Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator

A Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator is a premium and returns calculation tool that helps easily and quickly compare the best Tata AIA ULIP plans. An investor can easily calculate the returns and premium amounts of a specific plan with minimal, easy input of customized data on premium amounts and premium payment tenure, etc.

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Steps to Use Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator

Following the below-mentioned steps will help you to calculate the Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator:

Step 1: Visit the official Tata AIA Life Insurance website.

Step 2: In the section “Types of Life Insurance for You,” > Click on “ULIP Plans” > Select the option “Know More.”

Step 3: Select the respective Tata AIA ULIP Plan from the Section “Popular Tata AIA Life Insurance Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs).

Step 4: Click on the “Calculate Premium” tab for the respective Tata AIA ULIP plan.

Step 5: Insert Your Full Name, Email Address, Resident Status, and Mobile Number.

Also, tick-mark the “terms and conditions” check box > Click on “Continue.”

Step 6: Enter your Date of Birth, Gender, and Person for whom you are Purchasing this Plan > Click on “Get Quotes.”

Step 7: Now select the Annual investments, premium payment frequency, Premium Payment Tenure, Policy Term, Investment Portfolio Preference, and Life Cover Amount.

Step 8: You can check your investment returns and fund allocation at the returns rate of 4% or 8% p.a., depending on your requirement.

Best Tata AIA ULIP Plans

Below mentioned are the best Tata AIA ULIP Plans offered by Tata AIA Life Insurance:

ULIP Plan Type Entry Age Minimum Maturity Age Life Cover Policy Term Minimum Basic Sum Assured Premium Payment Frequency Premium Payment Term
Tata AIA Life Insurance Fortune Pro 30 days to 59 years 18 years to 75 years of age 75 years of age 15 years to 40 years 10* of Annualized Premium OR 1.25 times of Single Premium Single, Annual, Half-yearly, Quarterly, or Monthly Single pay, or 5/7/10 years limited pay, or 15/20 years limited pay
Tata AIA Life Insurance Wealth Pro 30 days to 60 years 18 years to 75 years 75 years of age 15-40 years 1.25 times of Single pay OR 10 times of Annualised Premium Single, Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Monthly Single pay, or 5/7/10 years limited pay, or 15/20 years limited pay
Param Rakshak Plus Solution 18 years to 60 years 100 years for Base Cover 100 years of age 50-40 years Rs. 10 lakhs with riders to Rs. 50 lakhs with base cover  Annually, Half Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly 5/10/12 years or Regular pay
Tata AIA Life Insurance Smart Sampoorna Raksha Plus 18 years to 55 years 85 years of age 85 years of age 30 years or 40 years of age, depending on the Maturity Age Same as base cover to 9 lakhs Annual, Half-yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly  5/10/12 years or Regular pay

Example of Using Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator

Let us take an example of a Tata AIA ULIP Plan with the following customized investment information selected by the individual investor.

Mr. X selected the Tata AIA Life Insurance Fortune Pro ULIP Plan to pay Annual premium payments for 15 years with a policy term of 24 years and invested equally in debt and low-risk equity funds. In this scenario, Tata AIA ULIP Plan will give the following Quotes A & B, calculated at the rate of 8% p.a. for the same plan.

TOPIC Quote A Quote B
Annually Invest Rs. 2 lakhs Rs. 5 Lakhs
Premium Payment Frequency Annually Annually
Premium Payment Term 15 years 15 years
Policy Term 24 years 24 years
Investment Fund Type (choose as per your preference) Both equally invested in Low-risk returns + Safety Both equally invested in Low-risk returns + Safety
Life Coverage Rs. 60 lakhs Rs. 1.5 crores
Returns on Maturity Rs. 86,85,207 Rs. 2,17,13,016
Returns Calculated at  @8% p.a. @8% p.a.
Actual returns rate in the last 5 years for the selected fund @11.30% p.a. @11.30% p.a.

Information Required in Using Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator

An investor needs to insert the following details at various stages of using the Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator for more personalized ULIP plan calculation:

  1. STAGE 1: 

    • Date of Birth

    • Gender

    • Smoking Habits

    • Contact Number

    • Buying Plan for Whom: Self, Spouse, Child (Minor), or Child (Major)

  2. STAGE 2: 

    • Returns Amount you are Expecting on Plan Maturity

    • Amount of Premium You are willing to Pay

    • Premium Payment frequency, i.e., monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually

    • Investment Tenure period you want to stay invested in the plan

    • Select ULIP Fund type for investment

Benefits of Using a Tata AIA ULIP Calculator?

The Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator is the best tool to target your future investment goals and generate attractive investment returns. 

