Prepare Your Car For Monsoons With Engine Protection Cover

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Monsoon brings a sigh of relief for many, but it can also be a threat to your car’s engine and other parts if you live in areas prone to heavy rains and waterlogging. However, with the right car insurance add-ons, you can cover your vehicle against these perils of the rainy season and ensure a safe and worry-free drive. Let’s discover these essential add-ons further in the article.

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Get Car Insurance starting at only ₹2,094/year #
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      Car Insurance Add-Ons: Lifesavers During Monsoons

      If you live in a flood-prone area or areas where even a little rain can cause havoc on the road, make sure you invest in these useful add-ons while buying or renewing car insurance. These add-ons can save you from unexpected expenses you may incur if your vehicle sustains damages due to rains.

      Engine Protection Cover: Shielding the Heart of Your Car

      Water logging is the major reason for causing damage to a car’s engine and parts. It may cost you thousands to get your engine repaired in such scenarios.

      With an Engine Protect add-on, you can get compensated for repairing or replacing a damaged engine due to water ingression. This cover acts as a shield, safeguarding the heart of your car and ensuring that you can continue your journey without any hiccups.

      Zero Depreciation Cover: Maintain the Beauty of Your Car

      Also known as a bumper-to-bumper cover, this add-on is very important to prepare your car during monsoon season as the chances of damages due to rains or slippery roads are higher during monsoon.

      Usually, when a car or its parts sustain damages, the depreciation cost is not covered, making you pay for this depreciation amount. With a zero-dep add-on, you can easily get compensated for the full cost of repairs or replacements without considering depreciation.

      Roadside Assistance Add-on: Knight in Shining Armor

      Rains are not beneficial for our four-wheelers. There can be incidents when our four-wheeler breaks down between the road and becomes immobile due to rain. In such a scenario, a roadside assistance cover can be very helpful for you.

      By purchasing this add-on, you can get roadside assistance whenever your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road. A repair person will be sent to your location to repair the damage. Services like fuel support, flat tyre assistance, basic towing etc., are offered under this cover.

      Return to Invoice Add-on: Zero Financial Setbacks

      A Return to Invoice add-on is beneficial when your vehicle suffers a total loss due to theft or damage beyond repairs. Usually, when a car suffers a total loss, the insurer compensates only the IDV of the vehicle, which is equal to the depreciated value of the showroom price.

      However, if you have this add-on, you will receive the full invoice value (market value) of the car at the time of claim settlement, thus saving you from any financial loss.

      Consumables Add-on: Fueling Your Car's Well-Being

      While driving in heavy rains, your car's consumables, such as engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid, may deplete faster than usual. Comprehensive car insurance does not cover any repair or replacement of these consumable parts.

      Therefore, buying consumables cover becomes essential during monsoon season. This cover keeps your car well-fueled and functioning optimally, even in the harshest monsoon conditions.

      Tips to Make Your Car Monsoons ready Tips to Make Your Car Monsoons Ready

      Cost of Car Insurance Add-ons

      If you are wondering how much these add-ons will cost you, here is a table stating the estimated cost of these covers for an HYUNDAI CRETA SX (O) 1.5 Petrol registered in 2022:

      Car Insurance Add-ons Estimated Cost
      Insured Declared Value Rs. 15 Lakh
      Engine Protect Rs. 1,000-3,500
      Zero Depreciation Rs. 6,000-8,000
      Return to Invoice Rs. 2,500- 4,500
      Roadside Assistance Rs. 200-400
      Consumables Cover Rs. 500-2,500

      Wrapping Up!

      Monsoons can be unforgiving, with heavy downpours, waterlogged roads, and slippery surfaces posing a constant threat to your four-wheelers. In such circumstances, having comprehensive car insurance coverage may not be enough. Thus, purchasing these essential add-ons would be the best practice to cover your car from these unanticipated losses. To get these add-ons at reasonable prices, you can easily compare their costs on before making a final purchase.

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