive. The e-bikes of the current time are affordable and hence are easily available for common people.
  • Service of Your Electric Bike: You can visit the local service station of your bike before purchase. Find out whether they have all the spare parts for your e-bike. With the local shops for service, you should also ask about the company's authorized service stations and its service policy.
  • Reason to Purchase E-Bike: You should understand the reason for the purchase of your e-bike. If it is for daily commutation, then you must purchase an e-bike accordingly. If it is for carrying products, then go for that kind of e-bike.

Summing It Up!

In India, we have seen a sudden spike in the purchase of electric vehicles. Most of the two-wheelers in this category use Li-ion batteries with the capacity to swap. The latter simply means that you can easily take out the depleted battery and attach a fully charged one to your bike. However, taking care of the battery by following all the safety measures and the above tips is your responsibility. If in case your two-wheeler gets damaged due to any reason then you can utilize scooter insurance of your e-bike to get it repaired.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 30 December 2020
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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