10 Leading E-Rickshaw Manufacturers in India

The E-rickshaw market in India is witnessing a gradual growth year by year. The Indian government has also initiated certain schemes that have increased the demand for electric rickshaws. With increasing demand, many auto companies have also started manufacturing environment-friendly e-rickshaws in the three-wheeler market. Let's take a look at these 10 leading e-rickshaw manufacturing companies in India.

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Top 10 E-Rickshaw Companies in India

If you want to buy an e-rickshaw for your business, you must be aware of different companies selling electric rickshaws in India. Below we have shortlisted the 10 best e-rickshaw manufacturers in India:

  1. Mahindra Electric

    One of the best motor manufacturers in India, Mahindra and Mahindra entered the EV market in the year 1994 in partnership with Reva Electricals forming Mahindra Reva Electricals. The company was later rebranded as Mahindra Electric Mobility.

    The company has manufactured the powerful and robust Mahindra Treo range of electric three-wheelers. Some features of Mahindra Treo include low maintenance, weather-resistant roof, lockable glove box, hazard indicator, etc. These e-rickshaws can be used for carrying both cargo and passengers. Mahindra Electric Mobility also offers eAlfa mini rickshaws under its passenger-carrying vehicle range.

  2. Atul Auto

    Revolutionizing the auto sector for the last 30 years, Atul Auto has been one of the leading EV manufacturers in India. The manufacturer aims at offering sturdy, reliable, eco-friendly and low-cost three-wheelers not only in India but globally as well.

    The company has also been considered one of the fastest-growing 3-wheeler companies in India. The manufacturer is well known for its popular Atul Elite e-rickshaws, in cargo and passenger-carrying variants. Features of Atul e-rickshaws include best-in-class legroom, strong metal roof, stylish alloy wheels, LED tail lamps and many more. These e-rickshaws come with Li-ion and Lead-acid batteries. Some other e-rickshaw models offered by the manufacturer include Atul Shakti Cargo, Atul GEM Cargo, and Atul Elite Plus.

  3. City Life

    City Life is known as one of the leading exporters and manufacturers of battery-operated e-rickshaws in India. The company offers a wide range of quality and eco-friendly electric rickshaws at budget-friendly rates.

    The company's main focus while manufacturing electric rickshaws is the comfort of drivers and passengers alike. Some popular e-rickshaw from the company include Standard+, School type, Li-Prima 2020, Butterfly, etc. The company deals in both passenger-carrying and cargo-carrying electric rickshaws. Some noteworthy features of City Life electric rickshaws include a fire extinguisher, strong back bumper, Stepney cover, smart meter, etc.

  4. Mayuri

    Known as Saera Electric Auto Pvt Ltd, the famous auto manufacturing company offers a wide range of quality passenger-carrying and cargo-carrying e-rickshaws. With its innovative technology and customer trust, the company introduced battery-operated e-rickshaws in 2015. The company has also received the 'Vehicle Approval Certificate' and is the registered owner of the renowned e-rickshaw brand 'Mayuri'.

    Due to its reliability and efficient production, the company has become a preferred choice of many customers in India. Striking features of Mayuri e-rickshaws are Heavy duty shockers, double chassis, alloy wheels, metal roof with carriers and more. Some famous Mayuri e-rickshaw models include Mayuri Pro Grand, Mayuri Grand, Pro Super plus, Mayuri Loader, etc.

  5. Yatri

    Began in the year 2014, YC Electric Vehicle is a partnership-owned company manufacturing an extensive range of electric rickshaws in India. The company believes in designing its products with complete perfection and keeping its customer's needs in mind. The company sells both passenger-carrying and load-carrying vehicles.

    YC Electric Vehicles has incorporated modern production technology in manufacturing its electric vehicles. Some advanced features of their e-rickshaws include high-performing batter, alloy wheels, high-performing shockers and bumpers, a digital meter and more. Some known Yatri electric rickshaws include Yatri Deluxe, Yatri Super, E-loader, and Yatri Cart.

  6. Piaggio

    An internationally acclaimed leader in the motor vehicle manufacturing industry, Piaggio & C. SpA has expanded its services to more than 100 countries including India. The vehicle range of Piaggio ranges from two, three and 4-wheeler under Ape, Porter and Quargo brands.

    With Ape E-city electric rickshaws, the company aims to offer a revolutionary driving experience to its customers. Moreover, the company promise zero emissions and a pollution-free future. Some noteworthy features of the Ape E-rickshaw include an Advanced Li-ion battery, blue vision headlamps, swappable batteries, waterproof motor and more. Some popular Ape e-rickshaw models include Ape E-city FX, Ape E-city Swappable and Ape E-Xtra FX.

  7. JSA Auto

    A globally recognised three-wheeler manufacturer, J.S. Auto Pvt Ltd., offers superior quality three-wheelers in Diesel, CNG and Electric ranges. JS Auto has manufactured an exquisite range of e-rickshaws especially designed to ensure maximum safety and efficiency for its customers.

    The company came into existence in the year 2010 and since then it has been growing at a fast pace. Some popular JSA e-rickshaw models include JSA Ultra, JSA King, JSA Star, etc. Some notable features of the JSA e-rickshaw are smart speedometer, shock absorbers, halogen headlamps, continued trip mileage, etc.

  8. Terra Motors

    Terra Motors India Private Limited was established in the year 2014 with the aim to offer e-mobility business in the country. The company was innovated out of Japan but works at a global level and envisages being the number one EV mobility platform company in the world.

    The company has manufactured a smart and sustainable range of e-rickshaws which are highly

    affordable and low maintenance. Some highlights of Terra electric rickshaws include a speedometer, bold looks, rear view cameras, extra leg space and more. Y4A, Sumo, X1, and pace e-cargo are some of its e-rickshaw models available in India.

  9. Thukral Electric

    Thukral Electrics is an indigenous manufacturer and supplier of electric vehicles in India. The company offers a range of electric auto-rickshaws that offer higher performance on Indian roads. The manufacturer uses high-quality tyres to perform any kind of load on climbing.

    The company manufactures both passenger-carrying and cargo-carrying e-rickshaws for commercial applications. These e-rickshaws are also approved by the Govt. of India and ICAT. Some famous Thukral ER-1, Thukral Grand, Thukral DLX, etc.

  10. Saarthi Shavak

    Another leading e-rickshaw brand in India, Saarthi e-rickshaw has launched a variety of battery-driven e-rickshaws in India. With a mission to manufacture e-rickshaws that are not man-pulled and environment friendly, the company sells electric vehicles under the brand name 'SAARTHI'.

    All its e-rickshaws are ICAT approved with some advanced features.

    The company aims at offering electric vehicles with string frames, comfortable seating, and heavy-duty shockers for a safe drive. Some leading Saarthi e-rickshaw models include Saarthi Star, Saarthi Plus, Saarthi DLX, Saarthi Shaktiman and more.

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Wrapping Up!

Whether for carrying passengers or for carrying heavy loads, electric rickshaws are a low-risk and eco-friendly option over diesel and petrol-driven vehicles. If you are planning to buy an e-rickshaw from any of these manufacturers, do not forget to also purchase an e-rickshaw insurance policy for your vehicle as it is legally compulsory for you.Moreover, you can also compare commercial vehicle insurance quotes from the best commercial vehicle insurance companies on Policybazaar.com to get the right deal for your e-rickshaw.

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