Coronavirus and Cars: Is It the Best Time to Buy a Car Right Now?

India is currently recovering from the ruthless second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although a third wave is predicted in the coming months, most restrictions have been lifted. In this situation, several people are thinking of buying a car.

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Buying a Car During the COVID-19 Pandemic

After what seemed like a never-ending two and half months, most of the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted across the country. People have again starting to step out of their homes either from work or for leisure. This has increased the probability of a third wave of the pandemic in the coming months.

The second wave of the pandemic has made people believe in the probability of a third wave. As a result, people are trying to take precautions as well as getting themselves vaccinated to stay safe from the coronavirus. Several people are hesitant in travelling in public transport due to the fear of contracting the virus. To avoid doing so, a lot of people are renewing their car insurance policy and considering buying a car.

Travelling from your own car will definitely keep you safer from the coronavirus as compared to travelling in public transport, such as metro or bus. But is this the right time to buy a car?

Let’s find out. 

Things to Keep in Mind while Deciding to Buy a Car During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you are planning to buy a car during the COVID-19 pandemic, take a look at the following things that will help you make a decision:

1. If You Really Need the Car

You should buy a car if you have been planning to buy one for the longest time. In case you have been saving money to buy a car of your choice, then you must go ahead with buying it. Moreover, if you need to step out of your home frequently for work, it is better to buy your own car than travelling on public transport. This is because travelling in public transport can expose you to the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

However, if you have been working from home and do not need to step out of your house regularly, you can avoid buying a car for the time being.

2. If Any Savings is Available on the Car Price

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire country went into lockdown for months leading to a drastic dip in the sale of cars. In order to clear the stocks, several automobile companies and car dealers were offering discounts on the price of the car. In case the car of your preference is currently available for a much lower price then you must buy it right away.

3. If You Should Buy It Online or At the Showroom

During the ongoing pandemic, it is better to research different cars and shortlist the car of your choice online. Every car manufacturer has a website where you can check out the various features and specifications of the car with a 360-degree view. In case you want to test drive your car, car dealers can arrange a test drive at your preferred location. You can easily buy a car that meets your requirements and fits into your budget online.

4. If You Should Wait to Buy Your Preferred Car

Automobile companies have launched several competitive car models in the past year. Before you choose a car, make sure to consider the various car models available in the market. Whether you wish to buy a hatchback, sedan or SUV, you will have multiple options to choose from.

But in case a car you like is going to be launched in the coming months, you can wait for it and buy it after it has been launched in India.

5. If You Should Choose a Second Hand Car

Even though travelling in public transport is very risky in the current pandemic, not everyone can afford to buy a brand new car. In case you have a budget constraint and still want to avoid travelling on public transport, you can consider buying a second hand car. In comparison to new cars, second hand cars are more affordable. Besides, you can easily find a car as good as new at a much lower price if it is second hand. 

Is It a Good Time to Buy a Car During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The answer is YES.

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, buying a new car or a second hand car is a great idea. Keeping yourself safe from the risks of coronavirus is the need of the hour. Using public transport for travelling regularly not only puts you at the risk of contracting the virus but also poses a risk to your family members.

But if you buy a car of your own, you would not have to travel with other people in public transport and can avoid the risk of contracting the virus. Moreover, you can easily choose a car of your choice online and schedule a test drive at the location of your choice.

If you need monetary assistance, you can avail loan facilities with the help of your bank. Car dealers also offer loan facilities with certain banks to their customers. All you will need to do is to pay a small part of the total car price as a down payment while the rest of the amount will be covered by the bank offering you the loan. 

Buying Car Insurance for Your New Car

Once you have purchased your car, you must purchase a car insurance policy. In India, it is mandatory for every car to be covered under car insurance with at least third party cover. If you do not purchase car insurance for your four wheeler, you will have to pay a fine of Rs 2000 and/or spend up to three months in jail. The fine amount will increase to Rs 4000 if you are caught driving your uninsured car for the second time.

Buying a car insurance policy is extremely easy. You can buy insurance for your car online without stepping out of your home. It not only keeps you socially distant, which is the need of the hour but also allows you to compare different plans and choose the best car insurance policy.

In a Nutshell

In this era of social distancing, purchasing a car has become a necessity. Since car manufacturers are offering discounts to clear out their stocks, this is the best time to buy a car for yourself. You can get your brand new car outside your home without having the need to step out of the car. Stay home and buy your next car online even with the pandemic.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 14 July 2021
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