Here’s How to Make Your Winter Road Trip Safe!

Christmas and New Year induces excitement and surely makes one happy. This is also a time when people travel to different destinations and welcome the upcoming year with great enthusiasm and fun.

It is again that time of the year when one is planning to go out and hit the road and create a bunch of happy memories. And, nothing could be more exciting than packing the luggage and embarking on a road trip whether solo or with the loved ones.

One of the Essential Elements of a Road Trip on the Bike is Staying Safe.

Undoubtedly, the picturesque views and rugged adventure are reminiscing, but the safety of the rider is also important and cannot be neglected.

Let us take you through some tips that will help you before you embark your road trip on the bike and gear the wheels:

  1. Pick a Comfortable Bike: The time you have decided to go on a road trip on the bike it becomes necessary that the bike you are planning to ride is comfortable enough. If not, ensure it is comfortable and if required you may modify the bike as well. For example, you may have different handlebar, a more comfortable seat, headlights, etc. The thought of a road trip on the bike might sound cool but the rider must have comfortable riding.
  2. Buy a Bike Insurance Policy: It is imperative to buy a bike insurance policy before one heads out on a road trip. A bike insurance policy secures the rider from any bike-related perils, which may distress and put the rider in a state of worry. Besides, in India, third-party bike insurance is a legal mandate. In case if one feels that a bike insurance policy is not required, then the person needs to be prepared for consequences if anything unfortunate occurs. Of course, eventualities do not come knocking.
  3. Avoid Over-packing: While packing for a road trip it is better to carry disposable stuff that can be used and thrown away. A road trip is tedious so avoid a lot of weight while on the travel. For instance, do not carry a bottle of shampoo rather carry shampoo sachets, etc. Besides, do not carry a lot of clothes. If possible try to wash and reuse the clothes. Moreover, it is recommended not to fold the clothes rather roll the clothes as then they take less space. And, most importantly it is always a good idea to carry some important medicines as nobody knows the condition of health better than oneself.
  4. Hydration is important: It is important to keep oneself hydrated when on a road trip. The journey may come to a halt if the rider feels exerted due to dehydration. Make it a thumb rule while on the road trip of drinking water every time one stops, even when one does not feel thirsty. If possible, add some gluconate to the water. It is better to invest in a hydration pack wherein there is a water bottle in a bag along with a tube that the rider can sling over the shoulder and drink water without taking any stop.
  5. Know the Direction: Not everyone is good with direction and routes. One may face network issues while driving, it is recommended to either carry a screenshot of the map on the mobile or if required, carry the print outs of the same. Moreover, in case if one gets confused with the route, get in touch with the locals for any guidance. Chances could be that they could help you with better and interesting routes or a short-cut likely. It is good to do some research work before gearing the wheels as this will help the rider to save time and would give an idea about the route one is heading towards.
  6. Take Breaks: It is important to give rest not just to oneself but the bike as well. Take rest every few kilometres or every few hours depending upon the destination distance one is intending to travel. This does not mean taking a halt now and then rather maintain a balance. Moreover, while on the break always check the fuel in the tank so that one can plan the break accordingly.
  7. Eat Adequately: It is important to eat properly while on the road trip. But what needs to be understood is that it does not mean that one needs to overeat. It is preferred to have a light breakfast, have an early lunch and do not eat a heavy dinner. Taking heavy meals takes a good amount of time to digest. It is advisable to carry some refreshments like some energy drinks, chocolates in case if one feels hungry while riding the bike then they may eat it.
  8. Be Weather-Ready: One cannot foresee the weather condition. Of course, one may always look up to the weather forecast for updates but then weather conditions are unpredictable. Therefore, it is better to prepare oneself for any kind of weather conditions. Carry raincoats, which are must and pants that will fit your riding gear.
  9. Do not forget to Carry Tools: Before heading out of home for the much-planned road trip. Make it a point of visiting a mechanic and carry all the possible tools that maybe require during a road trip. Do not forget that every bike has certain requirements, which generally includes engine oil, brake cables, spare tube, etc.

Time for Some Quickies

Below are some quickies that will ensure the safety of the rider during the road trip on the bike:

  • Do not over speed. Try to maintain the speed limit.
  • Avoid overtaking other vehicles.
  • Be a keen observer and try to identify potentially dangerous situations.
  • Avoid long-distance travel at night. Drive as much possible during day time.
  • Get yourself enough sleep.
  • Wear the helmet while driving.
  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol.

Wrapping it Up

Going on a road trip on the bike sounds exciting but one never knows when an accident can turn the life upside down. So, buy a bike insurance policy and then, go on a road trip, enjoy the holiday season and come back with a bucket full of memories.

Take care of the above-mentioned pointers before you set out on the road making the journey more comfortable and hassle-free.

Enjoy the music in the hurl of the bike’s engine. Put the gear and off you go.

Nothing can beat the thrill of being on the road, right?

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