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Force Motors is a multinational automobile manufacturer in India. The company was established in the year 1958 and until 2005 it was known as Bajaj Tempo Motors as it was a joint venture of Tempo, a German Company, and Bachraj Trading Limited. The company is mainly known for producing Tempo, Minidor, Matador, and Tempo Travellers. Force Motors Company is known as one of the largest van manufacturers in India.

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From Light Commercial Vehicles, Multi-Utility Vehicles, Special Cross-Country Vehicles, to Agricultural Vehicles, Force Motors Company has its presence in all the lengths and breaths of commercial vehicle segment.

Since many businesses and institutions use the commercial vehicles of Force Motors, it becomes mandatory by law for them to buy Force Motors Insurance to keep using their vehicles without the fear of loss or damage.

Popular Force Motors Models with Insurance Price

Force Motors Model (2019 Registration)

Force Motors Model Variant

Insured Declared Value (IDV)

Force Insurance Premium (Third-Party Insurance)

Force Ambulance

12-seater/ BS III/ Diesel

Rs. 5,19,277

Rs. 7,843

Force Balwan 300

GVW – 1720

Rs. 1,86,486

Rs. 17,400

Force Kargo King

GVW – 2750

Rs. 2,62,815

Rs. 17,412

Force OX 25

GVW – 1399

Rs. 1,70,300

Rs. 17,400

Force OX 25 Orchard


Rs. 1,88,160

Rs. 17,412

Force – Tempo Traveller

Traveller Delivery Van (3050/ BS3)

Rs. 1,61,381

Rs. 17,412

Force Traveller

17-seater/ SCH Bus/ Diesel

Rs. 3,95,160

Rs. 34,640

Force Truck

Shaktiman 200 HSD GVW 3475 – Diesel

Rs. 2,29,000

Rs. 17,412

Force Trump

GVW – 2450 – Diesel

Rs. 1,47,474

Rs. 17,400

Force Trax

Delivery Van (2850) – Diesel

Rs. 2,51,959

Rs. 17,412

Disclaimer: The Force Motors Insurance Price for various Commercial Vehicle models may vary as per the engine capacity, IDV, RTO, fuel type, year of registration, etc.

Reasons to Buy Force Motors Insurance Policy

Here are the reasons to buy Force Motors Insurance policy:

  • The policy provides coverage against loss or damage to Force Motors commercial vehicles.
  • Unlimited liability coverage in case of injury or death to a third party.
  • Purchasing Force Motor Insurance policy online is quick and easy.
  • The Force Motors Insurance claim settlement process is hassle-free and fast
  • The policy provides indemnity cover for third-party property.
  • Personal accident cover for driver, owner, and occupants in the Force Motors commercial vehicle.
  • Force Motors Insurance renewal process is simple and quick.

Types of Force Motors Insurance Policy

Force Third-Party Insurance: According to Indian Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, it is compulsory to insure commercial vehicles with at-lest a third-party insurance policy. Under this type of commercial vehicle insurance policy loss or damages incurred to third-party property or person is covered. However, one does not get insurance coverage against any damage or loss to own (insured) vehicle.

Force Comprehensive Insurance: A comprehensive insurance policy is an optional cover that one can get for his/her commercial vehicle. However, it is the most valuable insurance cover that one can take as it provides coverage for third-party liabilities as well as damage to own vehicle. In this way.

Inclusions of Force Motors Insurance Policy

The inclusions of Force Motors Insurance policy are as follows:

  • The policy protects against any loss or damages incurred to the insured vehicle due to an accident.
  • The Force Motors insurance policy also provides third-party liability cover in case of loss or damage to third-party property or person.
  • Personal accident cover is also provided to the insured.
  • Losses and damages incurred due to explosion or fire.
  • Theft of the insured commercial vehicle is also covered in the Force Motor Insurance policy.
  • Loss or damage incurred to the insured commercial vehicle because of vandalism, riots, etc. are covered in this policy.
  • Losses or damages incurred to the insured commercial vehicle due to storms, floods, etc. are covered in Force Motors Insurance policy.

