Car Insurance Articles

Car Insurance Guide - When to Change Car Insurance Company

Switching Car Insurance Companies Car insurance is a necessity. You need to regularly review your car insurance coverage to make sure that you...Read More

Factors Affecting Car Insurance Premium in India

Cars and two wheelers have become a necessity in today’s lifestyle. It has multiple utility. It can be used for business which you have set...Read More

What You Should Not Do in Case of Car Accident on Road

Accident is inevitable and anyone of us can be its victim. Car accident can be of different nature, it can be due to collision or non collision....Read More

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

In Car insurance, a comprehensive car insurance policy covers damage to your vehicle caused by certain events. These include (but are not limited...Read More

How to Claim Car Insurance After Accident in India

Car accident insurance claims begin with road traffic accident. Car accident is a road traffic incident which usually involves one road vehicle...Read More

What Does Car Insurance Cover?

Car Insurance Coverage Car insurance or Motor Insurance is mandatory by law. It is a legal requirement to have a minimal level of insurance...Read More

When an Auto Insurance Claim is Rejected?

It is common for Auto insurance companies to reject large number of car insurance claims or to reduce there payment values. Generally they would...Read More

Types of Motor Insurance

The word Motor broadly covers a lot of classes of vehicles plying on the roads. These may be two-wheelers like scooters and motorbikes, three-wheelers...Read More

How to Make Car Insurance Claims?

How to Claim Car Insurance? With a new car comes a package of added expenses. Its maintenance and operating cost are part and parcel of these...Read More

Finalizing the Best Deal Cheap Car Insurance Provider and the Car Insurance

Among all insurance products, car/auto insurance is the most popular one. This does not come as a surprise because if you have a car then insurance...Read More