How Can You Maintain Your Two-wheeler’s Tyre Pressure?

Having a proper tyre pressure ensures that your two-wheeler rides smoothly, and avoid flats. High pressure might make your two-wheeler feel fast but it actually slows you down. If the tyre is too hard, it can vibrate and bounce and lead to an uncomfortable ride. The tyre pressure varies as per the tube tyre and tyre size. It is measured in PSI. Maintain an optimal tyre pressure to enjoy a supple ride and make your two-wheeler’ engine perform better in terms of mileage and performance.

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Optimal tyre pressure has mainly these four functions:

  • It holds the entire weight of the two-wheeler
  • It produces the right traction acceleration and braking
  • It supports direction control and steering
  • It offers a comfortable ride by absorbing the shocks from the road
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Recommended Tyre Pressure for your Two-wheeler

For your two-wheeler the recommended tyre pressure for the front, rear, and pillion as per the tube type, is given in the table below for your reference:

Tyre Size

Tubeless (TL)/ Tube Type (TT)

Tyre Pressure – Front (F) And Rear (R) Solo

Tyre Pressure – Front (F) and Rear (R) Pillion

90/100 R10 (F) and (R)

Tube Type (TT)

20 PSI (F) & 26 PSI (R)

20 PSI (F) & 32 PSI (R)

90/100  10 (F) and (R)

Tubeless (TL)

22 PSI (F) & 29 PSI (R)

22 PSI (F) & 36 PSI (R)

120/70  14 (F) and (R)

Tubeless (TL)

29 PSI (F) & 32 PSI (R)

29 PSI (F) & 34 PSI (R)

90/90  12 (F) and (R)

Tubeless (TL)

24 PSI (F) & 28 PSI (R)

24 PSI (F) & 32 PSI (R)

110/70  11 (F) and 120/70  10 (R)

Tubeless (TL)

20 PSI (F) & 26 PSI (R)

20 PSI (F) & 32 PSI (R)

 (The above table is just for your reference, you can check the recommended tyre pressure (PSI) for your Bike, Scooter, and Activa as per the above parameters)

Some prefer to ride a bike for recreation but most of the people use it for commuting purposes. Irrespective of the purpose you need to take care of your two-wheeler. If your vehicle is well-maintained it improves its efficiency and performance. Moreover, it becomes safer to ride a maintained vehicle. Like you buy third-party bike insurance to ensure third-party damage cover, similarly, it is important to keep your 2-wheeler in a good condition to prevent it from further damage. Moreover, insurance does not cover the routine wear and tear damages of your scooter or motorcycle.

So, here are a few tips to help you ensure that your two-wheeler tyre-pressure is maintained and you can enjoy a glitch-free ride. Check-out the simple ways to inspect, maintain, and check your ride’s tyre pressure-

    • Inspect the Tyre Pressure

      Firstly, check if the tyres are properly placed and look for any punctures, which are commonly caused by any sharp and small object like glass, and nail and your tyre pressure can easily blowout. There should not be any bulge or crack as it can also lead to loss of air pressure from the tyre. You can also check the entire surface of your tyre by moving it backwards and forward.

    • Checking the Tyre Pressure

      Secondly, check the air pressure in your two-wheeler’s tyre as it will have a direct impact on the comfort and quality of your ride. If the tyres are not properly inflated, they will start to wear-off soon. Therefore, it is imperative to regularly check your 2-wheelers tyre pressure.

      It is better to check the pressure in your bike’s tyre when it is cool. If the tyres are heated, the pressure and density will vary. Check your vehicle’s manual for the PSI levels that are recommended. You can get it checked at any gas station or do it yourself if you have the machine.

    • Add Air Pressure to Tyres When Needed

      Once you check the tyres, fill them with compressed air up to the recommended PSI level. Make sure that they are not over-inflated. If they are filled with extra air pressure then you can deflate them to get to the normal level. Take it for a ride and after a few hours you will find out if they are working fine or not. In case you feel gain in pressure, and the tyres seem too hard on the road, you should stop driving and take off the load from the bike if any.

      In addition to the tyre pressure, do not forget to check the tyre tread. It is crucial in preventing the bike from skidding on a wet road. In case you find that the tread is bald or is reduced by a quarter or inch then you might need to change your tyres.

      Having a two-wheeler and maintaining it can be quite expensive. Insure your bike with a minimum of a bike insurance policy or a comprehensive policy. It will cover the insured vehicle against collision, accident, third-party damages, etc.


Buying a two-wheeler and its maintenance go hand in hand. Its tyre pressure is often overlooked and is one of the crucial factors in keeping a bike in good condition and offering a superior ride. So, now that you know how to check the tyre pressure and how to keep a check over it, you are good to go.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 23 September 2021

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