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How to Check Bike Owner Details by Registration Number?

In a world full of different types of two-wheelers, each one has its unique identity enclosed in its registration number. This registration number is an alphanumeric sequence that not only distinguishes one bike from another but also holds crucial information about its owner. Let's understand how bike owner details are checked by registration number or number plate.

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What is the Registration Number in the Registration Certificate (RC)?

The Registration Number, commonly known as the license plate or number plate, is a unique alphanumeric combination of letters and numbers given to each vehicle upon registration with their local RTO. Therefore, it serves as an identification tag for the vehicle and is mandatory for all the bikes in India. 

Components of Vehicle Number Plate

This registration number is mentioned in the bike's RC or Registration Certificate. An RC is a mandatory document that is an official proof of bike ownership and registration.

Key Components of Registration Certificate (RC)

The Registration Certificate (RC) is a vital document that contains information about the bike and its owner. The critical components of the RC include:

  • Registration Number
    It contains the unique identification number assigned to the bike, also known as the bike number.
  • Owner's Details
    The bike owner's name, address, and contact information are included in the bike's RC. This information acts as legal ownership of the owner in their bike.
  • Vehicle Details
    The RC features include the bike's make, model, variant, engine number, chassis number, fuel type, and manufacturing year. Moreover, it has the vehicle's class and category, which includes the type of vehicle (private or commercial) and its purpose of use.
  • Bike Insurance Policy Details
    The bike's RC includes details of the bike insurance, such as the policy number, validity, and insurer's information.
  • Tax Details
    The RC of the bike includes the payment status and validity of road tax.

How to Check Bike Owner Details by Number Plate?

Thanks to technological advancements. Now, checking bike owner details by registration number has become hassle-free. Here's the process of bike number check process in India:

  1. Through

    To get the bike owner details with the help of the registration number, follow the below procedure:

    • Step 1: Visit the ‘Check Bike Owner Details by Registration Number’ page available on the official website of Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited.
    • Step 2: Enter a valid bike number you want to check and click ‘Continue’. Example: DL1SB1234.
    • Step 3: Enter your full name & mobile number and click on ‘View Details’ to get all details of a two-wheeler. It includes, all the RC details, such as:
      • Bike specifications (make, model, variant)
      • Bike insurance expiry date
      • Number of challans 
      • Details of PUC for bike 

    Note: If want to renew or buy bike insurance online for your own two-wheeler, you can check and compare plans offered by the top bike insurance companies on the same page.

  2. Through PARIVAHAN Website

    Follow the below procedure for finding bike owner details through bike number online via PARIVAHAN (commonly known as VAHAN):

      • Step 1: Visit the official website of the PARIVAHAN.
      • Step 2: Find 'Informational Services' on the page's top menu bar and choose the 'Know Your Vehicle Details' tab from the drop-down list.
      • Step 3: Complete the Citizen Login by entering your mobile number and verifying it on your screen. Then click on 'Next.'
    Check-Bike-Owner-Details-by-Registration-Number Check-Bike-Owner-Details-by-Registration-Number
    • Step 4: Generate OTP and enter it. 
    • Step 5: Next, enter your bike's registration number, the correct captcha code, and click on 'Vahan Search'.’
    • Step 6: Finally, you will see all the details of your vehicle, including bike owner details. 
  3. Through SMS

    Check-Bike-Owner-Details-by-Registration-Number Check-Bike-Owner-Details-by-Registration-Number

    Another way to find bike owner details is via SMS without the internet. Just follow the below steps to find:

    • Step 1: Enter VAHAN <space> Bike Registration Number or Bike Number. 
      Example: VAHAN HP03D3510
    • Step 2: Send this SMS to 7738299899.
      Once you have sent the SMS, you will receive all the details of the bike owner. It provides all the details related to the bike, such as the make and model, registered RTO, mandatory third-party bike insurance policy details, PUC Certificate details, RC expiry details, etc.

Why Do You Need to Check RC Status Online?

Checking the bike number or registration number helps ensure compliance and legality and facilitates various aspects of ownership of the vehicle.

Here are the major reasons explained below why RC status check is essential:

    • Legal Compliance
      The RC status check facilitates knowing whether a vehicle's RC is up-to-date or not. An inactive or invalid RC may lead to legal consequences. Hence, regular checks help adhere to transportation regulations. 
    • Ownership Proof 
      Since the RC of the bike is an unquestionable proof of the bike's ownership, it confirms the real and rightful owner of the motorcycle. It further helps during resale or any legal matter, such as third-party damages in an accident. 
    • Bike Insurance Verification
      The insurance provider always asks for the registration number or bike number during bike insurance policy renewal or claim settlement process. Hence, checking the bike number ensures that the motorcycle is accurately represented in the policy documents.

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  • Regulatory Compliance
    In India, some states have specific regulations related to vehicle registration. Therefore, a bike number check ensures that the vehicle adheres to these regulations, such as vehicle pollution standards and safety norms.
  • Validity of the RC
    The RC of any bike has a validity period. Hence, checking the RC details helps in knowing the motorbike's registration date and gives a clear idea of the expiry date.
  • Servicing History
    If you are planning to buy buy second-hand bike, checking the RC status online gives a fair idea about the bike's service history. In simpler terms, the RC provides information about the previous owners and the bike's condition.
  • Prevent Fraudulent Activities
    A bike RC check helps prevent fraudulent activities related to any bike ownership or transfer of bike ownership. It protects against instances where incorrect or misinformation is presented.

Summing it up!

A bike's registration number or RC holds more significance than just being a random combination of letters & numbers. It is a gateway to unveiling vital information about the bike and its owner. With the technological advancements, you can quickly check bike owner details online and ensure a safe & lawful biking experience.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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