Life Insurance Quotes

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What are Life Insurance Quotes?

Life insurance quotes give you details of a policy in terms of premium, key features, benefits, and exclusions. These parameters make it easier for the customers to make a comparison between various plans.

Where to get Life Insurance Quotes?

Online insurance portals are the best platforms to get life insurance quotes. With the advent of such portals, getting and comparing quotes has become a cakewalk.

How to go about it?

Getting and comparing quotes is very simple, all you have to do is fill in your details in the comparison engine, get a list of plans that meet your needs, make a comparison between the quotes and zero in on a plan that suits you the best.

Life insurance quotes give you the estimate of premiums that you have to pay for your insurance policy. You can source these life insurance quotes through an insurance intermediary or online.

The one way that you can do to find out what is the probable cost is for you to get some quotes online. With numerous websites on the internet that caters to these types of issues and inquiries, there are so many sites that have online quotes where you can make use of and compare the many different quotes that you obtain. Once you obtain these quotes, compare them and choose the best life insurance policy that suits your budget .

Life insurance Rates and Prices

Life insurance rates and prices depend upon the following factors:

  • Insured's age, health and the nature of work: As you grow older, the cost of life insurance will increase incrementally to reflect the growing risk that you will pass away before the end of the coverage period. Insurance company will also underwrite your risk depending upon the nature of your profession. If you are a healthy, young non-smoker and you have a dangerous job, your life insurance may be costly regardless of your physical condition. Professional divers, pilots, oil rig workers and members of other jobs with a high risk of fatal injuries may have higher rates than individuals in occupations where the risk of injury or death is low.
  • Policy type that you choose for yourself: The type of coverage you buy also affects the money you pay for a certain life insurance policy. Term life insurance happens to be the least expensive of all coverage. However, term life insurance rates increase with age. The longer the term, the higher the premiums. Permanent life insurance may be more expensive than term life insurance but it has a benefit of locking in a premium for good. It is more expensive because a portion of your money goes towards other financial investments that the company makes on your behalf. This in return allows your policy to accrue cash value within a certain period.
  • Policy Term: The length of the policy term affects the life insurance quotes for three main reasons: assessed risk to the insurance provider, what age you begin your life insurance policy, and the rise in cost associated with renewal rates.
  • Sum assured: Higher the cover that you opt for the higher is your life insurance premium.
  • Premium Paying Term:A shorter premium payment term will show you a higher life insurance quoate than that of a longer premium payment term.
  • Premium Payment Frequency:The modal premiums such as half yearly, quarterly and monthly cumulatively turn out costlier than that of annual mode as the cost of administration and operational costs of an insurance company increases for administering a policy in modes other than annual.
  • Riders attached to the policy :Additional riders cost you more as they are designed to provide you with extra coverage and therefore they are charges extra.

In most cases, the factor that increases your costs the most is the factor that places you at the greatest risk of an early death. Whether it‘s your age, your health status, your prior history of illness, your smoking status or your job, your life insurance rates may be affected by these risk factors.