How an Online and Offline Two Wheeler Insurance Differ from Each Other?

In a country like India, which is home to over 3 billion people, traffic jams and crowds are a part of life. Everyone has become accustomed to accounting for traffic jams before reaching their destination on time. In such a case, a two-wheeler is an ideal form of travel. It is convenient, and one can save on time especially for shorter distances. But riding two-wheelers are not always safe. This is why it was made mandatory by the Motor Vehicles Act to have two-wheeler insurance.

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What is Two-Wheeler Insurance?

Two-wheeler insurance is a type of insurance that is specifically designed for two-wheelers. Any motorbike that is insured with two-wheeler insurance is covered from any unanticipated events. If the motorbike gets stolen, damaged or there is any third party damage to individual or property, having two-wheeler insurance will help reimburse the costs of repair and more. The insured can get their motorbike repaired from one of the network garages of the insurance company.

Having two-wheeler insurance will provide all-round protection for bikes. All kinds of two-wheelers are covered in two-wheeler insurance; motorbikes, mopeds, and even scooters. Having two-wheeler insurance is mandatory in India, which is why there are many types of insurances under this category.

What is Covered in Two-Wheeler Insurance?

The elements covered under two-wheeler insurances differ from insurance to insurance. The insurances have evolved dramatically with the change in the motorbike industry. Insurance companies now have a whole range of insurance products to cater to all people. Most people opt for comprehensive, two-wheeler insurance plans. The inclusions in a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan are:

  • Personal accident cover
  • Reimbursements for repairs made to two-wheeler due to damage by human-made or natural calamities or theft
  • Coverage for any third party liability damage to property or person
  • Coverage against death or in case of injury to the body

To get started with getting new two-wheeler insurance, people today have the option of getting it offline by visiting an insurance provider company branch office or online by visiting the website of the insurance company. There are advantages and disadvantages of getting two-wheeler insurance through both methods. Let us start by reading through both methods.

Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Offline

One of the more traditional and common methods of getting two-wheeler insurance is the offline method. The offline method would involve visiting the insurance providers’ offices and buying insurance. The insured will be able to communicate with a customer representative and get in-depth details about the insurance. Any possible queries can be solved on the spot.  The application process might be admittedly longer when chooses to get a policy by visiting an insurance company branch; there is better guidance on what to do and how to do.

The benefits of getting two-wheeler insurance offline are:

Benefits of Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Offline

  • Face to face communication: The major benefit of getting two-wheeler insurance offline is the ability to communicate face to face with an expert.
  • Doubts and clarifications: If there are any confusions regarding the insurance, the customer service representative can better explain the confusion
  • Range of offerings: Insurance providers might provide customers with custom insurance policies after judging the paying capacity of the customer. Such customization options are often limited in the online mode.
  • Help with documents: Getting an insurance policy often involves multiple documents and paperwork to be submitted. Tackling it alone by doing it online might be hard. The insurance provider will help guide which documents to submit and what not to.
  • Save on renewing and claim request time: Putting in a physical request for a claim on the insurance is easier as the expert can guide the customer on how to do it efficiently and consequently get the renew request processed early. The same is the case if the policy is to be renewed.

Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Online

Probably one of the growing popular methods of getting two-wheeler insurance is through online method. This is a convenient method for busy and full time working individuals who otherwise have to take a day leave from their work to visit an insurance company office to avail the insurance. Not just buying the insurance, one can also register a claim and renew their insurance plans online. With the advancement in technology, it makes sense to make optimum use of technology to make our lives easy. But is it really advantageous to buy two-wheeler insurance online? Let’s read the benefits of getting two-wheeler insurance online.

Benefits of Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Online

  • Reviews and comparing policies: One can start the buying process by looking at reviews of fellow two-wheeler owners who have bought insurance already. Most financial websites today also allow customers to compare insurance plans too.
  • Affordable policies: Companies that operate solely online have lower running costs and the costs of the middle man is eliminated, due to which their offerings are more economical.
  • Discounts: One can find the best insurance quote possible for their two-wheeler insurance. Sometimes insurance companies run discounts during some seasons too that will help customers get more discounts.
  • Less paperwork: There is often lesser paperwork to be submitted online. Not only is it to upload all documents needed directly online right from the comfort of home, but online insurance providers make the process easier by asking for less paperwork.
  • Renew and claim: Not only buying, the insured can easily renew their insurance policies and also register a claim on their insurances online. Just log in at the insurance provider’s website and register a claim or a renew request.
  • Amending the policy: Insurance companies have an online portal for their customers to access their insurance policies. Here one can add on any additional covers and put in amendments as they wish to.

While at first, it seems that buying two-wheeler insurance online is easier, it is easy to get fraudulent offers. There are many ways one can get cheated online from their bank account details and money. One must always make sure to talk to an authentic company representative. Also important is asking for a receipt. Receipt for paying for a new policy as well as renewing the policy or claiming the policy.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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