Bike Ownership Transfer Process

In India, many people purchase second-hand bikes. The buyer needs to inspect the vehicle before buying and get the ownership transferred from the seller. To transfer the bike ownership , both the seller & buyer have to go through a procedure. So, let’s start this by understanding the bike ownership transfer process.

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How to Transfer Bike Ownership?

If you are planning to buy a second-hand or used two-wheeler, you might want to know these important tips about bike ownership transfer process-

  • When you decide to sell your bike, write an application to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) from where you got your bike registered
  • The bike’s ownership can only be transferred only in two conditions-
    1. When there is a ready buyer
    2. When the bike owner is no more. In this case, the application must be submitted by the heir of the bike owner
  • If you are selling your bike in the same state then it should be transferred within two weeks (14 days), and if you are selling your bike outside of your state, then officials should get informed about it within 45 days
  • In case the owner dies during the process, then the heir of the bike owner has to inform the authorities about the transferring procedure within 30 days of the bike owner's death. Other than this, they should inform this to the registering authority within 3 months of the transfer of ownership.
  • Visit the Regional Transport Office and fill the Forms 29 and 30, then submit them. Along with these forms, submit the RC, Emission Certificate, Valid Bike Insurance Policy, and fitness certificate
  • Also, submit the address proof and 3 passport-size photographs

When you are planning to sell your bike, there are certain things that you must have to keep in mind. The vehicle ownership transfer involves the transfer of ownership and bike insurance policy by intimating the official RTO. Moreover, there are certain documents required in the process to successfully transfer ownership in the name of the buyer.

Documents Required for Transferring Bike Ownership

Below is the list of documents that you must have to transfer the two-wheeler ownership-

  • Registration Certificate for the bike
  • Pollution & Insurance Certificate
  • Form 28 is a no-objection certificate. The seller is supposed to submit 3 copies of it at RTO
  • Form 29 states the selling and buying of the bike by two parties. There should be 2 copies that are supposed to be submitted at the RTO
  • From 30, the buyer has to submit2 copies of it to the RTO

Documents Required for Transferring Bike Ownership in Case of Owner's Death

  • Fill up and submit Form 30 with the chassis print affixed
  • Fill up Form 31
  • Fill up Form TCA and TCR for transport vehicles
  • A Death Certificate (DC) of the two-wheeler owner
  • An affidavit from the successor, succession certificate, and NOC from the bank or financer (if any)
  • All the valid documents of the vehicle should be submitted. Also, as per Rule 81 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, submit the vehicle documents with the registration fee.

Bike Ownership Transfer Fees

Once you submit all the above-mentioned documents to the RTO officer, he/she will verify all the details and put on the signature on the ownership transfer application. Thereby, you have to pay a nominal fee to the respective authority who will further provide you with the acknowledgment slip.

Here is a table showing the standard applicable charges for transferring bike ownership-

Particulars Applicable Fees in Rupees
Transfer Fee Rs 30-35 (might vary from RTO to RTO)
Smart Card Fee Rs 200

Disclaimer- The above mentioned fee might vary based on the RTO where you are willing to transfer your vehicle.

Other Associated Fee

Apart from transferring fee, there could be other costs involved, such as the fee for submitting address proof.

If the buyer of the vehicle resides in the rental home, they will have to submit a stamp paper of Rs 20 from the notary. Along with it, a letter from the HR of their organization or company that states their current residential address.

Now let us move forward to the bike insurance transfer from the seller to the buyer.

Transferring Bike Insurance Policy Ownership to the Buyer

Every year motor vehicle companies come up with new and advanced bikes that lure you to purchase new models, and sell out your old ones. Once you decide to sell your existing bike, you have to transfer the bike insurance policy to the buyer.

Before transferring the policy ownership, you should inform your insurance company so that they can stay updated. On the other hand, it is important to transfer the insurance policy to the new owner because if the bike meets an accident in the future, then the insurance company will provide financial coverage for the damages caused to the insured vehicle.

Let's understand the process of transferring the ownership of a two-wheeler insurance policy to another person.

Bike Insurance Policy Ownership Transfer Process

Here are a few steps that you need to fulfill to transfer bike insurance ownership-

  • Visit the RTO office where you got your bike registered
  • Submit forms 29 and 30 along with RC, insurance documents, Emission test papers, and other required ones to the directorate of the RTO. Also, submit your passport-size photo as per requirement
  • Once you submit all the documents and get done with the procedure, the RTO will verify them, and if everything goes in order, they will transfer the insurance ownership to the new owner.

Things to Keep in Mind While Transferring Bike Insurance Policy Ownership

  • If the buyer lives in the same state where you reside, then you will have to transfer the ownership within 2 weeks (14 days) to the regulating party
  • If the buyer lives in any other state, then you will have to report the transfer of the insurance to the regulating party within 45 days
  • If the existing owner of the bike dies during the procedure, then the buyer can inform the regulatory party of this within 30 days.


The owner of the bike needs to transfer the bike ownership along with the bike insurance policy on time. Also, when you purchase a new bike, then it is advised to purchase the two-wheeler insurance policy online so that you can avail of maximum benefits at the time of any mishap or accident.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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