Get Your E-bike Covered Under Two-Wheeler Insurance

Electric two-wheelers are popularly known as e-bikes. We live in a world where the automobile industry is dominated by petrol and diesel engine cars and bikes but they also become a reason behind the pollution. As an initiative to decrease the pollution level automobile companies are now building electric vehicles. Although in India, these electric vehicles have a long way to go and become as regular as petrol and diesel engine bikes and cars. Some automobile companies launched electric bikes and people accepted the change and started buying those e-bikes. As per the motor vehicle law, it is mandatory for any bike owner to get their vehicle covered with a two-wheeler insurance policy.

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    Save up to 85%# by comparing plans
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    20+ Insurers to choose from
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    1.2 Crore+ Bike Insured
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So the question here comes up, can an e-bike owner get it covered under third-party two-wheeler insurance? However, it might be a bit difficult for you to find an insurance provider that covers your electric two-wheeler. But you will certainly get some options from which you can choose the one that fulfills your requirements.

Two-Wheeler Insurance For E-bikes

Keeping the increasing pollution in mind, e-bikes are the need of the hour. Electric bikes come with a different set of features. They have a certain speed limit and have their charger that is used when the battery runs out. Since the biggest safety feature of an e-bike is that it can’t go up from a certain speed limit does not mean that you don’t get it covered with insurance.

People in India usually think that it would be rare for an e-bike to get into an accident but that is where they are wrong. You never know what unforeseen incident might bring damage to your bike as well as the rider. So what are those options available in the market for you?

So there are two types of insurance policies available in the market. A third-party insurance policy and a comprehensive insurance policy. Third-party insurance company provides cover for the third party liabilities whereas the comprehensive insurance policy provides cover all over damage and loss of the owner. The e-bike owner must have a third-party insurance policy in order to purchase a comprehensive insurance policy.

E-Bikes To Decrease Pollution

The government is also trying to promote the electric mode of vehicle than the petrol and diesel engine vehicles. In an intiative to make India less polluted the motor vehicle companies are now coming up with electric vehicles. Since e-bikes have a set speed limit, environment-friendly and noise-free people are still not able to accept them as a mode of transport.

Although, if you own an e-bike or planning to switch to electric then considering yourself as a true nature lover would not be wrong. But with e-bikes, there is a different kind of risk that makes them more prone to accidents.

Noise-Free E-bike Are More Prone Accidents

The e-bikes play a major role in making the environment pollution free. E-bikes not only play their role in making air pollution free but their noise-free feature also keeps it from creating sound pollution. The noise-free feature of e-bikes makes them more prone to accidents.

For instance, when we are on the road and vehicles are on the run, we have to stay very much alert so that we don’t meet an unfortunate accident. When someone want to overtake the vehicle, they either give a dipper or press the horn and then overtake as well as the sound of the vehicle keep us alert the whole time while they overtake. But e-bike does not make a sound, so think for a second now that you are riding on your e-bike and it is completely noise-free. Now when you are going to take a turn and you do not push the horn the other rider coming from the turn towards you do not get the idea of you coming up and your vehicle clashes. This makes the e-bikes more prone to accidents.

Limited Insurance Availability

As you all must be aware of the registration process that you have to get done from the RTO office for your vehicle so that they get the RC of the vehicle that is a legal document and a must-have for the bike owners. It is like proof of ownership of the vehicle that the RTO provides you and gets your vehicle registered so that they can keep a track of vehicles running in the city.

In the case of e-bikes, as not many people have accepted them as a mode of transport yet but you might be surprised to know that they do not require registration. Now you must be aware of the procedure to purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy that RC is required as a document. Since you might not be having it, there are exceptions available in the market that you can explore and learn about the insurance policy that you can purchase for your electric two-wheeler.


Technology has made everything possible and way too easy for us. If you own an electric two-wheeler or planning to purchase one then getting it insured is also necessary. You can now explore and purchase the insurance policy online if you have access to the internet. Also, you can even use the bike insurance calculator to calculate the premium rate of the policy online and it would be more beneficial for you to purchase the policy online than offline. You can also avail of the additional offers provided by the insurance company and get yourself a good deal.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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*Rs 538/- per annum is the price for third party motor insurance for two wheelers of not more than 75cc (non-commercial and non-electric)

#Savings are based on the comparison between the highest and the lowest premium for own damage cover (excluding add-on covers) provided by different insurance companies for the same vehicle with the same IDV and same NCB.

*₹ 1.5 is the Comprehensive premium for a 2015 TVS XL Super 70cc, MH02(Mumbai) RTO with an IDV of ₹5,895 and NCB at 50%.

*Rs 457/- per annum (1.3/day) is the price for the third-party motor insurance for private electric two-wheelers of not more than 3KW (non-commercial). Premium is payable on an annual basis