Top 15 Parts of Two-wheeler and Tips to Maintain Them

A bike is much more than its speed, looks, and mileage. There are several specifications that might be worth your attention, if we are talking about its maintenance. Read this article to know 15 essential parts of your bike and their maintenance tips.

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15 Essential Parts of Your Bike and Their Maintenance Tips

To give you in-depth knowledge of your bike, here is a list of 15 essential parts of it along with the simple tips to maintain them-

  1. Engine

    Among all the motorbike parts, the engine comes first. An engine is what keeps the vehicle running and controls the smooth performance of the machine. In an engine, a valve is one of the most crucial parts that aid in combustion to circulate the passage of air.

    It also helps the fuel to pass to other parts of the bike. Hence, regular inspection and maintenance are important to increase the longevity of the engine.

    Maintenance Tips for Engine

    • If you find the engine oil is black, replace it on time.
    • Check the engine oil level timely.
    • Check all the leaks so that it is running smoothly without any wastage.
    • If you reside in a flooding-prone area or where water logging is a critical problem, you must get the Engine Protection Cover with your two-wheeler insurance policy.

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  2. Carburetor

    A carburetor is a traditional fuel delivery system installed in bikes that consist of valves, chambers, and tubes. With the help of these mechanical parts, the carburetor helps in the combustion process.

    Maintenance Tips for Carburetors

    • For a smooth running of the carburetor, you need to conduct maintenance by cleaning the carburetor out
    • As the carburetor consists of various parts, you can soak them in the cleaning solution
    • If anything seems rusted or damaged, it is better to change these parts
  3. Cylinder

    The two cylinders present in the engine work as the liver of a bike. However, the vehicle can have up to six cylinders, which support the engine in the process of combustion.

    Maintenance Tips for Cylinder

    • Regular servicing and tune-ups help in keeping the cylinder of your bike's engine healthy.
    • Do not miss the compression test on all of the cylinders.
  4. Pistons

    Pistons are the parts fitted inside the cylinders that help in the energy transformation process from the engine to the other bike parts. Pistons also help in the movement of the bike’s wheels.

    Maintenance Tips for Piston

    • In your bike's service manual, the piston replacement interval is mentioned. Change the old piston at recommended intervals.
  5. Fuel Tank

    The primary purpose of a bike fuel tank is to reserve a sufficient amount of fuel depending on the capacity. It is placed exactly above the engine of the bike.

    Maintenance Tips for Fuel Tank

    • Remove the fuel tank from the bike and start cleaning it.
    • To clean it, make sure to close the fuel intake hole after filling the octane or petrol and ball bearings inside it.
    • For better results, shake the tankers. It will remove all the dirt from the walls.
  6. Air Filters

    The performance of your bike depends on how clean your air filters are. The air filters fitted in the engine allow the air to pass through the intake system properly. It acts as a mechanism of defense by preventing dust & particles to enter the intake system.

    Maintenance Tips for Air Filters

    • Conduct a visual check to remove the dust and particles stuck in the air filter foam.
    • Clean the air filters regularly using the cleaning solution mentioned in your bike's user book.
    • Don't wring or twist the air filter as it might break its foam.
    • Clean the air box while changing the air filters, as a dirty air box can contaminate the newly fitted or clean air filter.
  7. Wheels

    Every bike has two wheels i.e. front, and rear. They contain tyres, hubs, rims, and spokes, which help the bike to move from its place.

    Maintenance Tips for Wheels

    • Check and maintain the optimal pressure of your bike tyres. To know the correct air pressure levels for the tyres, go through the user manuals.
    • Make it a habit of washing your wheels on a regular period. The dirt accumulated on its surface can skid the tyre, leading to severe accidents.
    • Every tyre has a certain lifespan. Therefore, you should get them replaced after the given period.

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  8. Handlebars

    While cars have steering, bikes have handlebars. It helps the bike rider in controlling & balancing the vehicle and provide a comfortable ride.

    Maintenance Tips for Handlebars

    • Tighten your handlebars if you notice a small gap or an imbalance
    • Remove and change the grips attached in the handlebars. Due to continuous use, they wear & tear with time
  9. Speedometer

    This digital device is there in the middle of the handlebar. It is useful in giving the rider an idea of the speed and distance covered by the bike.

    Maintenance Tips for Speedometer

    • Inspect the speedometer dial by checking the cables, transmission unit, sensor, and gears
    • If you find accumulated rust or corrosion, change the speedometer
    • Try to fix faulty sensors, broken wires, faulty ECU, and broken gauges if you find inaccurate readings in the dial as early as possible
  10. Mirrors

    The two mirrors help the rider to see the traffic position from the right & left sides of the bike and avoid any mishap.

    Maintenance Tips for Mirrors

    • Before you hop into your bike for a ride, adjust your mirror as per your preferences
    • On a regular interval, thoroughly clean your side mirrors with a towel
    • The rear mirrors assist you to check the traffic. To be on the safe side, tighten the loosened mirrors
  11. Headlamp, Indicators, and Taillights

    They are commonly known as the eye of a bike which assists while riding the bike. They keep the rider safe and offer a comfortable drive even in low visibility or making turns. These are usually used at day, night, or during fog for clear visibility.

    Maintenance Tips for Headlamp, Indicators, and Taillights

    • Give a quick wipe to these parts of the bike before you start the bike
    • Check the focus of these parts, if you find the brightness is inadequate or the beam is not falling in the aim, fix them with the mechanic during the servicing of your bike
  12. Brakes

    Brakes assists in controlling the speed of the vehicle. These come in handy when you need to halt your vehicle all sudden to avoid a collision. There are many types of brakes available in bike models, including- disc brakes, drum brakes, etc.

    Maintenance Tips for Brakes

    • Check the brake shoe liner for wear. If you find the liner thickness is reduced, replace those worn brake shoes
    • For enhanced braking performance, clean the dust from brake drums
    • Check for the adequate level of brake fluid. Refill it on time

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  13. Battery

    Bikes consist of a small battery that helps in energy to burst and smooth running of the vehicle all time. Usually, a 12-volt battery consisting of sulphuric acid is used in bikes.

    Maintenance Tips for Battery

    • Refill top-up fluid in the battery with distilled de-ionized water. Avoid using tap water while doing so
    • To enhance the battery performance, check & clean the battery terminals
    • Check for loose connections and replace them before they cause any damage or loss to your bike

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  14. Kick start

    A kick start is a lever placed externally and connected to the bike's engine. It assists you to start the vehicle when the push start button doesn't work or the bike's battery is exhausted.

    Maintenance Tips for Kick start

    • Schedule check-up for your bike's kick start is vital. You can start this by lubricating the jammed kick start.
  15. Frame

    Last but not least, a frame is one of the vital parts of a bike. The top and down tube of the frame supports the bike chain and seat clams of the bike.

    Maintenance Tips for Frame

    • Conduct a visual inspection annually
    • Clean and grease the frame once a year

    The above-discussed are the essential components of a bike and play a pivotal role in the smooth functioning of the vehicle. Moreover, these require a timely check to maintain their durability. Having said that, some basic maintenance tips are also mentioned for each part of your two-wheeler.

To Conclude!

Lastly, to ride your bike with ease, you can follow all the above tips and hold a bike insurance policy with you. Apart from maintaining your prized possession, it is equally important to renew your bike insurance whenever it is due. You can use a bike insurance calculator to check various plans available and get the best deal to save in your pocket.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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