Car Insurance Articles

Zero Depreciation Insurance: Is It a Good Deal?

So you bought a new car. Congratulations! You have probably put in a lot of time and research while buying your new car. You asked around, checked...Read More

Money Saving Advice for All Car Owners

After a dream home, a dream car is your second-largest purchase that you make in your lifetime. But the expense does not cease when you drive...Read More

20 Tips for First Time Auto Insurance Buyers

The Importance of Auto-Insurance Thinking of buying your first automobile? Well, then auto insurance might just be the last thing on your mind....Read More

How Does Car Insurance Calculator Benefit You?

Car insurance is not a novel term to car owners, especially in India, where the Motor Vehicles Act has made it mandatory to buy one before plying...Read More

Does Your Car Insurance Cover Animal Attack?

Recently the headlines reported that a ferocious lion toppled a safari car in an Indian wildlife park. The lion tried to attack a group of travellers....Read More

9 Secrets That Your Motor Insurance Provider Won’t Tell You

Due to the dangerous driving conditions, it is compulsory to have third party insurance for every vehicle plying on Indian roads. It ensures...Read More

Third Party Insurance: Your Ultimate Stress Buster

Our news channels are flooded with news related to various road accidents; vehicular collisions, road injury, or some extreme cases leading to...Read More

10 Auto Insurance Myths You Should Avoid

While buying auto insurance, it is vital to understand the premium structure and the factors affecting your premium. But sometimes, it becomes...Read More

5 Factors Affecting your Car Insurance Premium you could be Missing

There are times when despite owning the same vehicle and having the identical parameters, your friend next door and you pay different amounts...Read More

Comprehensive and Third-Party Car Insurance Explained

When it comes to buying insurance for your car, you are supposed to consider plenty of important factors. One of these factors is the type of...Read More