Additional Covers in Force Motors Insurance Policy

Additional covers are also known as rider benefits that a policyholder can append in his/her base insurance policy to extend its coverage. However, for adding a rider benefit to his/her insurance plan, a policyholder has to pay an additional premium. The Force Motor Insurance details for additional covers are as follows:

  • Engine Protector Cover: This is a useful add-on that one can include in his/her Force Motors Insurance policy to get insurance coverage for the engine and its various parts.
  • Zero Depreciation Cover: Commercial vehicles depreciate with time and so do their value. To avoid this and ensure to get complete compensation at the time of claim, this Force Motors Insurance add-on cover works as a boon.
  • Protector of No-claim Bonus: A policyholder gets ‘No Claim Bonus’ for every claim-free year. However, making a single claim can make one lose his/her ‘No claim Bonus’. So, to retain No Claim Bonus or NCB, one can add this add-on cover in his/her Force Motor Insurance policy.

Apart from these, there are many other add-ons provided by various commercial vehicle insurance providers, these are – the return of invoice, roadside assistance, cover for non-electrical and electrical accessories, cover for the bi-fuel engine, etc.

Exclusions of Force Motors Insurance Policy

The exclusions of a Force Motors Insurance policy are as follows:

  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown is not covered.
  • Consequential losses are also not covered in Force Motors Insurance policy.
  • Damages or losses incurred to Force Motors commercial vehicle by a person who is driving it under the influence of alcohol.
  • Damages or losses incurred to Force Motors commercial vehicle by a person who is driving it without a valid driving license.
  • Other exclusions as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

How to Buy Force Motor Insurance Online

In this era of the internet and online shopping, everything is available online and the insurance sector is no different. One can buy a Fire Motor Insurance policy online by following the below mentioned simple steps:

  • Visit the commercial vehicle insurance page and click purchase commercial vehicle insurance.
  • Mention all the details such as make and model of the Force Motors commercial vehicle like its manufacturing details, RTO information, type of insurance such as comprehensive/third-party insurance, claim details, etc.
  • Soon after filling in the aforementioned details, one can select the quote from the list of insurers for Force Motors commercial vehicle.
  • After this one has to choose an insurance policy that meets his/her needs and then make the payment.
  • The policy is then mailed to the registered email id of the policyholder or one can download the Force Motors Insurance policy as well.

How to Renew Force Motors Insurance Online

The steps to renew Force Motors Insurance policy online are as follows:

One should submit the policy renewal form of Force Motors Insurance with the following information. After which a representative of the insurer will get in touch:

  • Name of the policyholder
  • His/her email-id
  • His/her mobile number
  • His/her landline number
  • Force Motors vehicle model
  • City of registration of the Force Motors commercial vehicle
  • Whether the last Force Motors Insurance policy was expired or not
  • Registration year
  • Year of registration
  • Type of insurance policy:
    • Buy a policy for brand new Force Motors commercial vehicle
    • Renew an existing Force Motors Insurance policy
    • Renew an existing Force Motors Insurance policy from a different insurer

Force Motors Insurance Policy Claim Procedure

  • When one wants to file a commercial vehicle claim, the first step he/she has to inform the insurer at its toll-free number.
  • For Force Motors Insurance cashless claim settlement, a policyholder has to fix an appointment with the insurer’s surveyor. After his/her survey, the Force Motors commercial vehicle is taken to any of the network garages of the insurance provider for repair.
  • The insurer has to give all the required documents to the surveyor.
  • The insurer can confirm the liability only after that.
  • If the insured opts for the cashless service, the Force Motors insurance provider will settle the claim directly with the network garage.
  • However, if one avails of the reimbursement option, then he/she requires to settle the claim cost first by self. Later, he/she can provide all the required original bills along with the form of the claim to the insurer for settling the claim.

Documents Required for Force Motors Insurance Claims

  • Claim form signed and filled
  • Registration certificate’s copy
  • Driving license’s copy
  • Copy of FIR
  • Repair estimate
  • Load challan (for commercial vehicles)
  • Permit of the commercial vehicle

Force Motors Insurance Policy FAQs

Written By: PolicyBazaar

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