HDFC Equity Fund/ HDFC Flexi Cap Fund

Previously known as the HDFC Equity Fund, it is an open-ended equity scheme that invests across large, mid, and small-cap stocks.

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    Unlike 10% in Mutual Funds

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

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The HDFC Flexi Cap Fund has two different plans:

  • Regular Plan

  • Direct Plan

Both the plans have the following sub-options: 

  • Growth Option 

  • Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal Option (IDCW) 

Investment Objective 

The ultimate objective of HDFC Equity Fund is to earn long-term capital appreciation through diversified portfolios. The scheme follows an equity strategy to build a portfolio that represents a cross-section of companies diversified across major industries, economic sectors, and market capitalization. It is done to achieve an acceptable risk-reward balance.      

HDFC Flexi Cap Fund Facts 

Scheme's Name

HDFC Flexi Cap Fund (previously known as HDFC Equity fund)

Category of the Scheme 

Flexi Cap Fund

Scheme Type 

Open-ended equity scheme investing in large, mid, and small-cap funds. 

Benchmark Index

NIFTY 500 (Total Returns Index) 

Entry Load 

Not Applicable 

Exit Load 

No exit load is payable if the units are redeemed after 1 year from the date of allotment. 

An exit load of 1.00% is payable in respect of each purchase/switch-in of units if the units are redeemed within 1 year. 

Minimum Application Amount 

Purchase of Rs. 5,000 and any amount thereafter. 

Additional Purchase: Rs. 1,000 and any amount thereafter. 

Name of the Trustee Company 

HDFC Trustee Company Limited  

Name of the Fund Manager 

Mr Prashant Jain 

Inception Date 

January 01, 1995

AUM Value 

Rs. 27,105.00 as of October 31, 2021

Lock in Period 


Investment Options 

Regular Plan and Direct plan 

Suitable For 

Wealth Creation 

Suggested Investment Period 

3 Years and above 

Net Asset Value 

AMC calculates and discloses NAV at the close of every business day   

Fund Summary 

  1. HDFC Flexi Cap Fund – Direct Plan-Growth Option

    NAV as of 26 November 2021 – Rs. 1,026.2340

    Expense Ratio – 1.12%

  2. HDFC Flexi Cap Fund – Regular Plan-Growth Option

    NAV as of 26 November 2021 – Rs. 961.6030

    Expense Ratio – 1.72%

  3. HDFC Flexi Cap Fund – Direct Plan – IDCW Option 

    NAV as of 26 November 2021 – Rs. 63.1810

    Expense Ratio – 1.12%

  4. HDFC Flexi Cap Fund – Regular Plan - IDCW Option

    NAV as of 26 November 2021 – Rs. 56.7280

    Expense Ratio – 1.72%

Fund Return Summary 


CAGR Percentage 

Point to Point Return* on Standard Investment of Rs. 10,000/-

Last 1 year 



Last 3 Years



Last 5 Years



Since Inception 



*Returns are subject to change. The investment risk in the investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder.

Pros and Cons 



The fund house follows good risk mitigation strategies.  

The risk level of the scheme is very high. 

The fund provides good returns over the long term. 

There are chances that you might lose the capital invested.  

The scheme has an affordable expense ratio. 

Not appropriate for investors with short-term goals. 

Benefits of the HDFC Flexi Cap Fund 

There are several benefits of the HDFC Flexi Cap Fund: 

  • Reasonable Expense Ratio: It is a convenient option for investors aiming for higher returns as a low expense ratio is directly proportional to higher returns. 

  • Focus on risk mitigation strategies: The scheme has developed appropriate strategies to mitigate several risks like price, interest rate, credit, and liquidity risks. 

  • Long-term capital appreciation: The scheme aims to provide long-term appreciation in the capital invested.

  • Consistency in performance: The fund has displayed consistent performance since its inception, which has enabled it to gain the trust of its investors.

Who Should Invest in HDFC Flexi Cap Fund? 

The scheme is advisable for investors: 

  • Looking for long term capital appreciation 

  • Looking to invest predominantly in equity and equity-related instruments 

  • Willing to bear the high risks involved in return for the high returns


  • Q. What are the top 10 holdings of the HDFC Equity Fund? 

    Issuer  % of NAV 
    State Bank of India  9.18
    ICICI Bank Ltd.  7.54
    NTPC Limited  6.10
    Infosys Limited  5.70
    Larsen and Toubro Ltd.  5.60
    Coal India Ltd.  5.18
    Reliance Industries Ltd.  4.81
    ITC Ltd.  3.91
    Power Finance Corporation Ltd.   3.35
    Axis Bank Ltd.  3.17
    Grand Total  54.54
  • Q. What is the asset allocation pattern of the HDFC Equity Fund? 

    Type of Instrument  Minimum Allocation Maximum Allocation  Risk Profile 
    Units of Mutual Fund 0 20 Low to High
    Non-Convertible preference shares  0 10 Low to Medium
    Units issued by REITs and INvits  0 10 Medium to High
    Debt Securities and money market instruments and Fixed Income Derivatives  0 35 Low to Medium
    Equity and Equity Related Instruments 65 100 High
  • Q. What are the transaction charges under the HDFC Flexi Cap Fund? 

    • Charges for investors who are investing for the first time: Transaction charge of Rs. 150/- per subscription/purchase of Rs. 10,000/- and above will be deducted, and the balance shall be invested. 
    • For other investors: Transaction charge of Rs. 100/- per subscription/purchase of Rs. 10,000/- and above will be deducted, and the balance shall be invested. 
  • Q. How does the HDFC Flexi Cap Fund benchmark its performance? 

    A. The HDFC Flexi Cap Fund uses the Nifty 500 Index, India's first broad-based benchmark. It denotes about 95.2% of the free-float market cap of the stocks listed on NSE as of 31 March 2017.   
  • Q. What are the tax implications under the HDFC Flexi Cap Fund? 

    Resident Investors  Mutual Fund 
    Equity Oriented Funds
    Tax on Dividend Nil Nil
    Capital Gain
    Long Term  Nil Nil
    Short Term  15% Plus applicable surcharge and cess Nil
  • Q. What are the recurring expenses under the HDFC Flexi Cap Fund? 

    Expense Head  % of daily net assets estimated p.a. 
    Audit Fees & Expenses Up to 2.50%
    Investment Management and Advisory Fees Up to 2.50%
    RTA Fees & Expenses Up to 2.50%
    Trustee Fees & Expenses Up to 2.50%
    Cost related to Investor Communication Up to 2.50%
    Custodian Fees & Expenses Up to 2.50%
    Cost for transferring funds location to location  Up to 2.50%
    Marketing & Selling expenses, including agent commission Up to 2.50%
    Costs of Statutory Advertisements Up to 2.50%
    Cost for providing account statements and redemption or dividend warrants and cheques  Up to 2.50%
    Cost towards investor awareness & education Up to 2.50%
    Service tax on expenses other than Investment Management and Advisory Fees Up to 2.50%
    Brokerage & Transaction cost over and above 0.12% and 0.05% on the value of trades for cash and derivative market trades, respectively Up to 2.50%
    Service tax on brokerage and transaction cost Up to 2.50%
    Maximum Total Expense Ratio Up to 2.50%
    Other Expenses Up to 2.50%
    Additional expenses under Regulation 52 (6A) (b) Up to 0.30 %
    Additional Expenses under Regulation  Up to 0.20%
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