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What are the Documents Required for Bike Insurance Claim?

In case you meet with an accident and want to lodge a claim, make sure you have all the information available. It involves witnesses (their address and contact number), pictures as proof of the accident and the damage incurred, and medical bills in case of hospitalization.

Documents and Details Required for Filing Two-wheeler Insurance Claim

​In case you have to file a two-wheeler insurance claim, please register your claim at the insurer’s helpline number as soon as there is an incident.

Details Required to Lodge a Bike Insurance Claim are Listed Below:

More or less most of the two-wheeler insurance providers require the following details from their customers who are filing a claim:

  • Policy number
  • Contact Details
  • Name of the policyholder
  • Two-wheeler’s make and model
  • Two-wheeler’s registration number
  • Time and date of the accident
  • Brief description of the incident/accident/theft
  • Location and extent of loss
  • Workshops’ name and contact details
  • Personal details of the person informed about the claim (if someone on behalf of the policyholder is registering the claim)

Here is a comprehensive list of documents that you should keep handy while lodging a bike insurance claim:

​If it is an Accidental Damage:

Make sure that you have the following documents/information handy:

  • Proof of Two-wheeler Insurance / Copy of Cover Note
  • Copy of Bike’s RC, and original tax receipts for verification
  • Police FIR report while reporting a third-party death, damage and bodily injuries
  • Copy of your original driving license
  • Payment receipts and repair bills once the job is completed
  • Damage repair estimate
  • Claims Discharge plus Satisfaction Voucher (to be signed across a revenue stamp)

If it is a Theft Related Claim:

Make sure that you have the following documents available:

  • Original Two-wheeler Insurance Policy Documents
  • Original RC
  • Tax payment receipt
  • Theft endorsement from the concerned Regional Transport Office
  • Service booklets/bike keys and the warranty card
  • Previous Two-Wheeler Insurance Details:
    - Two-wheeler insurance policy number
    - Insurance company details
    - Duration of the policy period
  • Police FIR/ JMFC report/ Final investigation report
  • An approved copy of the letter addressing the concerned RTO regarding the theft and declaring the bike as "NON-USE"

On Admission of Liability:

  • Form 28, 29 and 30 signed by the policyholder
  • Letter of subrogation
  • Form 35 signed by the Financer on the admission of liability of insurance company
  • Consent towards decided claim settlement value from the insured and the Financer
  • NOC of the Financer if the claim is to be settled in the favor of the policyholder
  • Claim Discharge Voucher that is signed across a Revenue Stamp

Things to Consider While Filing Two-wheeler Insurance Claim

  • Remember to immediately inform the policy in any case
  • Assess the loss and damage that has incurred to your two-wheeler
  • In any case, make sure that you immediately inform your insurance company about the accident if you wish to enjoy timely settlement of your claims
  • Refrain from any argument with other drivers, and let the police and your insurer assess the damage
  • Simply follow the bike insurance policy terms and conditions to enjoy a hassle-free claim procedure

Bottom Line

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned points, taking bike insurance is not merely an option but it has become inevitable to tackle the risks involved while driving your vehicle on the Indian roads. Sometimes, two-wheeler insurance may cross your budget but it is definitely worth the expense and once realizes only when an emergency strikes. Wisely choose a bike insurance policy and pick one that offers your adequate coverage in a cost-effective manner. Undoubtedly, a two-wheeler insurance policy lets enjoy your peace of mind and let you enjoy your ride.