Period of Indemnity: Definition and Examples

Insurance policies are integral to risk management, providing financial protection against unforeseen events.Central to these policies is the "period of indemnity," a term defining the duration during which an insurance company is obligated to pay for losses. Understanding this period is crucial for both individuals and businesses to ensure adequate coverage.

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Understanding the Period of Indemnity

At its core, the period of indemnity is the timeframe set within an insurance policy, typically ranging from 12 to 36 months, starting from the onset of a covered event. This period is critical for quantifying business interruption losses, as it determines how long the insurer will provide compensation for covered damages or losses.

The period of indemnity clarifies:

  • When you are covered: If a covered event (like a lawsuit) arises within your policy period, the period of indemnity dictates when you can file a claim.
  • For how long are you covered: The insurer's responsibility to cover your losses is limited to this timeframe (often 1 or 2 years).

Indemnity and Liability in Insurance

The concept of indemnity and liability forms the backbone of insurance contracts. Let's delve into the legal and financial implications for both the insurer and the insured:

The Insurer's Responsibilities

  • Financial Obligation: During the period of indemnity, the insurer is legally bound to assess the claim's validity and, if deemed covered under the policy, compensate the insured for financial losses or expenses incurred. This could involve legal fees, repairs, or lost income.
  • Defence in Court: In liability insurance, the insurer often provides legal defence in lawsuits, even if the lawsuit is ultimately unsuccessful. This protects the insured from the burden of navigating complex legal battles.

The Insured's Responsibilities

  • Prompt Notification: Timely communication is key. The insured must promptly notify the insurer of a covered event within the timeframe specified in the policy. Delays can jeopardize the claim's validity.
  • Cooperation with Investigation: The insured must fully cooperate with the insurer's investigation by providing necessary documentation and participating in interviews if required. Transparency helps the insurer assess the claim accurately.
  • Duty to Mitigate Losses: The insured is responsible for taking reasonable steps to minimize losses after a covered event.

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Explore Types of Professional Indemnity Insurance

Extended Period of Indemnity

Standard insurance policies provide valuable support during the immediate aftermath of a covered event. However, in some situations, the financial repercussions can extend beyond the initial resolution. This is where the concept of an extended period of indemnity becomes crucial. It's an add-on that extends the timeframe for coverage beyond the standard period of indemnity, ensuring financial protection for unforeseen losses.

Some scenarios highlighting the importance of an extended period of indemnity:

  • Unforeseen Delays: Events like property damage or business interruption often have a defined recovery timeline. However, unforeseen delays can occur due to regulatory hurdles, permitting issues, or supply chain disruptions. Extended coverage bridges this gap, ensuring financial support even if the restoration takes longer than anticipated.
  • Loss of Revenue and Reputation: Rebuilding customer trust and brand reputation after a covered event can be a lengthy process. Extended coverage helps businesses weather the financial impact of a temporary decline in revenue during the recovery period.
  • Long-Tail Claims in PI: Professional liability insurance claims often involve complex investigations and legal proceedings that can take years to resolve. The standard period of indemnity might expire before the lawsuit is even settled, leaving businesses exposed financially.

Example of an Extended Period of Indemnity

A restaurant suffers a fire, forcing the owner to close for repairs. Their standard fire insurance policy covers the cost of repairs but has a standard 12-month period of indemnity. However, due to extensive damage, it took 18 months to rebuild the restaurant. Fortunately, the restaurant had wisely opted for an extended period of indemnity clause against their business interruption coverage. 

This inclusion proved invaluable as it allowed the business to recoup the loss of income for the additional six months beyond the standard coverage, covering the entire duration of their closure. Without this foresight, the restaurant would have faced significant financial strain, shouldering six months of lost revenue without any insurance support.


Understanding the period of indemnity is crucial when securing insurance. By being aware of the timeframes for claim settlements and the potential benefits of extended coverage, policyholders can navigate the claims process effectively and ensure they receive the financial support they deserve during challenging times. Visit policybazaar today to talk to an expert for further clarification regarding the period of indemnity and any available extensions that might benefit your specific needs.

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