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Things to know about the taxability of life insurance Policy Payouts

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The Dangers of Being Underinsured

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5 Things Only Smart Insurance Buyers Know About

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Joint or Individual life Insurance - What Should One Opt for?

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10 Things You Must Know Before Paying Your Life Insurance Premium

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Split Apart: What Happens to My Insurance Plans if I Get a Divorce

Any major change in life is bound to have an impact on your finances. Be it a marriage, the birth of a child, the death of someone close, or...Read More

A Guide to File Income Tax Return Online

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All You Need To Know About Income Tax in India

Taxes levied by the Government are of two types- Direct taxes and Indirect taxes. Indirect taxes are those that are levied on services and goods....Read More

An Insight into Common Exclusions in Life Insurance Policies

An insurance contract will promise to pay out the sum assured when the premium is paid by the policyholder and an insured event occurs during...Read More

What is Service Tax and Why Should You Care about It?

Service tax is a type of indirect Tax that you are liable to pay to the government once you consume the taxable services offered by different...Read More