Busting 5 Myths Regarding Professional Indemnity!

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) is a vital safeguard for doctors, providing financial protection against claims of negligence or malpractice. In the increasingly litigious world of healthcare, even the most competent and careful doctors can face legal challenges due to unforeseen complications, unintended errors, or patient dissatisfaction. The costs associated with defending against such claims can be substantial, potentially threatening a doctor's career and financial stability. Despite its importance, many myths regarding professional indemnity insurance exist. This aims to debunk them, offering clarity and guidance for medical practitioners.

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Myth 1: All Professional Indemnity Policies Are Alike

A common misconception is that all Professional Indemnity Insurance policies offer the same coverage. In reality, PII policies can vary significantly in terms of coverage scope, exclusions, and limits. Some cover only basic negligence claims, while others include broader protections like libel, slander, and breach of confidentiality. These differences are crucial, as they determine the extent of protection available to doctors.

PolicyBazaar.com addresses this misconception by offering highly customisable PI policies. These plans can be adjusted to cover the unique risks associated with different medical specialities. For example, surgeons may need higher coverage limits and specific protections for surgical errors, whereas general practitioners might prioritise diagnostic error coverage. Tailored policies ensure doctors are adequately protected against the specific risks they face in their practice.

Myth 2: Professional Indemnity is Not a Requirement

Some doctors believe they do not need Professional Indemnity Insurance, assuming that their careful practice will shield them from legal claims. However, medical practice is inherently unpredictable. Despite best efforts, doctors can face legal challenges due to even patient dissatisfaction. The Consumer Protection Act 2019 in India allows patients to file grievances easily, increasing the vulnerability of doctors to lawsuits.

PI provides a crucial layer of protection against such legal disputes. It covers legal defence costs, settlements, and any damages awarded, which can be financially crippling without insurance. Even in cases where negligence is not proven, the legal costs to defend oneself can be substantial, often requiring doctors to pay out of pocket. Having PI offers peace of mind, and gives doctors confidence in their practice allowing them to provide high-quality care without constant fear or doubt.

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Myth 3: Retired Medical Practitioners Don't Require Professional Indemnity Insurance

Even after retirement, doctors remain vulnerable to legal claims stemming from their previous work. Legal proceedings can be initiated years after the incident, particularly if the patient experiences long-term effects or discovers the issue much later. This means that retired doctors could potentially face substantial legal and financial repercussions without ongoing coverage.

Maintaining professional indemnity insurance after retirement is crucial to protect against such retrospective claims. Run-off or tail coverage, a type of extended reporting period insurance, ensures that retired doctors are covered for incidents that occurred while they were still practising.

Myth 4: The Damage Limitations of a State Protects Doctors from Lawsuits

There is a common misconception that state-imposed damage limitations sufficiently protect doctors from lawsuits. While certain state regulations may impose caps on non-economic damages, these limitations do not provide comprehensive protection. They do not cover economic damages, which include medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial losses. This leaves doctors financially vulnerable in cases where the economic damages are significant.

For example, the Supreme Court of India has established that damage limitations do not prevent claims for substantial compensation in severe malpractice cases. Economic damages, which are not capped, can accumulate to significant amounts, especially in cases involving long-term care or extensive medical treatments. Professional Indemnity Insurance is essential as it covers these gaps by providing coverage for legal defence costs, settlements, and any awarded damages that exceed state-imposed caps.

Myth 5: Employer's Insurance Plans Cover Everything

Employer-provided insurance typically covers general liability and basic medical expenses but may fall short in several critical areas. Employer-sponsored insurance is designed to offer a broad spectrum of coverage for various employees and may not address the unique risks and liabilities faced by medical practitioners.

Additionally, employer-provided insurance is dependent on the employment status of the doctor. If a doctor changes jobs or retires, they may lose this coverage, creating a gap in protection. This dependency on employment for coverage creates a significant gap that only a dedicated Professional Indemnity Insurance policy can fill.


Understanding the importance of Professional Indemnity Insurance is crucial for doctors. It offers tailored coverage for specific risks, protection against unpredictable legal challenges, and continuous coverage regardless of employment status. Doctors are encouraged to reconsider their misconceptions about professional indemnity and explore tailored options by consulting with an expert from Policybazaar.com.

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Profesional Indemnity Insurance has been a lifesaver for my business. It offers comprehensive protection against any claims that may arise from errors or negligence on my part. The claims process was straightforward, and they handled everything efficiently. I highly value the peace of mind this insurance provides and would recommend it to any professional.
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I had an excellent experience while buying Personal Indemnity Insurance. It was quick and easy to get a quote online and the premiums were quite affordable. The policy covers all the essential aspects, and the customer service team was responsive and supportive. I feel much more confident in my work knowing that I have this coverage
3.8 March 01, 2023
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As a Owner I had a high risk of loss of confidential data. Then my colleague suggested me go for PI Insurance at PolicyBazaar. So I visited their website and contacted the team. They answered all my queries, and when I got satisfied with the plan, I made a purchase. Thanks, PolicyBazaar.
4.3 February 17, 2023
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There was a party that made a claim against us for professional negligence by one of our employees. Thanks to PolicyBazaar which helped me protect our financial position and helped us during the claim process that covered our Legal expenses and Settlement cost. Highly Recommend this.
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I was always concerned about my organization in order to safeguard against potential liabilities and unforeseen circumstances that could arise from professional negligence. So I bought PI Insurance at Policybazaar and found it good as it helped me to focus on my work without worrying about financial repercussions. So thanks to PolicyBazaar.
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I bought Professional Indemnity Insurance from the PolicyBazaar website and found it suitable for my business. I run a small company. I got terrific Deals at PolicyBazaar. It was an excellent Purchase. Thankyou PolicyBazaar.
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Covers Professional Negligence
As a Doctor, I was searching for Professional Indemnity Insurance that could provide me coverage against claims for Negligence in my services. Then I visit PolicyBazaar Website. There I came across several benefits. So I made the purchase there. Thanks, PolicyBazaar.