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K.c. Pur
March 09, 2021
Speedy Claims

I had bought a travel insurance policy from Policybazaar before my solo trip last month. In an unfortunate incident, my passport got lost during the trip and I did not what to do. I called the claim assistance team and they helped me raise a claim for it. With a few days, a duplicate passport was issued to be for the time being and I was ultimately able to come back to India. Thanks for all the help.

March 09, 2021
Online Comparison

I needed to buy travel insurance for my trip but was confused about which one to buy. On someone’s suggestion, I tried Policybazaar and came across many plans. What I liked the best was that they let me compare these plans and I was able to decide the plan that I should buy. Beneficial Platform!

March 09, 2021
Annual Plans

My job involves travelling frequently to different cities and I have suffered from losses several times due to last-minute cancellations. I decided to give travel insurance plan a try and at Policybazaar, I found several travel plans for frequent flyers. I chose an ideal plan for myself and bought it without any second thoughts. Have no regrets since then.

March 09, 2021
Group Travel Insurance

My entire joint family was planning a trip to Vaishno Devi. I decided to buy travel insurance and stay prepared for any problems. At Policybazaar, I found several group travel insurance plans that offered a lot of benefits. I bought a policy for an economical plan without any hassles.

March 09, 2021
Family Plans

My family and I are going for a vacation and we thought of buying travel insurance as coronavirus travel restrictions are imposed any time. I looked for travel insurance plans for families at Policybazaar and found multiple plan options. After careful comparison, I chose a suitable plan without spending a lot.

March 09, 2021
Safe Travel Option

I decided to buy travel insurance for the first time and came to Policybazaar. I came across multiple plans with their premiums and benefits clearly mentioned. I liked that the plans offered so many benefits and made travelling more safer. I did buy an affordable plan for my trip to Dubai. I suggest everyone to buy travel insurance plans.

March 09, 2021
Claim Assistance

I have a travel insurance policy that I had purchased from Policybazaar. Unfortunately, my flight had gotten delayed and I ended up missing my connecting flight. I raised a claim with the help of the concerned team and followed all the procedure. Soon enough, I received compensation for my missed flight. Great team!

March 09, 2021
Travel Medical Bills

I had purchased travel insurance from Policybazaar for my recent foreign trip. Unfortunately, I fell ill and had to get medical treatment there. Luckily, my travel policy covered medical expenses and I was able to avail medical treatment without any compromises. Really grateful.

Yashwant Nagar
March 05, 2021
Baggage Loss

I was looking to buy a good travel insurance plan that covers baggage loss. I tried Policybazaar and found multiple travel plans covering loss of check-in baggage. I shortlisted the best plan for myself and purchased it without wasting any time. Received the policy in no time.

March 05, 2021
Affordable Premium

I purchased travel insurance from Policybazaar recently. They offer several travel plans suiting every budget but even then they were pretty affordable. I chose the best plan for my trip and paid it online through a safe payment process. Highly recommended.

March 05, 2021
Easy Purchase Process

My experience of buying travel insurance from Policybazaar was amazing. The website is simple to use and I purchased the plan without any problems. The whole process was simple and I got the best deal by comparing the plans. Great Going!

March 05, 2021
Wide Variety of Plans

I bought travel insurance for the first time from Policybazaar and had a good experience. They have a wide variety of travel insurance plans from different companies. It was easy to compare them with each other. I bought the plan that covered me adequately and suited my budget.

February 17, 2021
Better coverage

I have got amazing coverage when I bought the travel insurance policy from the policybazaar. It has several benefits and one can enjoy the trip in hassle-free way. Thanks team.

East Godavari
February 17, 2021
Travel with safety

I have travelled with safety and security when I bought the travel insurance policy from the policybazaar. I have got all types of safety and security and the insurance company was in touch with me during the time of trip. Kudos team.

February 17, 2021
Less costly

I have taken the travel insurance policy from the policybazaar and it is an amazing plan. It is very less costly in nature and I didn’t found it expensive. Thanks team.

