Car Insurance Articles

Which Car Insurance Is The Best

The best car insurance is the one that provides an ideal customer care with comprehensive coverage, hassle free claim process, and cost effective...Read More

Get Best Deals on Motor Insurance - 11 Quick Tips

Motor insurance has become costlier over the last few years. Whether you are looking for a third party insurance or a comprehensive cover, you...Read More

Common Causes of Road Accidents

As per WHO report for the year 2010, India leads the world in the number of deaths caused by road accidents. More than 1.4 million accidents...Read More

Variables that Affect Motor Insurance Premium

Unlike other forms of insurance, buying a third party liability coverage in a motor insurance is mandatory under law. What you pay on your motor...Read More

Motor Insurance Companies - Ways to Get the Claim

Accidents happen! You need not to poach you heart over the one you just had. So cool off your head, pull yourself together and start on your...Read More

Online Car Insurance – Unlocking the Magic Box

What if we could live in a dreamland where all our sweet dreams come for real? But the grim truth is, we live in real risk-prone world where...Read More

Motor Insurance – Tips to Save Big on Premium!

If you love to own a car then it is your foremost responsibility to keep it insured. Whether a new one or an oldie, it is must to keep your hot...Read More

What is Insurance Premium?

Insurance Premium is paid as a cost to cover a possibly unseen devastating loss. It is the actual amount of money charged by insurance companies...Read More

Car Insurance Frauds and Auto Insurance Frauds in India

Car Insurance Frauds Insurance fraud has been in existence since the beginning of insurance as a commercial enterprise. Insurance crimes range...Read More

Car Insurance Glossary

Like all other industries, insurance industry also use specific terms that is often difficult for a layman to understand the meaning. In the...Read More