2 WD Tractor Versus 4 WD Tractor: Which One is Beneficial for You?

A tractor is essential machinery for farming and performing farm applications like ploughing, mowing, planting, harvesting & cultivating crops. In India, tractors are divided into two broad categories, i.e. a 2-wheel drive tractor and a 4-wheel drive tractor. With several perks associated with both types, you can choose according to your need. Before buying, check out below the difference between a 2 WD tractor and a 4 WD tractor.

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About 2 WD Tractors and Their Benefits 

A 2 WD tractor is agricultural machinery powered with a single axle, utilized to attach different types of farm implements like rotators, rotary cutters, cultivators, etc. These tractors are primarily used by farmers in dry weather conditions, and they don't have to stress over the excessively moist, messy, or sloping farm. 

2 WD tractors are widely used for sowing, mulching, fertilizer spreading, and ploughing. The crucial benefit of having this is the small-turning circle, budget-friendly, and easy to use. In India, it is mainly favoured by small and marginal farmers because of its pricing and operability. 

Best 2 WD Tractor Models in India 

There are many options in 2 WD tractors used by Indian farmers with many appealing features. Sonalika 745 DI III Sikander, John Deere 5050 D, Eicher 548, and Mahindra 475 DI are one of them. These 2 WD tractors are robust, budget-friendly, and uniquely manufactured for multiple applications in Indian agricultural farmland.

About 4 WD Tractors and Their Benefits

The 4 WD tractors are robust farming machines that are multifunctional. A four-wheel-drive tractor has both giant wheels in front and rear. They are suitable to work in rugged terrains for tilling and haulage purposes. 

With different farming equipment attachments, a 4 WD tractor can be turned into the best heavy-duty performer with extra traction. Moreover, they can perform various functions like tillage, crop protection, slashing, haulage, loading, etc. 

Best 4 WD Tractor Models in India 

The 4 WD tractors are exclusively for rough terrain, wetland, and marshy farmlands. These tractors are loaded with advanced technology that works best for a power-packed performance. Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 4WD, Swaraj 963 FE 4WD, New Holland 3630 TX Plus, and Sonalika GT 20 are some of the best 4 WD tractors for high-class performance, excellent productivity, and high yields. 

Comparison Between 2WD and 4WD Tractors

Choosing between a 2 WD and 4 WD tractor depends upon your needs. But, to help you in deciding which one is the best, below we have given a detailed chart showing a comparative study between 2 WD versus 4 WD tractors.

Points of Basis

2 WD Tractor

4 WD Tractor



2 WD tractors are available at a comparatively low price than 4 WD tractors and cost less in servicing and maintenance.

This tractor is a long-term investment and includes a huge cost. However, repairing them is bit expensive.

Fuel efficiency

These are more fuel-efficient tractors.

On the other hand, a 4 WD tractor runs on more fuel than 2 WD as they require more fuel to run its heavy engine.

Brand Availability

The number of brands available for 2 WD tractors is less than 4 WD tractors.

In the Indian market, there are numerous options available for 4 WD tractors as they are more in demand because of their powerful engine and versatility.


A 2 WD tractor is useful for conducting all the primary farm activities.

As they are versatile, they perform various farming activities rather than single-use. A 4 WD tractor is usually recommended for large-scale farmers for doing different types of farming activities.

Pulling Force

The focus is on just the rear wheels, thus a 2 WD tractor has less pulling power.

In 4 WD tractors, the concentration is on all four wheels, which allows the tractor to function with the highest pulling power possible.


As the focus is on the just rear tyres, thus they have comparatively less traction.

These are used for pulling any object, which means they have more traction and maintain a fantastic grip on the ground.


These tractors are more suitable for flat farmlands and dry weather conditions rather than for slopped or elevated lands.

4 WD tractors are designed with a high-performance engine and can be run on all kinds of farmland, including rough terrain, marshy lands, and wetlands.


A 2 WD tractor works with limited force and is only suitable for small lands. Thus, they have low performance than 4 WD.

A 4 WD tractor is perfect machinery for doing different types of farming activities. Thus, it offers better performance with its technological upgrades.


These tractors are unable to give maximum productivity due to their limited performance and low engine power.

A 4 WD tractor offers a high farm yield with its maximum power and other features as compared to a 2 WD tractor.

Maintenance required

For 2 WD tractors, you have to visit the service centre more often.

A 4 WD tractor requires fewer services due to its robust body and interiors.

Which One is the Best- 2 WD or 4 WD Tractor?

Before making a buying decision between 2 WD tractors and 4 WD tractors, compare the benefits and features mentioned in the above charts. 4 WD commercial tractors have a more powerful engine, robust body, and are known for their versatility. It provides better performance and requires less maintenance than the former one.

Although the cost of 4 WD tractors is more as compared to 2 WD tractors and it’s a huge initial investment for small and marginal farmers. But we recommend investing in high-quality output machines to have better productivity in the field.

Additionally, if you are investing such a huge asset, you must insure it. According to the Motor Vehicle Act of India, it is compulsory to buy third-party insurance for your commercial tractor under the commercial vehicle insurance policy. A tractor insurance policy is a kind of commercial vehicle insurance that financially safeguards your tractor against damages like accidents, theft, burglary and also protects you against third-party liabilities arising from property damage, life loss, & injuries.

You can either buy the tractor insurance policy that your dealership offers while buying a new tractor, or else you can buy tractor insurance online on your own. Buying tractor insurance online is quite an easy task, and it saves your money as well. Thus, compare different tractor insurance online on the internet and choose according to your need and budget.

Summing It Up

If we summarize the comparative study between 2 WD and 4 WD Tractors, it is understood that 4 WD tractors are commercial tractors and are more flexible & reliable. But if you are a marginal or small farmer, you may go with a 2 WD tractor. We hope this chart shows all the details related to the information of both the commercial tractors and helps you in making your next purchase successful.

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