Car Insurance Articles

Vehicle Completely Damaged. Ensure the RC is Cancelled within 14 Days

In case of an accident, wherein the complete repairment expense is greater than 75% of the insured declared value, a claim in regards to the...Read More

Government to Fix Third-party Insurance Premium For All Category of Vehicles

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in consultation with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) will notify...Read More

One Car Insurance- For Multiple Cars

Karan is planning to buy a car and bestow it upon his wife on their fifth marriage anniversary. Though he is excited and happy, somehow he is...Read More

9 Car Insurance Buying Tips that Help You Avoid being Fooled!

The fact that every year approximately 1.25 million people die in road accidents is alarming and desolating. And this makes it imperative to...Read More

Do I Need A Special Road Trip Car Insurance

Road trip! Indeed, you read it right. The two words itself prompts a lot of fun, thrill and enthrals excitement. Mostly the idea is simple, there...Read More

Top Ten Tips for Finding the Right Car Insurance Policy

Owning a car is an extravagance as it is one delightful machine, which gives you the liberty of roaming around in all ease and solace. About...Read More

Tips for Cutting Car Insurance Costs

Owning a car is a luxury. Almost, every other month one or the other car is being launched with mind-boggling prices. Moreover, as a legal mandate,...Read More

How Modifications Can Affect Your Car Insurance

It is very tempting to personalize your car by tweaking up your engine, adding wide wheels as well as brakes or any other customization that...Read More

How a Zero-Dep Insurance Policy Benefits You During Claims

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, makes Third-Party Insurance mandatory for motor vehicle owners plying on the public roads. Motor Insurance covers...Read More

Protect Your Car's Heart with an Engine Protection Cover

An engine is the most important part of any car. If it is damaged, your car will be nothing more than just a piece of metal kept in the garage....Read More