Tips to Keep your Hands Stress Free While Riding a Bike

While riding a bike, you can accidentally put pressure on your shoulders and arms. It usually happens mistakenly when you are in an uncomfortable situation such as an unforeseen downpour of rain. It can result in stiffening of the hands and shoulders even if you try to relax and let go off the strain. It can lead to soreness and strain the muscles in the upper back.

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While we share some tips to help you ride your bike without stressing your hands, we also recommend you to buy two wheeler policy to secure your ride to deal with unforeseen road emergencies.

Checkout the below tips to lighten up on your hands and arms:

Relax the Grip

Relax your hands on traffic-free roads, but do not lose the grip. It is effortless and surprising to know that you can keep your bike’s throttle on without using an extremely tight grip. So, the moment you relax your grip it lessens the muscle tension and reduce the amount of vibration spread to your body.

Let it Go

When riding your motorbike, train your brain to release the tension around your arms and shoulders. Keep some focus on your body parts and regularly check in with yourself. You can shrug your shoulders in every 15 minutes and relax your arms to relieve your stress.

Bend Your Elbows

One of the basic tricks is to drive your bike with elbows bent, and with relaxed arms and shoulders. By doing so, you can prevent the fatigue resulting from muscle tension. This allows your arms to absorb shock in a better way instead of it getting transmitted to your whole body.

Do not Hunch

The worst way of riding a bike is hunching on it. If you will arch your shoulders then it will lead to fatigue and muscle soreness. And if you have tight neck muscles then you can tilt your head in every few minutes to feel better.

Shake off your hands

While we suggest you to shake off your hands every once in a while to relax your arms, elbow and shoulders, you also need to be cautious that you don’t lose your balance while doing so. This practice will also help you increase the blood flow and prevents numbness.

Avoid Too Much Weight on Your Hands

If you have been riding a motorbike you must have experienced some numbness in your hands when riding it for long distance. This happens when you put too much weight/pressure on your hands. You can raise the handlebars of your bike to improve the experience.

Make Sure that your Bike’s Handlebar Width is Right

The width of the bike’s handlebar width should be equivalent to the rider’s shoulder width. To make your ride more comfortable you need to correct your controls/grips to meet the right girth/width. When going on a long drive, keeping your bars too narrow or wide can result in shoulder pain.

Always Wear the Right Gloves

Gloves help in protecting your hands from hits and wounds as they also absorb shock during the drive. They protect your hands from sunburn; and ensure proficiency while using the controls and the levers. While selecting the gloves opt for the ones that provide a snug fit, as they are the best.

Stretch Your Neck and Shoulders Muscles

To stay free from pain you should have your muscles loose and relaxed, can follow a routine of stretching and strengthening workouts to stay pain-free.

In addition to the above-tips, you need to make sure that your ride is secure. To enjoy your trip in a hassle-free manner, you can protect your bike with a two-wheeler policy that covers your bike against various unfortunate circumstances.  So, follow the above tips and get your ride insured to have a safe and fantastic ride.

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Reasons to Secure your Ride with Two-wheeler Insurance

With a two-wheeler policy you can get compensation from your insurer for the following:

  • Third Party Liability Insurance - It covers legal liabilities arising due to an accident resulting in permanent injuries or death of a third person and even third-party property damages.
  • Any Damage Due to Natural Calamities- It pays for natural disaster damages due to storm, flood, self-ignition, lightning, explosion, earthquake, typhoon, landslide, cyclone, etc.
  • Covers Man-made Disasters- Compensation is provided for riots, theft, burglary, terrorist activities, and any damage during transit.
  • Personal Accident Protection Cover- The insurer compensates for personal accident injury or death. There is also an option to buy personal accident protection for pillion riders.

And if your two-wheeler insurance policy expires, you can get it renewed online from our site form the same insurer or a different insurance company.


These were some of the tips that will help you can enjoy a safe and stress-free ride. And with a two wheeler policy you can get compensation for any accidental loss or damage. So, you can enjoy your ride in a full-proof manner.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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