How Carburetor System in Your Bike is Different from a Fuel Injection System?

In India, fuel-injected motorbikes are taking over the old and affordable carburetor fuel system. Nowadays, almost every premium motorbike comes with a fuel-injected system as it follows the new emission norms. However, many people still find it hard to differentiate between fuel injection and carburetor systems in bikes. In this article, we have discussed both in detail.

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Understanding Carburetor System in Your Bike 

A carburetor is a traditional system of delivering fuel to the bikes. It assists the air-fuel mixture to enter the combustion chamber with the help of mechanical parts.

How Does a Carburetor Engine Work?

The primary role of a carburetor engine is to mix air and fuel in a certain ratio to supply it to the combustion chamber. It does not involve any electrical components or sensors during the process making it lighter in weight and easy to install & maintain. However, these engines produce more pollution harming the environment. 

This fuel delivery system blocks the airflow of the combustion chamber, mixes fuel, and then supplies it to the bike engine. When the throttle is squeezed, it increases the airflow to the carburetor creating suction of the air, and ultimately, delivering fuel to the engine. This results in increased acceleration. 

Benefits of Carburetor Engine

There are certain benefits associated with a carburettor engine. Below we have mentioned a few of them-

  • This system is affordable and can be replaced or repaired by any bike mechanic.
  • The carburetor is made of light & long-lasting materials.
  • It can be easily separated from the engine, therefore, the servicing, repairing, or removal is hassle-free. 
  • Bikers can use the carburetor as per their requirement for generating power or mileage.

Demerits of Carburetor Engine

There are several reasons why carburetor is being replaced by a fuel injection delivery system. Here are a few demerits of a carburetor-

  • It is not a fuel-efficient delivery system.
  • The carburetor emits a huge amount of carbon into the atmosphere, thus, creating harm to the environment. 
  • Sometimes, a biker might face lag due to a slow response from the throttle body.
  • In this system, the diaphragm components are fragile and are more prone to damage. 
  • In the case of a carburettor engine, the dust might enter its chamber resulting in blockages.
  • The carburetor parts are more prone to wear and tear, hence, require regular servicing.
  • In this system, the mixture ratio of air and fuel needs to be set regularly. 

Understanding Fuel Injection System in Bikes

Fuel injection is a relatively new concept of fuel delivery equipped with a complex set of electronics and sensors for a very effective combustion process. It assists the air-fuel mixture to enter the combustion chamber with the help of electronics and sensors. 

How Does a Fuel Injection Engine Work?

Fuel supplies the fuel into the combustion chamber of a bike through an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The fuel, then, travels through a small nozzle and creates pressure in motion leading to the ignition process. However, it uses electric components and sensors to make it work. 

Benefits of Fuel Injection Engine

Fuel injection is considered a fuel-efficient delivery system with so many associated advantages. Take a look at some benefits of the fuel injection delivery system-

  • The best part about the fuel injection system is that it follows the Bharat Stage VI (BS-VI) emission norm.
  • It has an accurate air-fuel mixture.
  • The combustion process is more efficient.
  • While driving, you will not experience lag but rather a quicker throttle response. 
  • It is a fuel-efficient engine offering you higher mileage.
  • The system is less prone to damage and requires less maintenance.
  • The mixture ratio of air and fuel can be tuned through ECU mapping in this. 

Demerits of Fuel Injection Engine

There are also a few demerits associated with this system-

  • This system is comparatively expensive than traditional carburetors.
  • To fix or tune the FI system through custom ECU mapping, complex tools are required.
  • During servicing, expensive tools are required to fix the repairs, thus, it is a costly affair.
  • In case the ECU fails, you cannot start the bike.

Differences Between Carburetor and Fuel Injection Engine System in Bikes

To get a clear understanding of both engines below is a comparative chart highlighting the differences between a carburettor and a fuel injection system-


Carburetor Engine

Fuel Injection Engine

Following the Emission Norms

A carburetor engine does not follow the upgraded emission norms and hence, is phased out.

Fuel injections are according to the BS-VI emission norm and are running successfully.


You might face some problems when it comes to setting the air-fuel mixture.

The presence of ECU in the engine offers smooth performance.


It delivers comparatively less mileage with higher fuel usage.

Higher performance is delivered along with a fuel-saving option.


A carburetor is easy to repair or replace by any bike mechanic.

Fuel Injection engine is comparatively higher in cost and requires professional assistance in the case of servicing the bike.


More affordable

More expensive

How Can You Protect Your Bike’s Carburetor/ Fuel Injection Engine from Different Risks?

An engine protection add-on cover under your two-wheeler insurance online policy offers you coverage against the damages or losses incurred to your bike's carburettor/ fuel injection engine because of different instances like- water ingression, gearbox damages, oil leakage, or engine failure. You can easily buy this add-on cover with comprehensive two-wheeler insurance online on payment of an additional premium.

In India, many two-wheeler insurance companies are offering different plans to protect your bike from any unforeseen circumstances. Get the best quote online and buy the best two-wheeler insurance online along with an engine protection add-on cover to raise a claim for any damages to your bike's engine or its internal parts.


It is clear that fuel injections are less pollutant, offer better mileage, deliver good throttle response, and promote fuel-efficient technology. Moreover, the engine protection add-on cover under your two-wheeler insurance online policy is recommended for bike owners to protect it from any unwanted damages or losses.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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