February 10, 2021
Personal accident cover

Along with the travel insurance policy one should also go for the personal accident coverage. It is a superb combination at the time of the travelling.

February 10, 2021
Medical expenses

I have recently took the travel insurance policy for myself and my family and it has given me the coverage related to the Medical expenses. A fine quality product. Thanks team.

February 10, 2021
Easy to get

It is really easy to get the travel insurance plans from the policybazaar. I have taken the plan from the policybazaar. I am thankful to whole team of the policybazaar.

January 29, 2021
Add on covers

The add on covers under the travel insurance plan is easy to cover. I added some of the add on covers so that it can enhance my travel insurance plan. Great team. Thanks a lot.

January 29, 2021
Brand name

I believe that trust and brand name is really important when going to buy a product. I bought the travel insurance plan and felt that it is really good to go. Life has become easy and subtle for me and so my trip. Thanks team.

January 28, 2021
Quick and hassle free

I feel getting a travel insurance plan is quite quick and hassle free. I have bought a travel insurance plan a year ago from policybazaar and it was easy to do so. Along with that I bought some add-ons under the plan so that it will enhance of my travel insurance policy. The process was quick and best. Thanks team policybazaar.

January 28, 2021
Easy to use website

It is really easy to buy a travel insurance policy from policybazaar and the user interface is quick to use. I understood whole use of website and bought the plan immediately. Even the customer care team of policybazaar is really good. Thanks team.

January 28, 2021
One of the great policy

Recently I bought a travel insurance policy from the policybazaar and I have got a best one. I feel while travelling one must buy a travel insurance plan. It has been wonderful to me and my family at the time of travel. Thanks team.

January 28, 2021
Easy to buy

It is really easy to buy a travel insurance policy and I bought it online. I bought it online and have checked various travel insurance plans into the policybazaar website. It is easy for me and I will definitely recommend this to everyone. Thanks team policybazaar.

Yashwant Nagar
January 27, 2021
Flexible mode of payment

The payment mode of travel insurance plan which I bought from the policybazaar is super easy and quick. I always make the payment online and it is very transparent in nature. I really like the product and it has been memorable trip for me. Thanks team policybazaar.

January 27, 2021
More and better information

I choose policybazaar because I have received best in class services and information from them. The whole team is genuine in nature and quite understandable. I have got a huge assistance and attention from whole team of policybazaar. Great work team policybazaar.

January 27, 2021
Not expensive

My travel insurance policy is not expensive in nature and it came under my budget. I have checked few of the travel insurance plans into the website of the policybazaar. I bought the plan with the assistance of policybazaar’s customer care and I got the best. Thanks to whole team of policybazaar.

January 27, 2021
Great travel insurance plans

I have bought a travel insurance policy from the website of the policybazaar. I have got a great assistance and it has been a wonderful plan for me and my family. My family trip was safe and enjoyable. Thanks team policybazaar.

January 22, 2021
Customize your plan

It is great to know that I can customize my travel insurance plan from the policybazaar. I can get certain facilities into my plan which I really wanted. It is one of the good plan for my trip. From the start of trip to the end I have got such security. Thank you policybazaar.

January 22, 2021
Cashless hospitalization

I got my travel insurance plan as it the facility of cashless hospitalization which is really needed and important. I have got several other benefits too when I bought the travel insurance policy. A good plan. Thanks team.

January 21, 2021
Affordable plans

One can easily get the affordable plans when buying from policybazaar. The website is quite helpful and let me know about great deals and plans of different insurers. I really love this plan of travel insurance and have enjoyed my trip in a hassle-free way. Thank you so much team policybazaar.

January 21, 2021
Risk-free life

I have recently bought the travel insurance policy from the policybazaar. It is one of the advisable plan which I have bought for myself and my family as we have planned for a trip. Amazing plan with good features. Thank you policybazaar.

October 14, 2020
Great assistance

The policybazaar team provides with the great customer care assistance. I am much impressed and happy with their work.

