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Common Problems Faced by Bike Owners and Their Solutions

As a motorcycle owner, you might face various problems that annoy you and can be dangerous. In this article, you will learn the most frequent issues bike owners face and their corresponding remedies. Read on!

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12 Common Issues Faced by Bike Owners & Their Solutions


By addressing these 12 common problems with regular maintenance, which includes repairing or replacing parts, you can ensure a smooth riding experience:

  1. Battery Issues

    • Problem: One common problem in a motorcycle is its battery not holding charge or dying quickly.
    • Solution: Regularly check and maintain the battery to get rid of this. Additionally, ensure connections are clean and tight. If you plan not to use the bike longer, disconnect the battery terminals. If needed, replace the battery as described in the user manual.
  2. Flat Tyres

    • Problem: Riding your bike over a sharp object can cause many issues, such as tyres losing air or getting punctured. Using it for extended periods can cause cracks in the tyre wall or bald spots, commonly known as tyre blowouts.
    • Solution: Regularly inspect tyres for wear & tear and deep sharp objects before you head out for a ride. Maintain proper tyre pressure, especially during summer. Always carry a tyre repairing kit and a compact tyre inflator & learn how to use it. Additionally, consider tubeless tyres if the motorcycle supports them.
      Apart from this, it is recommended that you buy 24x7 roadside assistance cover with your bike insurance policy, as it provides flat tyre assistance when needed during the journey.
  3. Chain Problems

    • Problem: The chain is the only linkage between the engine & wheels. With the usage, the chain gets loose or gets enough tension, causing breakage. Additionally, there are cases when sprocket teeth wear down.
    • Solution: The best way to maintain them is to regularly clean and lubricate them. Moreover, checking the chain tension and adjusting it as necessary will reduce the chances of breakage. Replace the chain and sprockets when worn out, as broken one can jam the wheel, which further can make you lose control over your wheels, leading to major injuries.
  4. Engine Problems

    • Problem: Your bike's engine should usually cool down to its normal temperature after running for a few minutes. However, the case is different when it gets too hot, especially in traffic or warm weather.
    • Solution: Ensure the cooling system is functioning properly. To do this, you must check the coolant levels and replace the coolant as needed. Avoid idling for long periods, and consider installing an aftermarket cooling fan if overheating persists. Also, ensure you have a comprehensive bike insurance policy along with engine protection cover. It gives an extra blanket to your basic coverage.
  5. Braking Problems

    • Problem: Motorcycle brakes are overused or used daily and feel spongy or don't work effectively. The primary reasons for the poor performance of your brakes are worn brake pads, low brake fluid levels, and brake line cracks or cracks in the master cylinder.
    • Solution: Regularly check brake fluid levels and replace it if needed as determined by the manufacturer. Moreover, inspect brake pads; if worn out, replace them. Ensure brake lines are in good condition without any leakage.
  6. Electrical Issues

    • Problem: Electrical issues refer to faulty lights, turn signals, or other electrical components.
    • Solution: Regular electrical system inspection for loose connections, corroded wires, or fused lights. Replace or repair them as early as possible.
  7. Fuel System Problems

    • Problem: Fuel system-related problems are common in bikes, which include clogged fuel injectors, contaminated fuel, and faulty fuel pumps. These problems further lead to poor performance, fuel inefficiency, and engine misfiring.
    • Solution: Regularly clean or replace the fuel filter using fuel additives. In addition, ensure the cleaning of carburetors or fuel injectors for proper functioning. Always use fresh & high-quality fuel to avoid blunders in your motorbike's fuel system.
  8. Suspension Issues

    • Problem: Suspension issues are a bike rider's most overlooked signs. It leads to rough rides, poor handling, unwanted bumpiness, oil leakage, lack of damping, uneven wearing of tyres, or unusual noises from suspension.
    • Solution: Inspect suspension components regularly to maintain optimal vehicle height while riding. You must ensure the forks and shocks are appropriately adjusted according to your weight and riding style. Most importantly, take your bike for the scheduled servicing session and ask the mechanic to replace the old & worn-out components.
  9. Clutch Problems

    • Problem: Slipping clutch, unusual noise, difficulty in shifting gears, and lower mileage are some of the common problems which affect the life of the clutch.
    • Solution: A bike's clutch is a robust component that usually needs attention. Hence, you must adjust the clutch cable to the correct tension. Moreover, inspect the clutch plates and their springs, including their nuts & bolts, for wear and replace them if necessary. Ensure the clutch lever and its mechanism are functioning smoothly.
  10. Exhaust System Problems

    • Problem: In bikes, another prominent problem is an exhaust leak, mainly due to mounting brackets or a cracked exhaust pipe. Due to this, the vehicle makes excessive noise and performs poorly.
    • Solution: Take your bike to the mechanic to inspect the exhaust system for leaks, cracks, or loose connections. They will replace damaged components. Moreover, you can regularly clean the exhaust pipe at home to prevent carbon buildup.
  11. Rust and Corrosion

    • Problem: The area most prone to rust is metal parts, i.e., a bike chain, especially in humid or coastal areas. They are more exposed to the air, water, and sunlight.
    • Solution: Regularly clean your bike and dry it properly to avoid any rusting or corrosion. Another piece of advice is to apply anti-rust sprays or coatings to these vulnerable areas. Parking your motorcycle in the shade and buying a waterproof bike body cover is recommended.
  12. Storage and Theft Prevention

    • Problem: In India, the risk of theft or improper storage leads to various issues with the bike itself.
    • Solution: It is always wise to park the bike in a well-lit area and shade. Moreover, anti-theft devices should be installed, as approved by the Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI). These devices will help you by giving discounts on your comprehensive bike insurance policy.

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Final Words!

As a motorbike owner or rider, you might face these problems during your journey; however, if you know these malfunctions and their solutions, you can easily overcome them. Also, make sure you have the right bike insurance policy to keep your prized possession covered at all times.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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