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Once a year, a dedicated week comes where you see people expressing love. A lovey- dovey week, which is brimming with warmth, endowments, flowers, chocolates, and much more. Truly, you got it right. It is about Valentine’s Week trailed by the D-day Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day does hold a special place for lovers, but then a valentine’s day should not simply be confined to lovers rather it is a day meant for everyone. The fact is that someone loves every single one of us.

It is possible, the one reading this; you might also be in love with someone special.

What is Love?

Love is a promise, responsibility, a commitment to a future of caring and sharing.

Love is not only about providing the finer things in life it is also about being there for each other in every silver lining of life.

Moreover, when it comes to expressing love, we do it in different forms, to name a few taking your partner out for dinner/shopping/movie, and so on.

This Valentine’s Day, do something more substantial.

Few Certainties in Life

  • The sun rises in the east.
  • When you are running late, you wind up being stuck in the rush hour gridlock.
  • The day you leave the umbrella at home, it will rain.
  • Uncertainties do not come knocking.
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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Every year on Valentine’s Day, people gift chocolates, flowers, and so on but these gifts hardly last a week or so. For instance, a bouquet will wilt after some time.

When you truly care for your love, you want them to be secured through any unexpected twists that come their way.

This Valentine’s Day simply invests in the security of your love. Nothing could be better than gifting your love a can of glad recollections and protection from the undesirable monetary expense.

In the hustle-clamour of life, we live under so much stress. It sometimes becomes important to take a break from the dullness of life. Moreover, in the process of earning a livelihood often you are not able to give the quality time to your loved ones.

Quality Time Matters

Everyone needs attention, care and love. So, in the cold month of February, give your loved one the warmth of companionship wrapped in kindness and love.

A valentine’s week does not need to be extravagant all the time. Rather, the expression of love needs to be authentic and kindly expressed.

Action speaks louder than words. Make your partner genuinely feel that your life is sweeter with the mere presence of your partner.

Honestly, the beauty of Valentine's Day is not in gifting each other expensive gifts or going out on fancy dinners. It is in the smiles, quality time and happy moments that you give.

A genuine expression of gratitude is exactly what your partner requires.

Regardless of the status of your relationship, heartfelt gratitude will give you a life-long loving attitude.

This Valentine’s Day does not confine to roses, chocolates, teddy bear, dinner, and so on. Gift your partner a practical gift this Valentine season 2021 and make the romantic statement.

Breaking the Stereotype

Just because it is, Valentine’s Day does not mean it is the responsibility of the males to shower you with gifts and express their love.

Why not go on a road trip and enjoy the season of love amidst thrill and excitement.

You bet, your partner will be thrilled with the idea of a road trip and will give memories, which both of you will cherish for a lifetime.

Love by your Side

A famous saying goes; home is where the heart is. This Valentine’s season explore places and let it be your home with your loved one.

Enjoy a reprieve from regular day-to-day existence, hit the roads on the two-wheeler, and spend quality time this Valentine Season 2021

Make the most of this road trip and relive the bond you share. Take this opportunity, celebrate and express your love. Celebrate Valentine’s in a distant, dreamy and beautiful location and fall for each other once over again.

Here is a rundown of some destinations that you may consider visiting on your two-wheeler for a perfect Valentine’s Day road trip:

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Agra- Express your Love in the Shadow of the Taj

A long drive from the heart of the capital city until Agra is worth an experience. Besides, The Yamuna Expressway is undoubtedly the best road to enjoy a ride on a two-wheeler. The width of the expressway makes it a perfect road for an exciting ride. Depending upon your schedule, you may plan a one-day trip or even can extend the trip. When in Agra, the epitome of beauty and love, Taj Mahal is a must-visit. Before, you begin with the road trip on your two-wheeler check the air pressure of the tyres, brake oil, engine and so on to ensure that you do not face any problems while you are on your road trip. In case, if you did not get time for the checks, it is better to buy two-wheeler insurance and secure your partner from any financial implications.

Surprise your partner, plan a stay at The Oberoi Hotel, and enjoy a candlelight dinner basking in the magnificent glory of Taj Mahal

Love Tip: Go down on your knees, and say those MAGICAL WORDS again in the shadow of the Taj Mahal.

Pro Tip: Spare more than a day and explore other spots such as Fatehpur Sikri. Do the bookings in advance, as Agra is a popular destination for Valentine’s celebrations.

Rishikesh- Adventure with your Bae

Love is not just limited to beautiful locations and privacy. Being in a relationship is no less than an adventure. On one hand, you do have care, kindness, sweetness but it does also have thrill and excitement. Take the road not much taken and visit Rishikesh while enjoying the mesmerizing scenic beauties on your road trip. Do fun-filled adventurous activities along with your Bae keeping the passion and thrill alive for always. Rishikesh has some exciting adventure activities, such as river rafting, bungee jumping, and so on.

Love Tip: Cuddle up with your significant other around the bonfire.

Pro Tip: Avoid staying in fancy hotels; rather spend your time by staying in the camps and make memories for a lifetime.

