Car Insurance Articles

Does Your Sports Car Need Auto Insurance?

When only bankrollers can afford them, there are people for whom buying sports car always a dream! However, owing to the sky-high cost of one,...Read More

Here’s How You can Shop for an Affordable Car Insurance Plan

Studies claim that 80% of Indian population is unsuccessful in getting a good insurance deal for their cars. They end up spending a huge amount...Read More

Know Up to What Limit Third-Party Car Insurance is Offered!

Third-party car insurance is a financial shield that helps car owners to bear the legal liabilities arising out of injury, death or property...Read More

Your Guide to Switch The Car Insurance Policy

Are you keen to switch car insurance companies? The inevitable reason for this is that you’ve found better and cheaper car insurance plans...Read More

Perfect Car Insurance for Your Next Road Trip in India

Road trips are always exhilarating. Even if, Indian roads have nothing to brag about what with the million potholes, uneven terrain and speed...Read More

What are the Consequences of Not Having Third Party Car Insurance?

Third party insurance is the most rudimentary insurance policy, which is mandatory for all vehicle owners in India. As per the Motor Vehicles...Read More

A Walkthrough of Uber Insurance

Uber is a ride sharing or ride hailing taxi service, where in people book their cabs using the Uber mobile app.  Many a times Uber drivers do...Read More

Things You Should Know About Car Insurance Policy Cancellation

You can easily cancel your car insurance policy at any time; all you need to do is submit your replacement papers to inform your car insurance...Read More

Tips on How You Can Carry Your Car Insurance While Relocating

Imagine that due to your consistency as a good performer, your company offers a project that demands you to relocate to another city. While you’re...Read More

Things Your Auto Insurance Company Won't Tell You

When we buy car insurance, we pay an insurance premium in hope that we never get to file any claim. In case of filing a claim, we expect our...Read More