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Universal Sompo Group Personal Accident Insurance

Your employees are the strength of your business. And one responsible step you can take towards making them realize this fact is by getting them entitled to Group Personal Accident Policy. This policy offers protection to you and your employees against the financial turmoil one faces after unforeseen accidents occur. The emotional loss you suffer cannot be measured, but falling prey to monetary insufficiency in such situations is worse. 

Universal Sompo Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy Features:

  • This wide-ranging policy covers you from Death, Permanent Total Disablement, Permanent Partial Disablement and Temporary Total Disablement.
  • Accidents causing death of the insurer would be compensated by 100% of the capital sum insured under the policy.
  • The Policy can also be extended to cover the dependent children/parents of your employees.

Benefits under the Universal Sompo Group Personal Accident Insurance policy:

Transportation Cost for carriage of dead body to Home including funeral charges.

1% of Capital Sum Insured or 2,500/- (Two thousand five hundred) whichever is lower.

Cost of Clothing damaged in the Accident as described above and liability for disablement is admitted by Us.

Actual expenses subject to maximum of Rs 1000/

Ambulance charges for transportation of Insured person to Hospital fullowing Accident

Actual expenses subject to maximum of Rs 1000/

Education Fund In the event of death, permanent total disablement i.e. 1 2 of table class="content-table" of Benefit of Insured Person, We will approve compensation towards Education Fund up to 2 dependent children.

-5% (Five percent) of C.S.I Subject to a maximum of Rs. 15000/- in all

Loss of Employment In the event of accident leading to loss of employment as a consequence of Permanent Total Disability as per the table class="content-table" of benefits.

2% of CSI subject to a maximum of Rs 25000/-

Exclusions in Universal Sompo Group Personal Accident Insurance:

  • Death injury or disablement due to intentional self injuries, suicide or attempted suicide.
  • Disablement or death under influence of liquor or drug.
  • Death or disablement during racing, shooting, big game hunting, mountaineering, ice hockey, winter sports.
  • Breach of law with criminal intention.
  • War group of perils and nuclear group of perils.

Policy Extension:

The insurer (employees/members) would be entitled to extend the cover under Medical Expenses Extension and Hospital Confinement Allowance premiums.