Aviva Jana Suraksha Plan

A term insurance plan that offers complete financial protection is necessary to all households, especially when there is a risk of facing the uncertainties in life. Be it securing the future of your loved ones or funding education or a wedding when an unfortunate event takes away the sole breadwinner of the family. This plan ensures that the sum assured is paid to the nominee by the insurer. Aviva Jana Suraksha is the right investment mix to add to your existing portfolio.



Policy Tenure

5 or 10 years, subject to the maximum maturity age of 50 or 55 years resp.

Premium Paying Term

Single Premium or Regular Pay 

Premium Paying Mode

Single, Annual, Half-yearly, Quarterly or Monthly

Entry Age

18 to 45 years

Maturity Age

50 years for the 5-year policy term and 55 years for the 10-year policy term

Grace Period

30 days ( 15 days for the monthly mode) 

Sum Assured

Minimum Sum Assured – Rs.25,000 and Maximum Sum Assured – Rs.50,000, subject to underwriting policy


Loans are not applicable for this plan

Benefits of the Aviva Jana Suraksha Policy

  • Death Benefit – The Sum assured comes to play in the case of death of the insured person within the policy term. In case the insured individual meets with an accident, twice the sum assured amount will get paid to the nominee. 
  • Maturity Benefit – No benefit on maturity is applicable for a term insurance plan if the insured person survives
  • Medical Tests – The insured person is not required to be subjected to any medical tests to subscribe to this policy
  • Tax rebate- The premiums paid for the Aviva Jana Suraksha Policy are eligible for tax benefits under Section 80 C of the Income Tax Act, 1961          

* Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws

Premium for Aviva Jana Suraksha Policy

A simple Aviva Jana Suraksha premium paying calculator is available to arrive at the exact premium amount quickly. The factors which influence the premium amount that gets charged are as stated below:

  • Premium Frequency - It could be annualized or single premium
  • Policy Term – It could be 5 years or 10 years
  • Age Group – This could be between 8 and 45 years
  • Sum Assured – Based on the individual’s risk appetite, they can choose a sum assured within the minimum and maximum ranges based on the need. 

The premium will vary as per these factors.

A more comfortable option is to check the sample illustration provided on the insurer’s website or use the Aviva Jana Suraksha calculator to check out the premium applicable for you.

Additional Riders for Aviva Jana Suraksha Plan

Additional riders are not available for this plan. 

Eligibility for Aviva Jana Suraksha

  • Entry Age -  18 to 45 years
  • Maximum Maturity Age – 50 years for the 5-year policy term and 55 years for the 10-year policy term

What are the documents required to buy Aviva Jana Suraksha policy?

To buy Aviva Jana Suraksha, the below documents are required:

  • Identity proof, such as AADHAR card or passport
  • Address proof, such as Ration card, Voter's ID, or AADHAR card
  • Recent photograph of the insured

How to buy this plan online?

The online Aviva Jana Suraksha plan details are available on the website. However, an individual needs to apply for the plan in the offline mode. To purchase, one needs to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Contact the Aviva branch located closest to you or reach out to one of their agents by email or dial in their toll-free number.
  • Decide the level of risk protection you need and the period for which you need it.
  • Finalize the premium along with the policy term and payment mode.
  • As per your convenience, decide on the premium frequency.
  • Use the online calculator or talk to your Financial Planning advisor to arrive at your final premium amount.

Exclusions in Aviva Jana Suraksha Policy

Aviva Jana Suraksha Reviews suggest that the exclusions listed in this policy are minimal and easy to comprehend. Death of the insured individual by suicide within a year or twelve months from the policy start date or policy revival date will result in the nominee entitled to 80% of total premiums paid until then, or the surrender value that is applicable for that time horizon.


  • Can we revive a lapsed policy?

