5 Add-on Covers for Bike Insurance You Shouldn’t Miss

You might be aware that while carrying third-party car insurance is mandatory in India, owning a comprehensive bike insurance plan is a much wiser option to be secured against unforeseen risks. Having said that, the importance of opting for extended coverage is often overlooked while buying bike insurance.

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This article highlights five essential add-on covers you should not miss, to not only enhance your coverage but also mitigate any unplanned financial burden in the future.

1. Zero Depreciation

Every two-wheeler is subject to regular wear and tear with the passage of time. Due to this loss, your vehicle parts get subjected to recurring depreciation. Whenever a policyholder claims an amount for the repair of their vehicle, this amount of depreciation is deducted while calculating the final settlement to be paid by the insurer.

This is where a Zero Depreciation add-on cover comes to the policyholder’s rescue. This add-on will mitigate the additional financial burden due to the depreciation of your bike’s parts by omitting the deduction. Hence, at the time of claiming the insurance, your insurer will pay the bill for the damage without taking into consideration the depreciation percentage levied on the bike parts which are being repaired or replaced.

Generally, most insurance companies give an allowance for a maximum of two zero-depreciation insurance claims in a policy period, however, some insurers even allow unlimited zero depreciation claims in a period.

2. Roadside Assistance Cover

The roadside assistance cover helps you call for any sort of mechanical assistance wherever and whenever you face a mechanical or technical breakdown with your bike. This assistance can be availed 24/7 by calling the insurer and providing them with details of the incident.

This add-on cover becomes extremely crucial if you drive in remote areas with little to no mechanical service support so that you can have a peaceful riding experience without the worry of any unforeseen situations involving the bike’s mechanical breakdown. 

Furthermore, you also get bundled services with the cover including towing the vehicle to the nearest garage, fuel delivery in case of emergencies, tyre replacement, arrangement for accommodation, and alternative travel as well as repairing any minor damages on the spot.

3. Return to Invoice Add-on Cover

Not only does your bike carry a high risk of being caught in an accident or a collision on the road, being a vehicle in public space, it also carries a probability of being stolen. In such a situation, if you possess valid comprehensive bike insurance along with having the return-to-invoice add-on cover, you will be eligible to claim the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle if the vehicle is nowhere to be found by the police. The police will then issue a certificate to be used for claiming monetary compensation for the stolen vehicle.

Moreover, if your bike is caught in an accident and has been damaged beyond repair, insurance companies will refund the complete amount mentioned in the invoice of the vehicle. 

Keep in mind that a few insurance companies also offer this cover as a part of the basic comprehensive coverage.

4. Engine and GearBox Protection Cover

Another piece of gem in the hidden treasure of add-on covers for comprehensive insurance. The reason we claimed this is because the engine is the heart as well as the brain of any vehicle, and is practically the most important mechanical part of a bike. While a comprehensive bike insurance plan provides holistic coverage, it still does not cover you against any damage to your bike’s engine or gearbox whatsoever. 

Hence, with this add-on cover, you are protected against any damages occurring to your engine or gearbox irrespective of being caught up in an accident or not.

5. Cover for the Cost of Consumable Items

Whenever your bike goes to a garage, a lot of items are consumed in the process of repairing the ascertained damages. Such consumables include everything from screws, nuts, bolts, bearings, clips, to engine oil, gearbox oil, oil filter, distilled water, etc.

Such consumables add up to form a large chunk that adds a big amount to the bill. Under the usual insurance policies, companies do not compensate for this amount, however, you can still save on the cost by opting for the consumables add-on cover. With this cover, all the costs of the consumables used in the repairing process are borne by the insurer.

What are the Benefits of Bike Insurance Add-on Covers?

Following are the benefits you will get if you opt for add-on covers with your bike insurance policy:

  • Enhanced Coverage:Additional coverage helps with extra protection for the policyholder. This allows you to further prevent yourself from being caught up with unplanned financial liabilities
  • Offers Personalized Customization:Policyholders can tailor their bike insurance policy to suit their requirements
  • Peace of Mind:Since the enhanced coverage provides extended protection for your bike, you not only remain well-secure but are also able to ride your vehicle with sheer peace of mind


Many of us happily buy a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy for our beloved vehicles and believe that this is all that is required to keep us secured. But, that is not entirely true. While third-party bike insurance will not keep us secure from any unforeseen damage, comprehensive insurance bike insurance still tops the charts with decent coverage.

Having said that, these 5 add-on covers come as a cherry on the cake when it comes to enhancing your bike insurance. They extend the coverage making your existing bike insurance plan more comprehensive at a very reasonable premium cost. In case you are worried about the price tag these add-on covers will carry, you can calculate the premium with a bike insurance calculator so that you can buy the best bike insurance that suits your requirements.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 28 September 2021
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