How to Link Aadhar Card with Pan Card?

The Permanent Account Number is a 10 digit alphanumeric number issued by the income tax department of India. The PAN card linked every transaction that draws tax from a single source. Thus, it becomes convenient for the government to keep a proper track of the taxes. It is mandatory to have a PAN card for filing income tax return. Besides this, PAN is also used as an authentic identity proof for everything.

The Aadhaar Card is a 12 digit unique identification number assigned by the Unique Identification Authority of India to every citizen of India. The Aadhaar Card serves the dual purpose of identity proof and address proof. Nowadays, the government of India has made it mandatory to have a single identification document for all the citizens in the country.

 As it has become compulsory to Link Your Aadhar Card with the Permanent Account Number, regardless of whether your file the income tax return or not. You can link Aadhar Card with PAN Card through various ways like SMS, online and while applying for a PAN. An individual can visit the official Income Tax e-filing website to create an Aadhar link to PAN Card.

Pan Card link to Aadhar Card includes the process of just 2 steps and does not require any login or registration ID to do so. The online facility to link Aadhar Card with PAN card can be used by any citizen of the country.

Online Process to Link Aadhaar Card with PAN Card

Follow these simple steps to link PAN Card with Aadhar Card.

1.   Visit the official website of www.incometaxindiaefiling[dot] and click on the link to Link Aadhaar.

pan card link to aadhar card

2.  Provide your PAN Number Aadhar Number, enter the exact name as per aadhaar card and enter the captcha code shown in the section below and click on link aadhar.

pan card link to aadhar card

3.  If there is any minor mismatch in aadhar name provided then an aadhaar OTP will be needed. Please make sure that the gender and date of birth in aadhar and PAN is exactly the same.

4.  In very few cases if the name on aadhar differs completely from the name in PAN then PAN card link to aadhar will fail and the applicant will be promoted to change the name either in PAN database or aadhar.

An individual can also link aadhar to PAN card after logging to the income tax website. Follow these simple steps to do so:-

1.  First, register yourself on the portal of income tax e-filing. In case, you are not, then get yourself registered by visiting http://incometaxindiaefiling[dot]

2.  Once you are done with registering yourself, go to the profile setting and click on link aadhar.

 pan card link to aadhar card

3.  Enter your login ID, password and date of birth to log in to the official e-filing portal of Income TAX Department.

4.  Once you login to the site, a pop-up window will appear where the option aadhar link to PAN will appear. Click on that link.

5.  According to the details submitted at the time of registration the name, gender and date of birth automatically appear on the e-filing portal.

6.  Don’t miss to cross check the details shown on the screen with the details available on your aadhar card.

7.  If all the details match then enter your aadhar card number and captcha code and click on “Link aadhaar’ button.

8.  You will receive a pop-up message that your aadhar card has been linked to your PAN card successfully.

pan card link to aadhar card

Apart from the online process of aadhar card link to PAN card the income tax department now provides the facility to the taxpayers to link their aadhaar card with PAN card using the simple SMS process.

Send SMS to 567678 or 56161 in the following format UIDPAN<12 Digit Aadhar number><10 Digit PAN>

Example- UIDPAN 123546879123BAPLM2124M

However, if there is any minor mismatch is the names provided in the aadhar and PAN card then as per the income tax department; one can make the changes online and link both the cards using the online facility.

An individual can also link both the documents by visiting the e-filing website of income tax department. Linking both these documents of identity proof helps the individual to avail tax facility online.

Importance of Linking Aadhar Card with PAN Card

Both aadhar card and PAN card are unique identification card that works as an authentic identification proof that is very important for verification and registration purpose. As the government of India has made it compulsory to link aadhar card with other important government services like PFA, PAN, Phone number, Banks Account, etc. Aadhar link to PAN is being done due to the following reasons:

Prevent Tax Evasion-

By aadhar link to PAN card, the government of India keeps a track of the taxable transactions of a particular entities or individual as their address and identity is verified by the aadhar card.  This result to avoid tax evasion as a complete record of the entire financial transactions is verified by the government. 

The Process of Filing Income Tax Return Becomes Easy-

Individuals who have linked their aadhar card with PAN can easily file their e-return on the online income tax website in a simple and hassle-free way. By linking both the documents the individuals will not have to provide their income tax acknowledgment to the IT department.


So, now with the help aforementioned information you can link your aadhar card with PAN card and save yourself from any future complications.

Written By: PolicyBazaar