Mahindra Bolero Camper

Cover your Bolero Camper from any third-party or own damages arising out of emergencies like theft, fire or collisions by purchasing a Bolero Camper insurance policy. Bolero Camper is an attractive and powerful range of pickup trucks that are best suited for multiple commercial business needs.

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Bolero Camper Insurance Overview

A powerful pickup by Mahindra and Mahindra, the Bolero Camper offers a 48.5 KW engine with a payload of 1.2 tonnes. The pickup also offers premium leather seats, power windows, central locking and an AC option for enhanced comfort and safety.

If you are looking to purchase this pickup, you should also consider purchasing a Bolero Camper pickup insurance policy to financially cover your pickup. A Bolero Camper insurance policy is not only compulsory but also offers coverage against multiple own and third-party damages.

Bolero Camper Price List with Insurance Cost

Bolero Camper Models
(2018 Registration)
Bolero Camper Models Variant* Bolero Camper Price List
(Ex-showroom price)*
Bolero Camper Models Insurance Price*
(Third Party Liability Insurance)
2 WD Diesel Rs. 9,27,000 Rs. 15,849 onwards
GOLD ZX 2WD Diesel Rs. 9,76,000 Rs. 16,409 onwards

Disclaimer*: The Bolero Camper insurance depends on om factors like IDV, coverage opted, additional covers, etc.

Reasons to Buy Bolero Camper Insurance Policy

Here is why you should consider buying a commercial vehicle insurance policy for your Bolero Camper pickup:

  • Mandatory by Law: Purchasing commercial vehicle insurance is mandatory as per Indian Motor Laws, 1988. Thus, to legally drive in India, you must have a valid Bolero insurance policy.
  • NCB Benefits: By purchasing a Bolero insurance policy, you can also get a No Claim Bonus that you can use to get a discount on policy renewal.
  • Covers Theft: A Mahindra Bolero insurance policy also covers any loss sustained by the insured vehicle due to theft or burglary. If your vehicle suffers a total loss due to theft, you will get a value equal to the IDV of your vehicle.
  • Cashless Repairs: With a commercial vehicle insurance policy, you can also get the benefit of cashless repairs at the time of claim settlement so you do not have to pay heavy expenses from your pocket.

Types of Bolero Camper Insurance Policy

There are two types of Bolero Camper insurance policy that a policyholder can purchase to cover his/her pickup. These are:

Bolero Camper Third Party Insurance

A third party insurance for Bolero pickup is a mandatory requirement to ply on the roads of India. This commercial vehicle insurance compensates against any third party damages sustained by the third person or property of the third person due to the insured pickup. It covers death, disability and property damage of the third party.

Bolero Camper Comprehensive Insurance

A comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance policy is not a mandatory requirement but is recommended due to its broad coverage. This insurance policy compensates a policyholder against damages sustained by the insured pickup due to uncertain conditions like a road accident, fire, natural calamities and more. The coverage of the commercial vehicle insurance policy extends to third-party liabilities as well.

Inclusions of Bolero Camper Insurance Policy

A Bolero camper insurance policy compensates a policyholder for the following damages and risks:

  • Compensation against third party liabilities such as third party death, bodily disability and property damage is offered
  • Damages sustained by the insured pickup due to natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, etc.
  • Any damage caused to the insured commercial vehicle due to manmade activities like riots, strikes and terrorist acts are also covered
  • Claims can also be made if the insured vehicle has sustained losses due to theft or burglary
  • Damages caused to the insured vehicle while it was in transit via road, rail, air or water are also included in the policy coverage
  • Losses sustained by the insured Bolero Camper due to fire or explosion are also covered in Bolero Camper pickup insurance policy.

Additional Covers under Bolero Camper Insurance

Add-on covers that are offered at an additional premium under Bolero Camper insurance policy include:

  • NCB Retention Cover
  • Zero Depreciation Cover
  • IMT 23 Cover
  • Personal Accident Cover for the Owner/Driver
  • Legal Liability to Paid Driver
  • Personal Accident Cover to Paid Driver

Exclusions of Bolero Camper Insurance Policy

A Bolero camper insurance policy does not compensate the policyholder against the following damages:

  • Compensation is not paid in case the insured vehicle has suffered electrical or mechanical failure
  • Damages sustained by the insured Bolero Camper due to nuclear or civil war are excluded from policy coverage
  • Any loss sustained by the insured pickup when the driver was driving without a driving license
  • Losses caused to the insured pickup as a result of drunk driving are also not covered under pickup insurance policy
  • Claims cannot be made for losses caused to the insured vehicle due to regular wear and tear
  • Any damage caused to the insured pickup outside the geographical scope as mentioned in the policy documents
  • Losses sustained by the insured pickup due to willful negligence of the driver are also not covered under Bolero Camper pickup insurance

How to Buy Bolero Camper Insurance Online?

Visit the official website of Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited and follow these steps to purchase a Bolero camper insurance online:

  • Navigate to the ‘Commercial Vehicle Insurance’ page from the ‘Insurance Products’ dropdown on
  • Enter your name and mobile number in the form and proceed
  • Select the type of commercial vehicle i.e. ‘Pickup Van’ from the list
  • Select vehicle brand from the list i.e. ‘Mahindra and Mahindra’
  • On the next few pages, select details like vehicle model, variant, RTO and registration year
  • From the mentioned commercial vehicle insurance plans, choose your Mahindra Bolero Camper insurance plan and desired additional covers
  • Once you have selected your plan, proceed with premium payment
  • Now fill in the proposal form with rest of the details
  • Once verified by the insurer, pay the premium amount via desired online payment mode
  • Your Bolero Camper insurance policy documents will be mailed to you.

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How to Renew Bolero Camper Insurance?

Follow these easy steps for Bolero Camper insurance renewal from

  • Visit ‘Commercial Vehicle Insurance’ page from the ‘Insurance Products’ menu
  • Enter your name and contact number to view free quotes
  • Select details like vehicle type, brand, model, variant, RTO and registration year
  • From the pop-ups, select your previous policy expiry date and claim details
  • Choose your desired Bolero Camper insurance renewal plan along with additional covers
  • Select NCB discount received on last year Bolero Camper insurance policy
  • Pay the premium amount using net banking, UPI, or cards
  • Once you have successfully paid the renewal premium, your Bolero Camper insurance renewal policy papers will be sent to your email id.

Claim Procedure under Bolero Camper Insurance

Follow these easy steps to raise a Bolero Camper insurance claim:

  • Inform the insurance company about the damages soon after the accident
  • The insurance company will send a surveyor to assess the extent of damages sustained by the insured pickup.
  • You will also be required to submit certain documents to the insurance company for the purpose of claim verification
  • Once verified, the insured vehicle will be sent to network garage for repairs and the cashless claim will be settled with the garage

Documents Required to Raise a Claim under Bolero Camper Insurance

You are required to present the below mentioned documents to raise a Bolero Camper insurance claim:

  • Duly signed claim form
  • Bolero Camper insurance documents
  • Copy of Police FIR
  • Copy of Registration Certificate
  • Copy of Fitness Certificate
  • Bills and estimates of repairs


Written By: PolicyBazaar

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