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Group Health Insurance - The More the Merrier?

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A Carefully Designed Supplementary Health Cover

Surgical Protection Plan lets only 50% of sum insured to get claimedMajority of the people avoid buying health insurance as according to them,...Read More

Maternity Riders in Health Insurance

Nothing in this world is predictable, you can’t wait to throw a party for good news or build a rampart for a bad one. They come like air from...Read More

How to Deal with Rising Health Insurance Premiums

The sedentary lifestyle of the majority of the population has led them to contract ailments and diseases like cervical, Diabetes, Arthritis,...Read More

Plans of Cashless OPD are on the Track

When it comes to business, no doubt changes are introduced for refinement though they carry some conditions. Insurance companies are also moving...Read More

Is it Wise to Choose a Health Card over OPD Insurance?

Health insurance is inevitable in today's inflation hit age. Medical costs are indeed rising at an unabated pace but have you ever wondered...Read More

List of Best Health Insurance Plans for 2014

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Exclusions of Health Insurance Policy

The policyholder must go through all the exclusions carefully before purchasing any Insurance Policy to get prepared during any emergency situation....Read More

Co-payment vs Deductible

Stepping into Health Insurance requires one to understand certain terms which may sound confusing. Among those, Co-payment and Deductible are...Read More

Health Insurance Sector Claimed for More Growth

The Healthcare sector in India is set to increase its pace. Reasons for this rapid growth can be-rising life expectancy, higher income levels,...Read More