Why Should You Select Bright Coloured Helmet While Riding a Bike?

For a bike rider, the helmet is one of the most crucial safety gears. Helmets protect the heads of the motorcyclists from head injuries, shocks, and impacts in case of many severe injuries. With the provision of head protection, the visors that are attached to the helmet, help the bike riders to see properly in bright sunlight. There are different types of helmets available in the market, and you must select a helmet very wisely, and you should not compromise with its quality. On one hand, when we concentrate only on the quality and fit of the helmet, on the other hand, its color also plays an important role.

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According to new researches and studies, wearing a bright-colored helmet can cut down your accident risks by a quarter. Along with this, if you combine the helmet with reflective wearable, you can improve the chances of odds at your side by approximately more than one third.

According to the latest Motor Vehicle Act, you can attract a considerable amount of fines if you do not wear a helmet while riding your bike, and/or sometimes it can even attract imprisonment. Nobody wants to get into such type of a mess because of something that is as minute as wearing a helmet.

We all may as well find people purchasing second-hand helmets just to stay away from the conflict. By doing this, you are compromising only with your safety and security. It is always good to buy a new helmet because the lining of the helmet falls apart after some years, and there is no guarantee of a second-hand helmet. It can be in bad condition because the previous owner has retired it after an accident, or after many falls or drops.

Along with this, you must visit the shop for purchasing your helmet rather than buying it online. The reason for the same is the fitting of the helmet. Your helmet must fit very snugly. This ensures safety in case of a crash. We all know that the shape and size of everyone's head are different. So, it is necessary to try different helmets in the shop before making any decision. A helmet with high quality is worth a purchase, but it must fit properly on your head.

Therefore, apart from the personal style, the color of your helmet as well affects your on-road safety. It is found that wearing a bright-colored helmet like white, yellow, silver, orange, etc. may reduce the chances of crashes because of low visibility at night. These colors are visible at night and attract attention especially when lights fall on them. Purchasing a bright-colored helmet that has reflective panels is one of the best types of helmets you can own. As it is always better to take precautions than go for a cure. This is the reason, it is mandatory to have two-wheeler insurance before kicking it on Indian roads.

How to Select a Good Helmet?

Here we are discussing some of the factors that you must consider to get a good helmet:

  • Safety: The primary reason to wear a helmet is the safety of your head from impact. So, select a good quality helmet that has thick polypropylene or polystyrene foam line under a hard shell of plastic, which can absorb the collision shocks. Moreover, you must replace your helmet after a significant impact despite it looks alright as there can be hidden damages. You must replace your bike helmet after five years.
  • Sizing of Helmet: Helmets of the higher-end are available in various sizes that provide a more comfortable and secure fit. Generally, less expensive helmets have a universal sizing that may fit a vast range of head sizes. Most of the helmets provide the head circumference for which they are designed for. For determining your head size, you must use a measuring tape and wrap it around your head.
  • Purchase a Right Fit: The helmet has to be worn horizontally over your head. It should not tip backward or forward. So, purchase a right fit helmet by trying various sizes on your head. This is the reason it is suggested not to purchase a helmet online instead go to the shop and buy it from there.
  • The shape of the Helmet: The shape of the helmet depends on the manufacturer. If your head shape is oblong, you may try a helmet different from that the person with a round head wants. You can try helmets of various brands and then can select a model that is right for you.
  • Price of the Helmet: Generally, low priced helmets have poor quality, so we suggest opting for high-end helmets. This does not mean you must spend a lot of money on a helmet only instead take a wise decision and opt for a good quality helmet at a reasonable price.
  • Colour of the Helmet: As mentioned earlier, helmets are for safety. So, you must select one that is bright in color. You may fascinate by black colored helmets as they look stylish and cool, but you must opt for helmets of white, orange, or other bright colors as these colors are visible to the oncoming traffic.
  • Ventilation: With all the aforementioned points, you must consider ventilation on your helmet as well. The helmets with good ventilation keep your head and face cool by maintaining the flow of air.
  • Some Other Things to Consider:You must as well consider some more points as well which are:
    • Remember that your helmet does not restrict your field of vision.
    • An internal sweatband should help to control perspiration.
    • Some helmets give ports for ponytail as well at the back of the helmet.

Along with this, some insurance plans as well provide helmet protection as an add-on cover. So, you can select this add-on at the time of renewal. However, it is better to use a bike insurance calculator before adding this add-on as for any add-on you have to pay an additional premium. So, make sure to know the final premium of your policy before opting for any add-on.

The Bottom Line!

It is always good to invest in a good quality helmet as it may save you from getting head injuries in case of an accident. Whenever, you purchase a helmet or going to change your helmet, make sure to opt for a bright-colored helmet. The reason to opt for bright color is, it is catchy and visible clearly to the people on road.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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