24x7 Roadside Assistance In Two-Wheeler Insurance

It is a legal requirement in India to get your two-wheeler insured with a third-party two-wheeler insurance plan. But when you purchase a comprehensive plan, you get better coverage as it provides cover for third-party liabilities as well as own damages. Also, when you purchase a comprehensive plan you get an added advantage of purchasing add-ons to enhance your coverage which you do not get with the third-party plan. Roadside assistance Add-on is one such rider that you can purchase with a comprehensive plan. Read on to learn more about this add-on.

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Unraveling Roadside Assistance (RSA) Add-on

Roadside assistance is a self-explanatory word. When it comes along with a bike insurance plan, it means that the insurer will provide you with roadside assistance in case you get stuck anywhere in the country due to an engine breakdown or any technical issue. To get insured with this feature you have to pay an extra amount on your insurance premium. This add-on cover is also known as two-wheeler breakdown cover and it is designed to minimize the inconvenience caused to the insurer while riding the bike.

Reasons To Purchase RSA Add-on

To get enhanced coverage for the uncertain inconvenience caused while riding your bike, the roadside assistance add-on provides certain benefits to you and they are as follows:

Quick Response

If you get stuck anywhere and inform your insurer about the situation and your location, it will be their job to arrange a mechanic for you. The mechanic will come to you as quick as possible. If the bike is not repairable then the mechanic will take the bike to the nearby garage. With this add-on, you would not have to make the arrangements by yourself but the insurer will do it on your behalf.

Value For Money

RSA add-on cover is cost-effective and adding them would make the bike problems easier for you. A little spike on the premium and all roadside troubles of your bikes are of your insurer’s.

Peace Of Mind

Well, knowing that assistance is just a call away in case you get stuck due to a bike breakdown can keep you in peace as you do not have to worry about any roadside trouble you get into.

What Do You Get With RSA?

You get plenty of added coverage options with roadside assistance in your bike insurance policy. Since you are investing in the add-on then make sure that you learn about the things you get assistance for. They are as follows:

Tyre Problems

Tyre issues happen quite often on bikes due to bad road conditions or if the bike is not maintained properly. In case you get stuck somewhere due to a flat tyre then you can inform your insurer and they will help you with the spare tyre or tow away the bike to the nearby garage.

Battery Issue

In case the battery of the bike is dead and you are not able to start your bike then the insurer will send a mechanic who will jump-start your bike.

Technical Issues

A machine can have technical issues such as a mechanical or technical breakdown. In situations like these, the insurer can arrange a mechanic that can perform repairs on the spot. However, the insurer will not provide cover for any part replaced on the bike but the labour charges and travelling cost will be covered.

Key Related Issues

In case you have misplaced or lost your keys then the insurer will help you get spare keys to your bike from a location such as your home if it is not more than 100 kilometres away.

Emergency Fuel

In case you run out of fuel during your journey then the insurer will arrange fuel up to 5 litres under the RSA add-on cover.

Arrangement For Taxi

In case you get stranded at a location due to a bike breakdown the insurer will arrange a taxi for you so that you can travel back to your home and also cover the taxi fare.

Accommodation Cover

In case you get stuck somewhere due to a bike breakdown and that place is far away from your home then the insurer will provide cover for the hotel accommodation that you chose to stay in. This cover, however, is subject to the location of the breakdown of a bike and your home.

Pick & Drop

In certain situations, the insurer will arrange for the brokedown bike to be picked from its location and dropped at your home.

Special Conditions Under RSA

There are certain special conditions related to the coverage, exclusions and documentation under the RSA cover. They are as follows:

  • The insurer will provide services subject to current rules and regulations in place.
  • The claim under RSA will affect your No claim bonus.
  • As per the terms and conditions of the policy, the number of claims can be limited.
  • In case the insurer could not offer the service then the reimbursement will be provided for the expenses that occurred.
  • The service locations under the RSA cover are highways and motorable roads in the city/town.


Here are the conditions that are not covered under this add-on cover.

  • If the insurer finds that the vehicle was involved in an illegal activity then no coverage will be provided.
  • If the rider uses the bike beyond the scope user or owner manual.
  • If the insurer is not informed immediately after a certain situation causing trouble.


You will have to keep the documents ready to raise a claim as specified by the insurance company.


When you invest a big amount in purchasing a bike then protecting it with a two wheeler insurance plan becomes vital. There are times when you are not satisfied with your existing comprehensive plan and in that condition, you can choose to purchase different add-ons provided by the insurer. You can do it online as well. You just have to visit the official website of your insurance company and look for the add-ons available with your comprehensive two wheeler insurance plan.

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