Understanding the Indemnity Clause in India

Indemnity clauses are an essential component of contracts, helping to define the allocation of financial responsibility in the event of losses or expenses. These clauses are particularly crucial in commercial agreements, where the risk of potential liabilities must be clearly defined and managed. In India, indemnity clauses are not only defined by legal statutes but also play a significant role in protecting the interests of parties involved in commercial transactions.

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The Concept of Indemnity Clauses

An indemnity clause is a legal provision that serves to shift the responsibility for financial losses from one party to another. In this arrangement, one party, referred to as the Indemnifier, agrees to safeguard the other party, known as the Indemnity Holder, from any financial losses or expenses resulting from the actions of the Indemnifier or those of a third party. This clause is frequently integrated into commercial contracts as a means of managing risk and protecting one party from the consequences of the other party's actions.

The Importance of Indemnity Clauses in India

In India, the legal framework for indemnity clauses is laid out in the Indian Contract Act, of 1872 section 124. This section defines indemnity as a contract in which one party commits to protecting the other from losses caused by the promisor's conduct or that of any other person. Indemnity clauses are a cornerstone of commercial transactions in India, protecting against the financial consequences of one party's actions.

Key Components of Indemnity Clauses

Several key components constitute an indemnity clause in India. These elements include:

  • The indemnifying parties: This identifies the party providing the indemnification and accepting financial risk for potential future losses.
  • The indemnified party: This designates the party protected by the indemnity clause, allowing them to claim losses or expenses incurred due to the actions of the indemnifying party or a third party.
  • The scope of the indemnification: This defines the specific types of losses or expenses covered by the indemnity clause, which may include property damage, legal fees, or other costs stemming from the actions of the indemnifying party.
  • Indemnification period: This specifies the duration during which the indemnified party can make claims under the indemnity clause.
  • Exclusions and limitations provisions: This section outlines any restrictions or exclusions to the indemnification, such as claim amount limits or certain types of losses not covered by the indemnity clause.
  • Survival of the indemnity: This indicates the timeframe during which the indemnity remains valid after the contract's termination.

Key Considerations for the Indemnified Party

When drafting an indemnity clause in India, it's essential to clearly define the scope of losses and liabilities covered. The definition should be flexible, using phrases like "losses include" to allow for various interpretations. Additionally, the clause should include a provision for claim notice and specify the threshold for triggering the indemnifying party's payment obligation. Parties should also address potential tax consequences, with the indemnifying party responsible for absorbing these costs.

Key Considerations for the Indemnifier

Indemnifiers should include clauses specifying the duration during which indemnity claims can be made after the contract's termination. It is also essential to safeguard against the indemnified party's ability to settle or defend cases without consent.

A limitation of the remedy clause should be included to outline the exclusive remedy in case of a breach. Furthermore, the survival clause in the indemnity clause should be tailored to define the limited period for claims arising from breaches of representation.

Indemnity Clauses in M&A Transactions

In M&A transactions, indemnification clauses are meticulously negotiated within share purchase agreements ("SPA"). These agreements aim to limit future liabilities for both buyers and sellers. Careful drafting of strong indemnity agreements is especially crucial in outright purchase transactions.

Given that buyers often possess more bargaining power in M&A transactions, the SPA's indemnity language should include restrictions and exclusions that protect the seller's interests. To further safeguard the indemnified party, an escrow can be established to fulfill potential obligations without resorting to litigation or arbitration.

Role of Indemnity Insurance

Indemnity insurance is a safety net in indemnity clauses in India. It covers financial risks, offering peace of mind in case of losses or expenses due to the indemnifying party or third parties. This additional layer of protection is crucial, especially when there are doubts about the indemnifying party's financial capability or potential substantial losses. It streamlines negotiations and ensures indemnity obligations can be met, enhancing the efficiency of these clauses in commercial contracts in India.


Indemnity clauses are a critical component of contracts, especially in commercial agreements in India. They define financial responsibility in the face of losses or expenses and offer protection against unforeseen liabilities. Understanding the key elements of these clauses, whether you are the indemnified or indemnifying party, is essential for ensuring fair and comprehensive agreements. In M&A transactions, these clauses play a pivotal role in limiting future liabilities and safeguarding the interests of both buyers and sellers, emphasizing the need for careful drafting and negotiation.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 25 October 2023
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