Have a look below at the benefits one may avail with the use of a Tata AIA ULIP Calculator:

  1. Can Compare Tata AIA ULIP Plans

    The Tata AIA ULIP Calculator efficiently and conveniently calculates and compares different best ULIP plans, like Tata AIA Fortune Pro and Tata AIA Wealth Pro, offered by Tata AIA Life Insurance.

  2. Quick & Easy to Use

    It is a fast and easy-to-use computation tool available online to check the detailed Tata AIA ULIP plans quickly.

  3. No Fees Charged

    No extra fees are charged for using the Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator. It is free to use online for all and from any place.

  4. Helps in Supervising Your Investment Decisions

    One can put the Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator to good use by analyzing if your investment decisions are in line with your investment goals. This allows you to supervise your investment choices based on expected returns much before actual investing. 

  5. Essential Tool for Financial Planning

    Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator is an essential ULIP Plan computation tool that helps you clearly understand your financial needs and better plan your investments.

  6. Available at All Hours of a Day

    Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator is a free and easy-to-use online computation tool. One can freely access and use this Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator from anywhere 24*7 in a day.

What are the Features of the Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator?

  1. Transparency

    The Tata AIA ULIP Calculator gives you transparent and detailed information on premiums and investment returns. This offers an opportunity for well-informed decision-making for an investor.

  2. Targeted Investments

    If the investor clearly understands his requirements based on his investment horizon, family goals, and so on, the Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator helps them to make targeted investment decisions.

  3. Saves Time and Energy Spent on Calculating Returns

    Using the Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator is the fastest and most efficient way to understand the best Tata AIA ULIP Plans available at the hands of an investor.

  4. Flexibility in Investment Options

    Tata AIA ULIP Calculator helps you in comparison of different Tata AIA ULIP plans. This helps make the final choice for an investment plan simpler and quick.

Benefits of Buying a Tata AIA ULIP Plan

Let us have a look at the reasons of why one should buy a Tata AIA ULIP Plan, as follows:

  1. Tax Exemption Benefits:

    Tata AIA ULIP Plan offers the benefit of tax exemption of up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs on investment premiums. This tax benefit is provided under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

  2. Avail Both Death and Maturity Benefits:

    The core feature of a Tata AIA ULIP Plan is the availability of both life coverage and maturity benefits. This helps protect the financial needs of your family in the event of the unforeseen demise of the policyholder. In addition, as a survival benefit, the policyholder also receives the investment fund value.

  3. Investment Flexibility:

    Depending on the specific needs of the investor, he can modify the premium payment frequency or switch between the investment funds portfolio. This allows them to continue growing their funds as per the changing market conditions.

  4. Allows Fund Liquidity in Emergencies: 

    The policyholder is also offered the feature of fund liquidity to withdraw from your fund while your ULIP policy continues partially. One can avail of this benefit after the lock-in period of 5 years is over.

  5. Securing the Financial Goals of Your Family:

    This Tata AIA ULIP Plan offers you to prepare a financial corpus beforehand for the important life milestones of your dependents.

To Sum It Up!

Tata AIA ULIP Plan Calculator helps you get a clear picture of your investments before you invest in a Tata AIA ULIP Plan. This offers an investor an opportunity to organize their investments smartly and intelligently. For well-informed decision-making, nothing can second the usage of the Tata AIA ULIP Calculator.


  • Is Tata AIA ULIP good?

    Yes, Tata AIA ULIP Plan is good for investments in market-linked plans. It comes with low premiums, death and maturity benefit, and the flexibility to switch between different investment funds.
  • How is ULIP Calculated?

    The Net Asset Value (NAV) of a specific ULIP Plan is calculated using the total ULIP funds on a selected date and reducing the plan charges, like operation and management charges from them. Then, this value is divided by the total number of market-linked units held in the fund.
  • What is the average return on ULIP?

    The average return on a ULIP plan is between 10-12%. For Example, the Tata AIA Fortune Pro ULIP Plan has given returns at a rate of an average of 11.30% in the last 5 years.
  • What is ULIP Plan in Tata AIA?

    A ULIP Plan in Tata AIA is the Unit-Linked Insurance Plan in which some portion is invested in low to medium-risk market-linked investments. The other portion is invested in life cover plans. This gives an investor the benefit of both the life cover as well as building a corpus for retirement.
  • Is a ULIP plan risky?

    Yes, ULIP Plans are considered risky investments, as a portion of your investment amount goes into market-linked securities like bonds and equities. The value of equity units fluctuates with market conditions, but over a long period of time, the average returns are much higher than the saving plans like FDs, RDs, NPS, etc.

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