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Valentine’s Day 2021: Let’s Make the Day with Real Care and Love with Insurance

With February approaching fast, all those witty thoughts start popping up in your mind about how to impress your beloved.

You know what we’re talking about right? We are talking about the season of LOVE known as Valentine’s Day which is right around the corner!

So, have you planned anything for this Valentine’s Day 2021?

We’re sure, you have. You must have planned a romantic day out with your partner, or a long-drive ending with a candle-night dinner along with lots of expensive gifts to make the day a memorable one for your soul-mate. Sounds perfect!

Here’s a question…

Aren’t you bored of gifting the same staple gifts every year just to bring that lovely smile on your partner’s face?

What if you will get something better than those expensive imported chocolates like Ferrero Rocher or an expensive perfume from Guess?

What about unboxing the happiness of giving a lifetime security that follows them wherever they go; even if you’re with them or not?

If you are the one who wants to explore new ideas for celebrating this valentine’s day with a gusto, then nothing can be better than gifting an INSURANCE Policy to your partner.

And you won’t regret this.

Why & How?

Well, here’s an explanation to this:

Valentine’s Day 2021! The Price of Love

As mentioned in Economic times, as per a survey done by, people in relationship tend to spend between Rs. 3000-4000 average on gifts. Especially, youngsters are more likely to splurge on their ‘bae’ with expensive gifts. Online retailer business tends to increase by 80% this time. That means, lovers tend to spend in crore in the name of this love week or valentine week, which starts from Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day, Proposal Day and so on and ends at 14th Feb. Let’s have a look at the data on expenses these days culled from

In simple line LOVE is in the AIR and in the Business as well!

Fret not!

By simply being a little analytic this time, you can save more on your purchase of happiness!

How Insurance Comes as a Boon!

Simply put, insurance helps you mitigate those unexpected financial burden arising out of an emergency situation. Insurance helps you keep your savings intact by providing a financial back-up in the hour of need.

What’s more?

One of the alluring benefits of insurance is tax benefit!

Yes, you heard it right. Premium paid towards insurance is eligible for tax benefits. Moreover, the premium you pay is much lesser than what you spend on those expensive gifts.

*Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws 

Still Not Convinced?

Think about it in a logical manner. By gifting your loved one some expensive gifts, you bring the smile and happiness for a minimum period of time. While gifting your partner an insurance policy which costs half of the amount of your gifts, you not only guarantee their well being for today but also after your not with them.  If we are on the same page or if you’ve agreed with us, let’s move on to the next level!

‘What is insurance?’

Let’s Decode ‘INSURANCE’

Insurance is a contract between two parties-the insurer and the insured, where an agreement is made to offer insurance coverage in exchange for a regular premium. Insurance is of two types-

General and Life Insurance. Further, these two are categorized into-

Now that you know the types of insurance (which we assume, most of them you already know), let’s dive into some details and

Make the Week of Love Memorable!


Well, nothing can be more apt than gifting your loved ones a REAL GIFT like INSURANCE this valentine’s day. Agree?

What you need to do?

It’s a simple process:

  • All you need to do is just spare some time from your busy schedule
  • Visit the websites of top insurance companies in India or you can take help of insurance aggregators here
  • Explore the types and plans as per you and your beloved’s needs and requirements
  • Buy online by paying the premium through a secured payment gateway

But that’s just part of the story…

You have more occasions to gift insurance!

You have a whole week to make your loved one feel SPECIAL, well in a very different and a new way.

Rose Day: Feel the Roses with Health Insurance!

It is reported that India exported around 19 million roses in 2016 in February during this love season.. And those who are planing to present a bouquet of roses, valentines day may be tad bit expensive this year. The current cost trend is Rs. 30 per rose which shows the drastic rise in the price in the past three years.

No wonder! You have a better option too.

Why don’t you give your family the gift of security? An we can bet, there is no better option than a floater health plan that covers your entire family during a medical emergency. A floater plan comes in handy if you are looking for a competitive premium. Maximum of 4 to 6 family members are covered under a single premium, which proves to be more affordable than buying separate individual policy to each family member. Thing about it!

Propose Day: Let’s Propose for a Secure Trip

Proposing for a candle night dinner with wine and roses looks classy but is outdated. The latest trend among the couples is offbeat holiday destinations to spent quality time together. If you too are willing to surprise your partner with such a trip and make your stay a lifetime memory, don’t forget to buy travel insurance. It will cover your trip against the odds that can burn a big hole in your pocket. After all, you can’t afford your exotic trip to be ruined just because of you are not covered for flight delay/cancellation, loss of passport or a medical emergency putting a huge dent on your pocket.

Chocolate Day: Say YES to All Sweet Things in Life with a Diabetic Plan

Living with diabetes is no more a hype these days. With advancement in medical science, treating such illness has become easy. And by gifting a diabetic insurance plan, you can make the journey of your loved ones even better. You may consider diabetic insurance plans to make your loved ones happy this valentines day 2021.

Teddy Day: Replace the Teddy with a Child Plan

Teddy bear as a gift is always preferred specially if your partner is a girl. When you are done and dusted with other popular days of this valentine season, teddy day is one special occasion when people don’t hesitate to pick up the cuddliest, the biggest or most expensive teddy, even though it might cost a bomb to them.

What about celebrating this year in a unique way?

What about gifting a child plan to your better half and mark it as lifetime decision?

Well this option is perfect for married couples who want to secure the future of their children. A child plan comes as a boon in securing a bright educational or financial future of your child.

Think about it!

Promise Day: Keep Your Promise for Lifetime

Let’s make a promise to keep them happy always. Let’s ensure their financial future is in safer hands.


Let’s gift your soulmate a life insurance policy and help them prepare for the upshots of life. It will cost you nothing, believe us! It will just increase the happiness you both share.

Hug Day: With a HUG Say it, ‘You’re Safe Always!’

Life is uncertain and you should be prepared for the ill-fated. This hug day give a tight hug saying that “you are always safe with me”.

You should have proved it. And insuring your partner or gifting him/her a term insurance plan, you are already keeping your words!

Kiss Day: Let Your Kisses Last Forever!

We’re sure the feel of that first kiss is always different. And no wonder you want to preserve it for lifetime.

But here we’re addressing something else!

Nobody can remain without pampering their prized possessions such as car or bike. And without two wheeler or car insurance, you can’t assure full protection to your pricey possession. So, if you are planning to surprise your partner by handing over those car or bike keys, just hand them the insurance papers as well to know that along with them, their new prized possession is also safe.

And these are not just a piece of paper, they are lifetime saviour; Believe us!

D Day-Valentine’s Day

Insurance can be the most thoughtful gift to break the stereotype. It is the most meaningful and selfless gesture of your love, which can be nourished with utmost attention. Chocolates, cards, jewellery can be good options, but these are momentary. A life or health insurance will express your devotion towards your better-half, ensuring that they will be protected against any and all uncertainties.

But There is no Rose without Thorns!

While considering the pros of INSURANCE, we should not ignore the cons. No doubt insurance is imperative these days, but be careful at the time of buying. A wrong decision may lead to lifetime regret.

Fret Not!Just ensure the below…

Tip 1: Buy only from an authorised insurance company with a higher claim settlement ratio

Tip 2: Don’t give too much attention to premium over coverage

Tip 3: Don’t just settle with the first quote; compare and buy

Tip 4: Read the copy of policy fine print carefully and consider the hidden clauses including the exclusions

With this, treat your partner in a different style this valentine. Let’s give them the gift of security that entices them to love you even more! This Valentine, be different. This Valentine, show more care. This Valentine, insure your beloved.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 04 January 2021

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