Two Wheeler Insurance Articles

Remain One-step Ahead to Claim Third Party Bike Insurance

Two wheeler insurance appears as the saviour in the hour of need! But it is useful only if you claim the policy right. By saying this, even a...Read More

Online Bike Insurance: Handy Guide for the Beginners!

One of the most important things that need your attention after purchasing a two-wheeler is bike insurance. Insurance is actually not a ‘necessary...Read More

Bike Theft Claim Settlement Process

Walking by a showroom, your sight is caught by a stunning and dazzling bike that is put on the show. You say to yourself – What a bike! I have...Read More

How IDV Is Calculated In Two Wheeler Insurance?

IDV or the Insured Declared value is equal to the sum assured amount that the insured person gets in case your two-wheeler is stolen or declared...Read More

Important Facts about Two-Wheeler Insurance You Wish You Knew

The enthusiasm for driving a bike is shown not only by purchasing it but also by insuring it. Pamper your bike with an adequate two wheeler insurance...Read More

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Second Hand Two Wheeler

The concept of used and second-hand two-wheelers is common in our city? If you are also planning to buy a second-hand two-wheeler then you will...Read More

How does Bike Modification Impact Two Wheeler Insurance Premium?

Are you going to modify your two-wheeler soon? Have you informed your insurance company? If not you’ll be going to pay for it. Here’s why- Every...Read More

Benefits of Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal

One of the most commonly used modes of transportation in India is two-wheeler. In fact, there are people who own more than one bike in India....Read More

5 Things to Consider Before Filing a Bike Insurance Claim

Insurance has become an inevitable part of our lives. Almost everyone owns a vehicle such as a car, bike, jeep, scooter etc. for commuting purposes. Just...Read More

What is the Impact of GST on Two-Wheeler Market?

The Goods and Services Act has been one of the biggest tax reforms in India. GST had a huge impact on various industries and the impact on the...Read More