Yashwant Nagar
October 14, 2020
Renew it easily

I recently renewed my travel insurance policy from the policybazaar. It was really easy and quick and I am really happy with the services of the policybazaar.

October 14, 2020
Family travel insurance

I bought the family travel insurance policy from the policybazaar. It Is quite less expensive in nature and will get the medical expenses. I am really happy with the work of the policybazaar.

October 14, 2020
Available plan easily

I have easily availed the travel insurance plan from the policybazaar. And it is one of the best plan I found. I am very happy with the services of the policybazaar.

October 13, 2020
Claim support

I am happy that policybazaar has been a better support system to me for the claim support. I really like it and my claim was settled in less than a week. Thanks team policybazaar.

October 13, 2020
Easy comparing

It is really easy to compare the travel insurance plans from the policybazaar. I found it much impressive about the policybazaar. And I have recommended a lot to my friends.

October 13, 2020
Good plans

I am really happy with the plans of the travel insurance which I bought from the policybazaar. It is such a wonderful plan. Thanks a lot team.

October 13, 2020
Thanks a lot

I am thankful to the team of the policybazaar. They have provided with good amount of services and I really like it. Thanks a lot team policybazaar.

October 12, 2020
Customized plans

I have took the travel insurance policy from the policybazaar and it was the customized plans. I can customize it according to my needs and the choices. Thanks team.

October 12, 2020
Policy issued on time

My travel insurance soft copy was issued on time. I bought the travel insurance policy from the website of the policybazaar and my policy copy was issued in less than 10 minutes. Thanks team.

October 12, 2020
Cashless claim

I have taken travel insurance and it was a cashless claim facilities available into my plan. It is a best plan for me and my family.

October 12, 2020
Compare and buy

Before buying the travel insurance policy I compared it from the various websites. I checked on the website of the policybazaar and found the best one. Thank you.

October 08, 2020
Easy comparison

It is very easy to compare the travel insurance policy at the website of the policybazaar. I have checked the plans at the given website and have found the unique ones. Thanks team.

October 08, 2020
Online insurance

I bought my travel insurance plan online and it was such an easy task and quickly done. I got to know about various plans at one place.

October 08, 2020
Save time

I have saved a lot of time when I bought the travel insurance plan online. It has been a wonderful plan for me and my family to get best travel plans. Thank you policybazaar.

October 08, 2020
Get travel plan

I am much happy with my travel insurance plan which I purchased from the website of the policybazaar. It is a subtle and simple plan. Thanks team.

April 07, 2020
Quick and easy

I got my travel insurance in less than 10 minutes. The best part, I did not have to struggle with it as the UI is super easy.

April 06, 2020
Most affordable

Policybazaar is the most affordable for getting the travel insurance. It gives the best price while maintaining the benefits.

March 30, 2020
Nice cover

Found travel insurance plans with all-round cover on Policybazaar at the most competitive price.

March 25, 2020
Very informative

I could check the pros and cons of various travel insurance providers on Policybazaar before I finalised the one that suited me. Great efforts.

March 24, 2020
Best options

I loved the idea of how Policybazaar shows vide options of travel insurance to choose from as per the requirement. I paid only for what I wanted.

January 24, 2020

The prices and deals are good, although faced a minor issue during payment. Overall, a good experience.

January 15, 2020
Quick and best

As always, I got my travel insurance from Policybazaar and it was seamless with a lot of options to choose the best suited from.

January 09, 2020
Best prices

Saved a lot on travel insurance at Policybazaar. I checked a lot of websites and got the best price here.

January 02, 2020
Best company

I really love to be associated with policybazaar as they helped me getting a good and best travel plans.

December 26, 2019
Customer service

I like the plans as I can compare them and can get the best one. If I feel any doubt I can easily approach the customer care people of policybazaar.

December 18, 2019

Getting a claim is quite easy and not so difficult. I really like the services of the policybazaar.

December 16, 2019

I like the plan which I have opted as I got good benefits at an affordable price.

December 11, 2019
Coverage is good

The best part of taking a travel Insurance from policybazaar is that it covers in a better way. It provides the benefited type policy.

