9 Essential Tips to Take Care of Your Motorbike’s Tyres

Bikes are a favourite mode of commute for many people. As a bike owner, you must ensure that your bike is well maintained, including tyres. While riding a bike, tyres are the most exposed part and are prone to frequent damage. Thus, you must make sure that your bike's tyres are in good condition and fully functional.

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Top 9 Tips to Take Care of Your Bike's Tyres

There have been many cases where a faulty tyre has led to accidents leading to severe injuries to the rider and major damages to the bike. Therefore, you must have a motorbike insurance policy that gives you financial protection in case of unwanted mishaps. However, you must also carry out regular maintenance of your bike tyres.

Here is a list of 9 essential tips to maintain the tyres of your bike and prevent yourself from raising claims for small repairs under your motorbike insurance policy:

  1. Maintain Optimal Tyre Pressure

    Maintaining the optimal tyre pressure of your bike should be your priority. Different bikes need a different level of tyre pressure. Maintaining an optimum level of tyre pressure will enhance your bike's performance. Too little air pressure can deflate the tyre and its sides can easily get worn out. Similarly, too much air pressure can cause severe damage to the tyre. Therefore, it is advised to refer to the bike's user guide to know the adequate tyre pressure. Otherwise, you might have to replace the tyres frequently.

  2. Wash the Tyres Regularly

    Your bike’s tyres accumulate mud every time you ride on muddy terrains. Muddy tyres can skid on the road and can cause severe injuries. So, wash the bike's tyres regularly and avoid leaving this task for your scheduled servicing session. This tip is primarily for people who go on long bike rides or adventurers.

  3. On-time Repairs

    Bike tyres are vulnerable to leakage, punctures, and blowouts. It is better to take your bike to the mechanic to fix such issues as early as possible. It is suggested to avoid riding for long distances until the problem is fixed. If the garage is far from your place, you must get your bike towed to avoid further damage. Make sure that you do not ride with a pillion on a punctured bike.

  4. Get Timely Replacements

    Your bike’s tyres need timely replacement as they have a certain lifespan. The tyres are bound to lose their grip with regular wear and tear. For a safe ride, you must have a proper grip because a weak grip is the primary cause of slippage, especially on wet roads. Therefore, if you detect a loose grip, replace the tyres immediately.

  5. Use Appropriate Tyres

    Some people, especially youngsters, choose to replace their original bike tyres with fancy and attractive tyres. Although they increase the visual aspects of the bike, they might hamper the bike's performance. Moreover, this exchange can lead to minor accidents causing damage to your bike.Therefore, you must only use tyres that are suitable for your bike.

  6. Minimize Sudden Braking

    Learn to control your habit of applying brakes suddenly to become a safer rider and to avoid causing damage to the tyres. Apply the brakes gently and let the speed come down gradually. Slamming the brakes suddenly might throw you off the bike or lift the rear tyre, which might flip you over. Moreover, this reduces the lifespan of the bike’s tyre rapidly.Also, you should avoid performing stunts or stoppie with your basic city bike.

  7. Align Your Tyres

    The alignment of your bike’s tyres gets affected when you ride on roads, which have more speed bumps, potholes, and tarmac. The unaligned wheels affect the bike's suspension and affect the tyres. Therefore, ensure that the tyres are aligned parallel to one another and perpendicular to the ground. The unaligned wheel may cause damage to the tyre.

  8. Regularly Rotate Your Tyres

    Tyre rotation helps in increasing the life of your tyres by reducing irregular wear and tear. Moreover, it offers you a smooth experience and a safer ride. You can refer to the user guide to know how to rotate the tyres properly. Also, the front tyre gets damaged more than the rear wheel. So, you must replace them timely for enhanced performance.

  9. Purchase a Motorbike Insurance Policy

    Having the right motorbike insurance policy is another precautionary measure that you must take to protect your bike from unwanted damage. Besides, it is mandatory to have at least third-party motorbike insurance for all bikes in India. But this will not give you extensive coverage, which is why buying a comprehensive insurance policy is recommended that gives you overall protection from several risks and damages.

    Moreover, to enhance the policy coverage, you can buy a tyre protection add-on cover with your comprehensive motorbike insurance policy. This add-on will get you compensated for the replacement or repair cost of tyres, including labour charges, in case of any damages.

Final Words

Tyres are an integral part of a motorbike. To increase the longevity of your bike’s tyres and for safe riding, follow all the above-mentioned tips. Conduct regular inspections and if you find that the tyres have worn out, take the bike to the nearest garage and replace them. Additionally, buy a motorbike insurance policy online from an IRDAI-certified insurance company.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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