Jaipur- Romance in all Royalty

When it comes to a road trip on a two-wheeler, Jaipur is a favourable choice. From traditional food, royal interiors to artistic cultures this place has it all. As far as exploring the city is considered, it is not going to be a task for you as you have your two-wheeler, click amazing candid, mushy and not-so-mushy pictures with beautiful backgrounds in all its royalty. A road trip on the two-wheeler will let both see the changing colours of Rajasthan, as you will be crossing various villages.

Love Tip: Enjoy eating a cosy dinner at Amer fort under the starry sky.

Pro Tip: Do the reservation beforehand for the Valentine’s Day events/parties in Jaipur.

Shimla- Embracing the Hills with Love

Shimla remains a popular destination for couples for a long time. If you are looking forward to quality time with your partner then riding to Shimla should be considered. Right from the mall road, sunrise and sunsets in the mountains to the cool and breezy weather, this hill station is romantic and is a paradise to brew the romance amidst the thick blanket of snow.

Love Tip: Do not miss the dramatic views of mountains and clouds.

Pro Tip: Check the weather conditions, before you gear the wheels, as you surely would not want to be stuck in a landslide or huge rainfall.

Manali- Paradise for the Lovers

Feel close to your partner in the company of the chilly wind, snow-covered mountains and clear water of Rivers. Relax and spend quality with your partner in the beauty of nature. A paradise for all the lovers and rejuvenate making lifetime memories enjoying each other’s company. If your partner is an adventure seeker visiting Solang valley, Rohtang pass and Beas River need to be on your list.

Love Tip: Holding hands of your love will give you a different feeling.

Pro Tip: To witness the culture visit the local markets and to rejuvenate spiritually do try the famous Vashisth baths.

Ooty- Panoramic Views with your One

When it comes to hill stations, Ooty remains the queen of hill stations. Witness the sun-kissed beauty and greenery of nature while enjoying the road trip on the two-wheeler. The magnificent beauty of hills and cuddling up in the warmth of your partner will bring you more close to your partner than ever.

Love Tip: Sing your favourite love songs while riding through the stunning valleys and witnessing the panoramic views.

Pro Tip: Drive slowly on the roads of Ooty and buy chocolates/spices from the locals.

Munnar- Charmed by the Greenery

Want your partner to get lost in the greenery of Munnar and be carried away by your charm then visiting Munnar has to be on your list. From scenic beauties, tea gardens, rolling hills make it a perfect getaway to celebrate Valentine’s in the flora and fauna of nature.

Love Tip: Row a boat on the Placid Lake.

Pro Tip: Public display of affection is not much welcomed.

Goa- Hippie Style Love Getaway

Relive the passion amidst the old and forts in all its grandeur and appreciating the beauty of Portuguese architecture. Goa is not just about beaches and parties. It is a perfect romantic getaway and has a vibe that will drive your partner into a romantic mood. Cherish the romantic vibe of Goa this Valentine has and live your Dil Chahata Hai moments with scenic beauties and exotic landscapes on the route.

Love Tip: Go for a hot balloon ride with your partner and feel closer witnessing the 360-degree view of Goa.

Pro Tip: Go beyond sand and sea. Do the reservation in advance.

Havelock- Amidst the Blue Waters

Holding hands and walking on the sands is an altogether different experience. Get indulged in the untouched beauty of the island. From adventures, explorations to sightseeing this place has it all for all the love seekers.

Love Tip: Rent a water bungalow amidst the blue waters or a candlelight dinner amidst the sound of lapping waves.

Pro Tip: Do not miss on the scuba diving.

Kumarakom- Through the Pristine Backwaters

The interesting and immaculate backwaters of this spot make it the most appropriate goal for couples searching for a sentimental end of the week from the hustle-clamour of the furious city life. The peacefulness and serenity of the spot guarantee you the best time ever with the tremendous perspective on the lotus loaded waters as you push gradually through backwaters in your boat.

Love Tip: Spend a night in the traditional houseboat.

Pro Tip: Drink plenty of water, as backwaters are humid at times.

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Before Gearing the Wheels

Before you set out enjoying the road trip in the season of love with your partner make it sure that you are secured with two-wheeler insurance. Undoubtedly, you would be having third-party two-wheeler insurance, as it is a mandate.

However, depending upon the choice of place you will be travelling look for adequate inclusions and in case, you feel the need to buy a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy do so because, amidst the celebration of the love, you will be securing your love and get indulge in a romantic experience like never before.

Carry all the essential documents while enjoying the road trip, such a s driving license, insurance certificate. Registration certificate and so on.

Wear the safety gear throughout the road trip and do not compromise on the quality.

Let not your partner drive under the influence of alcohol.

Take rest/breaks whenever and wherever required.

Album of Happy Memories

This Valentine’s season, gift your partner a secured road trip with two wheeler insurance.

Surprise your valentine with an experience to be cherished for a lifetime. Immerse in the beauty of beautiful landscapes with utmost romantic setups and embark your Valentine journey on a road trip to any of the above-mentioned destinations.

Woo your Valentine, whisk off with your partner creating an album of happy memories, celebrate, and rekindle the love.

Thank your partner for being there in the highs and lows of life and deciding on a FOREVER.

Happy Valentine’s Day from PolicyBazaar!

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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