Significance of Wheelbase in Two-Wheeler

Many of us might not know it, but if we observe our two-wheelers and two-wheelers around us, we will notice that the distance between the two wheels of a motorbike is different. The bikes that are made for cruising have comparatively more distance between the wheels whereas the sports bikes or the bikes used for tracking have a shorter wheelbase. So, what is a wheelbase?

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If we talk about wheelbase, we can say that it is nothing but the distance between the rear and front wheels of any two-wheeler or automobile when we draw a straight line for connecting them.

Significance of Wheelbase:

Both long and short wheelbase types have different advantages and it depends on the type of use. When the bike has a long wheelbase, then it has better stability on road. This means that the bike keeps on going on a straight line easily and changing its direction easily is a bit difficult. The situation inverses when we talk about bikes with shorter wheelbase distance. These bikes can easily be moved in different directions but they can lose out the stability of staying on the road. There are a lot of chances of these bikes to wobble at high speeds which is not the case with a longer wheelbase.

This is why the drag racing bikes have a very long wheelbase. The reason due to which the distribution of weight gets affected makes it forward biased and therefore bike not only keeps on going in a straight line but as well not goes inside a wheelie. The situation is the exact opposite in the case of MotoGP and other racing bikes. The reason for the same is the shorter wheelbase that allows the bikes to be a lot of light and compact and it as well makes it easy for the two-wheeler to move to the corners and around at high speed.

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Even on the roads, the cruiser bikes such as Bajaj Avenger have a longer wheelbase as compared to the Bajaj Pulsar bikes. This is one of the best examples to show how the wheelbase affects the dynamics of the bike and what is its significance it has in designing the bike and its basic purpose. The bikes with a longer wheelbase are more stable but have lesser maneuverability. Smaller the wheelbase lesser its stability and more movability.

So, one should understand that there are no pre-calculations that can be made by anyone about the distance of the wheelbase. It all depends on the bike's manufacturer as to how much the wheelbase it wants to keep. The wheelbase depends on many factors such as the two-wheeler's purpose, its tyre size, its aesthetic appeal, and the ground clearance decides for the bike. The ground clearance as well as an important role in the bike's handling. Therefore, one should consider it as well when playing with the two-wheeler's wheelbase.

Therefore, one should remember the significance of the wheelbase in a two-wheeler. When one adjusts the chain slackness of the bike as in some to-wheelers the axel of the rear wheel moves back a bit for tightening the chain. Even a small change like this can create a significant change in bike handling, however, this is not apparent to one who is an untrained person. An untrained person even does not understand whether the handling dynamics of a bike has changed. However, one who is working on track machines can easily make out the difference.

With the significance of wheelbase, we should know the safety tips for two-wheelers:

Safety Tips for the Owners of Bikes:

  • A biker should always wear a helmet at the time of riding.
  • Regular servicing of the bike is recommended.
  • One has to maintain a safe distance from others on road vehicles.
  • One should not use mobile phones at the time of riding a bike. If he/she has to pick-up a call while riding, then he/she must pull over the bike and then make a call.
  • One should stay away from the blind spots of all the vehicles.
  • Get comprehensive two-wheeler insurance online.
  • Always give way to pedestrians, be compassionate with them.
  • Never try to overtake school zones, junctions, bridges, pedestrian crossing, and the places that are marked with yellow lines.
  • Never overtake from the left.

Tips to Increase the Mileage of Two-Wheeler:

Whether the bike is a racing bike or a regular two-wheeler, good mileage is all that we need in today's time. Here are a few tips to increase the mileage of our two-wheeler:

  • Get the service of your bike timely and do proper maintenance.
  • Keep the pressure of your tyre at the recommended levels.
  • Try not to keep the engine of your bike running unnecessarily.
  • Avoid the overriding of the clutch.
  • Use good quality fuel.
  • Try to avoid the routes that have a high volume of traffic.
  • Ride your bike sensibility.

With all the aforementioned factors for the safety of your bike and for increasing its mileage, it is recommended to opt for a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy. A comprehensive bike insurance plan not only provides coverage for third-party loss or damage but to damage or loss to the owner-vehicle and the owner as well. By adding a relevant add-on to your bike insurance plan you can improve its coverage. Almost all the insurers offer two-wheeler insurance online and you can purchase a policy at the convenience of your home anytime and do not have to visit the office of the insurer. You can as well renew your bike insurance policy online.

The Final Words!

One should remember not to tamper with the settings of the bike as this can impact the wheelbase and can change its handling capabilities. Keep all the above-mentioned points related to the safety of the bike and improving its mileage. Even though it is mandatory to have at least a third-party bike insurance policy before plying it on the roads of India, but it is always good to have a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan. The reason for the same is getting coverage for their two-wheeler and self.  So, stay safe and keep riding a bike.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 27 June 2021
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