    Yes. The revival period is within five years from the date of payment of the first unpaid premium. Adequate proof needs to be submitted along with the sum to be revived and all outstanding payments that are due. Based on the approved guidelines, the Company will decide on the revival of the lapsed policy. Frequently check your Aviva Jana Suraksha Policy status to see if it gets lapsed.
  • What is the free look period that applies to this policy?

    It is the individual's right to review the policy terms and if they are not satisfied, return this Aviva policy within fifteen days from the date of receiving the original policy.
  • Can I check my policy status for the Aviva Jana Suraksha Policy?

    You can reach out to the insurer's local branch or drop an email or call their toll-free number to check your policy status at any point in time.
  • Do I need to undergo any medical tests to buy this policy?

    The insurer has stated that no medical test is required to buy the Aviva Jana Suraksha plan as long as you are in the eligible age category.
  • Can I update the nominee details at any point in time?

    The insurer is reachable on the toll-free number provided on their website or drops an email or faxes them the details. The same will be updated in the records at any point in time after submitting the nominee endorsement form.
  • Do I pay the penalty if I miss paying my premium on time?

    The insurer has included a grace period clause for the benefit of the insured. During the grace period, no penalty or a late fee is charged. 

    What are the ways in which I can pay the premium?

    The premium amount of this policy can be paid by cheque or a demand draft.

Aviva Jana Suraksha Plan Reviews & Ratings

4.1 / 5 (Based on 29 Reviews)
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Mahabubnagar, March 31, 2021
Low premium at my budget
I found my type of term insurance plan from the website of the policybazaar. The term plan is of aviva life insurance company and have been availed with various benefits under the same. One of the best thing is that I can pay the premium amount as per my convenience and it is quite less. Great work team.
Tangi, March 30, 2021
Choosing the right sum assured
I have taken the term insurance plan from aviva life term insurance and it was done from the website of the policybazaar. I choose the right type of sum assured amount so that it can be easy for my family to survive and achieve their goals in future. That’s an appropriate plan for me and my family. Thanks team.
Pilibhit, March 30, 2021
Low premium at my budget
I found my type of term insurance plan from the website of the policybazaar. The term plan is of aviva life insurance company and have been availed with various benefits under the same. One of the best thing is that I can pay the premium amount as per my convenience and it is quite less. Great work team.
G.k. Bhatar, February 16, 2021
Claim settlement ratio:
The claim settlement ratio of policybazaar and Aviva life term insurance is best. I took the plan last year and checked all the things clearly about claim, features and benefits. Great work team.
Ahmednagar, February 16, 2021
Great plans
I have recently bought a term insurance plan from the policybazaar. I got the plan of aviva life term insurance. It is really great plan and I found various benefits under the same. Kudos to team policybazaar.
Raigarh, August 04, 2016
Best Insurance
Best term insurance plan in very low investment. The policy coverage is high ~90% and claims are even higher. Service is superb and fast given by the company team and members. Updates of the policy is also send time to time to the email address.
Meerut, July 15, 2016
Coverage Is Good
The term insurance plan which i purchase from aviva life insurance is fantastic. Policy coverage is maximum and claims are easy to get because of quick service provided by team members of the company. Premium is low, hassle free documentation because of online portal service.
Nagpur, July 04, 2016
Term Insurance Plan
My term insurance plan is fantastic with good returns. Premium is low and paybacks are high. Policy coverage is 87% and claims are easily cleared by the service given by staff members. Updates are mailed on my email address and web service service is simple to access.
Panipat, June 27, 2016
I have term insurance plan which is very good. The premium is low and claims are high. Policy coverage is high and claiming part is easy due to fast service facilitate by the members of the company. Internet service is good and policy can be renewed on it. Updates are mailed to me regularly.
Ghaziabad, March 17, 2016
Great Policy
Aviva life insurance term policy plan i buy in low premiums and the policy coverage is 95% with good claims. The service is great provided by the executives and the 5% less on premiums for women. I like the policy plan. Behaviour also really nice from the staff members.
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