Best Electric Auto Rickshaws in India

The use of e-rickshaws has been rapidly growing. Currently, India owns 1.5 million electric three-wheelers. E-rickshaws are playing a significant role in reducing carbon emissions and are a pocket-friendly transport option. Read on to find the best electric auto-rickshaws in India and e-rickshaw insurance to insure them.

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List of Best E-rickshaws in India

If you are wondering which are the best rickshaws in India, here is the list of best electric auto-rickshaws for you to consider-

  1. Mahindra Treo

    Mahindra Treo is a revolutionary new-age electric three-wheeler that guarantees top-level ride quality, higher mileage, spacious seating, and extraordinary performance.

    The Treo gives you a noiseless driving experience and ensures zero-emission. The auto's battery gets fully charged within 4 hours and saves up to Rs 45,000 every year in fuel cost. Moreover, it is equipped with NEMO technology to monitor the range, location, speed, and other details.

    If you are planning to buy this e-rickshaw, do not forget to insure it with the right passenger-carrying vehicle insurance and protect it from several unforeseen risks.

    Specifications of Mahindra Treo

    • Engine Power- 10 HP
    • Battery Type- Lithium-ion 48V with capacity (Installed) - kWh 7.37
    • Price- ₹ 1.70 - ₹ 2.80 lakh
    • Safety Features- This electronic rickshaw has side doors, hardtop roofs, an in-built rear crash guard, and a hazard indicator.
  2. Lohia Comfort F2F

    Lohia Comfort is an advanced electric auto rickshaw loaded with high-quality features. It offers convenience to its passengers and offers extra income to its owner. This e-rickshaw is equipped with dual suspension for a comfortable driving experience.

    Moreover, it has a strong hand brake to resist the effect of sudden jerking and movements while driving. It has a lead-acid battery that guarantees all-day-long operations. To check the speed and battery level, it has an analog meter.

    As an e-rickshaw owner, it is advised to get your Lohia Comfort insured with auto-rickshaw insurance and financially protect it from unforeseen risks like accidents, theft, fire, and disasters.

    Specifications of Lohia Comfort F2F

    • Engine Power- 1.60 HP
    • Battery Type- Lead-acid type battery with a power of 48 volts DC and 100/120 AH capacities
    • Price- ₹ 1.55 lakh
    • Loading Capacity-732 KG
    • Safety Features- This electronic rickshaw has hardtop roofs, handlebars, a tool kit, and a first aid box.
  3. Atul Elite Plus

    Atul Elite Plus is a powerhouse of Atul Auto Limited, which has already made a huge fan base in the Indian electric vehicle market.

    This variant has telescopic front suspension to resist an unwanted motion and give a comfortable riding experience. After 8-10 hours, the charging process gets completed and runs at a maximum speed of up to 25 KMPH.

    To secure it from unpredicted road mishaps, you must insure it with the right e-rickshaw insurance.

    Specifications of Atul Elite Plus

    • Engine Power- 1.14/1.34 HP
    • Battery Type- Lead-acid battery with 48V DC12A battery charger
    • Price- ₹ 1.12 lakh
    • Loading Capacity-699 KG
    • Safety Features- This electronic rickshaw has halogen headlamps for clear night vision.

  4. Lohia Narain DX

    Narain DX is another variant by the Lohia Auto. This home brand was established in 2008, and the company manufactures all types of electric vehicles, including electric two-wheeler.

    This model features a bigger wheel surface and hydraulic suspension with a ground clearance of 220 MM. It has a seating capacity of 5 passengers, including a driver.

    If you are willing to buy this variant by Lohia Auto, make sure you have auto-rickshaw insurance. You can also visit the official website of Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited and explore multiple auto rickshaw insurance plans. Also, you can compare and choose the one that fits best.

    Specifications of Lohia Narain DX

    • Engine Power- 1.60 HP
    • Battery Type- Lead-acid battery
    • Loading Capacity-740 KG
    • Safety Features- This electronic rickshaw has handlebars and a hard-top roof.
  5. Kinetic Safar Smart

    To make your passenger ride more comfortable, next on the list is Kinetic Safar Smart. As a fleet owner, it is one of the best models to make your business more profitable and save on fuel expenses.

    This e-rickshaw has a lead-acid battery with an onboard charger. Also, it has a three-speed mode selector to change your speed as per the charge percentage. The maximum speed of this e-rickshaw is 25 KM, and it can carry 4 passengers + 1 driver.

    To protect your e-rickshaw from unforeseen third-party liabilities and own damages (OD), you must have a passenger-carrying vehicle insurance policy.

    Specifications of Kinetic Safar Smart

    • Engine Power- 1.14 HP
    • Battery Type- Lead-acid battery of 48V
    • Price- ₹ 1.53 lakh
    • Loading Capacity-500 KG
    • Safety Features- This electronic rickshaw has a full-glass windshield with an electric wiper motor side indicators and a dual headlamp.
  6. Piaggio Ape E-city

    The Ape by Piaggio is one of the most favorite and most trusted three-wheelers in India. Also, this e-rickshaw is equipped with advanced swappable batteries so that they can be interchanged at any power charging station.This auto can be easily started by switching the power button. Also, gives a top speed of 45 KMPH.

    Moreover, if you are planning to buy this top-grade performer, it is recommended to insure it with the right auto-rickshaw insurance.

    Specifications of Piaggio Ape E-city

    • Engine Power- 7.3 HP
    • Battery Type- Lithium battery with 48V with a battery capacity of 4.5 KWh.
    • Price- ₹ 2.85 lakh
    • Loading Capacity-689 KG
    • Safety Features- This electronic rickshaw has doors, and for nighttime visibility, it has blue vision lamps.

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Passenger rides are now made comfortable with all-new electric auto-rickshaws. If you are planning to buy a reliable e-rickshaw, you must refer to the above-discussed models. Also, it is advised to secure it with the right auto-rickshaw insurance policy.

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