Silver Price Chart

Price of Silver in Ahmedabad

Last Update on 22nd Sep 2017

Gram1 Gm1 Kg
1 Gram 42.45 42447.00
8 Gram 339.60 339,576.00
10 Gram 424.50 424,470.00
100 Gram 4,245.00 4,244,700.00

Silver Rate in Ahmadabad

The former capital of the state of Gujarat, Ahmadabad sees precious metals like gold and silver as lucrative tradable investments. Silver price today in Ahmadabad bounces in the conventional pattern due to external factors. Silver market rate today is the outcome of the global market of metals, its movement, demand and supply and inflationary factors.

Previously, silver in Ahmadabad used to be treated as luxury and princely gifts to exchange. Silver is considered as a feasible option for investment; it is the second most chosen metal to lock money in.

Investment in silver in Ahmadabad is made in the below mentioned common forms: -

Silver coins and bars of the metal

Silver in Ahmadabad is bought and sold in coins and bars mainly for investing purposes. Coins are available in the weights of 10 grams to 500 grams usually.

Silver bullion

Those who opt to invest in silver in bigger values, they can choose to invest in silver bullion. It is available in the weights of 500 grams to 5 kilos. Silver bullion rate in Ahmadabad runs in such a way that the purchased silver can be traded off instantly for more than a third of its purchase value.

Other than bullion and bars, the metal is widely used in the forms of jewelry and utensils as well.

Silver Rate in Ahmedabad for Last 10 Days

SILVER (in Gm)
SILVER (in Kg)
1 Kg 10 Kg
22 September 2017 Rs. 42.45 Rs. 424.5 Rs. 42447.00 Rs. 424470
21 September 2017 Rs. 42.83 Rs. 428.3 Rs. 42829.00 Rs. 428290
20 September 2017 Rs. 42.55 Rs. 425.5 Rs. 42548.00 Rs. 425480
19 September 2017 Rs. 43.35 Rs. 433.5 Rs. 43351.00 Rs. 433510
18 September 2017 Rs. 43.44 Rs. 434.4 Rs. 43435.00 Rs. 434350
17 September 2017 Rs. 43.44 Rs. 434.4 Rs. 43435.00 Rs. 434350
16 September 2017 Rs. 43.97 Rs. 439.7 Rs. 43974.00 Rs. 439740
15 September 2017 Rs. 44.06 Rs. 440.6 Rs. 44061.00 Rs. 440610
14 September 2017 Rs. 44.06 Rs. 440.6 Rs. 44061.00 Rs. 440610
13 September 2017 Rs. 43.94 Rs. 439.4 Rs. 43936.00 Rs. 439360

Ahmedabad Silver Rate Trend in Last 3 Month

Historical Silver price in Ahmedabad

Silver prices in Ahmedabad have seen a rocky movement in the previous year. The first six months had an excellent rise but slowly followed the market trend of dipping toward the end of the year.

Silver price movements in Ahmedabad

Silver price movement in Ahmedabad displayed an up movement at the beginning of this year in the silver industry. In the previous month, the silver price movement in Ahmedabad saw an increase in consumption.

For the previous week, the silver rate in Ahmedabad is seeing going steady with an upward trend in the market

In the current week, Ahmedabad silver prices in saw an upward but marginal rise in the silver consumption.

How to buy Silver in Ahmedabad?

Silver can be easily bought for investment in Ahmedabad. Individuals buy silver in kilograms for consumption and investing or its storage. Another way to invest is to buy silver bullion which is available at a jewelry store. Silver jewelry is preferred by most investors as an attractive investment. Another benefit of purchasing silver is that it is traded under national indexes and is possible for further liquidity.