December 09, 2019
Good Customer Support

The customer service executive are very nice and they helped me getting the best deal of travel plans.

December 06, 2019

Policybazaar provides us with the option of getting the best plans.

December 05, 2019
Easy to look plans

The quotes and the plans which were given on policybazaar website was quite reasonable and genuine.

December 04, 2019
Quick and Hassle free

Recently I got my travel insurance from policybazaar. I got my policy copy within 15 minutes.

November 26, 2019
Best Plans

I bought a travel insurance from policybazaar. It was a good experience to get the best plan from them.

September 03, 2019
Smooth and easy process

The process of purchasing the travel insurance was smooth and I got the best deal at Policybazaar. Have not made any claim yet so not sure about that.

September 01, 2019
Best insurance platform ever

The process and information was amazing as always. I get all my insurances from Policybazaar. It is smooth, easy, value for money and they have the best claim assistance.

August 31, 2019
Travel insurance is a must

My little investment on travel insurance saved me from the losses I would have suffered due to loss of my luggage. I would suggest all international travellers to get their trip insured without fail. Thank you, Policybazaar.

August 29, 2019
Best customer service

The executive of Policybazaar was very well informed and explained the complete pros and cons of various insurers and it eventually helped me choose the best one as per my requirements.

August 28, 2019
Saved thousands of bucks

The travel insurance came like a wonder to me. I had to cancel my trip last minute but did not lose on it. Thank you Policybazaar. It was great using the services.

August 26, 2019
Best claim settlement

The claim process was easy and quick. Although it feels very bad to lose your luggage in a foreign land, it was well nullified by Policybazaar and I got the claim.

August 09, 2019
Wonderful experience

I got exactly what I wanted. The system has beautifully been designed to smoothly select the place and dates of visit to be insured. Thank you Policybazaar.

August 06, 2019
All the plans under one roof

I got my travel insurance from Policybazaar. I was able to check and compare the inclusions and exclusions of various insurers, sitting at home.

August 01, 2019
Customer support are actually supporters

The customer support of policybazaar is fantabulous. They actually know the needs of the customer and without wasting any time they gave me the best fit plan in such an affordable price. Thanks policybazaar.

July 26, 2019
Better options available in the website

I have been to the website of policybazaar and got the best insurance. Actually I was happy to get the options related to different plans. So I want to recommend people to for policybazaar. Even they are too helpful.

July 24, 2019
Relieved and feel happy

I feel that one should have the travel cover insurance and I am relieved from all tensions. My trip was awesome and it was a good assistance which was given by policybazaar during the purchasing of Travel Insurance.

July 20, 2019
Quick on everything

While on the trip of Europe I was injured badly and I contacted my policybazaar team they immediately assisted me and help me in getting the best hospital and the claim was done on immediate basis. Kudos to team.

July 12, 2019
Trustworthy company

It really feels good that you can rely on some good company for your safety and security and that too company is taking care of yours. I can rely on them related to my trip safety and security. Now I can travel world easily. Thank you team.

July 10, 2019
Claim process was quite easy

While going for a claim, I would recommend you go to policybazaar. As I purchased the travel insurance and due to some problem I have been rescued by them only. I got an easy claim from them too. Thank you folks!

July 08, 2019
A sour good experience

I purchased the travel insurance from policybazaar and it was a good experience to get best and affordable insurance from them. I would suggest people to go for policybazaar for purchasing of insurance.

July 05, 2019
Safety and security

I recently enjoyed my trip in Europe and had insured myself with the travel insurance of policybazaar. Although it was not required to use the policy but I was feeling safe and happy that I am secured.

June 30, 2019
Better than other company

Earlier I was using some other company’s insurance but it was not at all good. But somebody told me that the whole process of policybazaar from start to end. Everything is good. They actually take good care of their customers.

June 28, 2019
Affordable price

I got my insurance done from policybazaar and it was travel insurance. The prices and the benefits which was provided by them in that price was good.