Top 6 Mini Tractors in India

A mini tractor is agricultural machinery used by farmers for performing various activities like ploughing fields, planting saplings, and cultivating the soil. These are smaller versions of a standard tractor that have the versatility to perform several functions at once. Find the list of best mini tractors designed for you, along with the significance of tractor insurance in India.

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6 Best Tractors in India for Farmers

The best commercial vehicle giants like Sonalika, John Deere, and Mahindra & Mahindra are working efficiently to meet farmers' demands. Here is a list of the most popular tractors for Indian farmers. Also, we have described the necessity to carry tractor insurance for them.

Mini Tractor

  1. Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super

    Sonalika tractors are producing a famous mini-tractors range in India. Its Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super comes with a compact body and narrow track width. This mini tractor is designed to perform lightweight field tasks.

    If you are planning to buy this beast, insure it with the right tractor insurance policy. It will financially protect your vehicle from several unforeseen instances.

    Features of Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super

    • Type of Engine- 30 HP tractor with two-cylinder
    • Engine Capacity- Generating 1800 engine-rated RPM
    • Fuel Capacity- 29 Litre
    • GVM- 1960 KG
    • Lifting Capacity- 1336 KG
    • Agricultural Activities- Used for rotavation, ploughing, cultivation, and hauling.
  2. John Deere 3028EN

    John Deere is popularly known for its high-quality engineering. John Deere 3028 EN mini tractor is another example of such an advanced technological version.

    The tractor is here to fulfill the overall demands of Indian farmers. It is available in a 4-wheel-drive (4WD) and is truly economical for fields.

    Moreover, obtain goods carrying vehicle insurance and protect your vehicle from unanticipated road risks.

    Features of John Deere 3028 EN

    • Type of Engine- 28 HP tractor with three-cylinder
    • Engine Capacity- Generating 2800 engine-rated RPM
    • Fuel Capacity- 32 Litre
    • GVM- 1070 KG
    • Lifting Capacity- 910 KG
    • Agricultural Activities- Used in cultivating vegetable crops, intercultural operations, vineyards, and orchards.
  3. Mahindra JIVO 245 DI

    Mahindra & Mahindra is India's best and top commercial vehicle selling brand. They deliver all kinds of tractors, from an affordable range to premium tractors.

    Generally, Indian farmers prefer the mini tractor due to their super performance and affordable pricing. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, Mahindra JIVO 254 DI is suitable machinery for everyday use.

    Moreover, as a farmer, you must get it insured with the right tractor insurance. For this, you can visit the official website of Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited. Here you can compare multiple insurance plans and choose the one that fits your budget & also gives adequate coverage.

    Features of Mahindra JIVO 245 DI

    • Type of Engine- 24 HP tractor with two-cylinder
    • Engine Capacity- Generating 2300 engine-rated RPM
    • Fuel Capacity- 23 Litre
    • Lifting Capacity- 750 KG
    • Agricultural Activities- Used in cultivating multi-crops like sugarcane, cotton, grapes, and orchards.
  4. Swaraj 724 XM Orchards

    The Swaraj 724 XM Orchards is known for its compact & sleek design for the versatile farming application. The tractor is equipped with a microburst silencer to farm with ease.

    If you are planning to get this mini tractor, it is suggested to get a tractor insurance policy from the best commercial vehicle insurance company. It will protect it from unpredicted circumstances like theft, fire, accidents, and natural & man-made disasters.

    Features of Swaraj 724 XM Orchards

    • Type of Engine- 25-30 HP tractor with two-cylinder
    • Engine Capacity- Generating 1800 engine-rated RPM
    • Fuel Capacity- 60 Litre
    • GVM- 1430 KG
    • Lifting Capacity- 100 KG
    • Agricultural Activities- Used for inter-cultivation and doing orchard operations.
  5. Force Orchard Deluxe

    Force Motors is awarded for advanced engineering and delivering ultimate farming experience through their well-refined engines and gearboxes.

    Moreover, the company also won the Best Indian Tractor of the Year 2019 award for Force Orchard Deluxe. This model comes in a compact size and can perform versatile farming operations.

    However, you must insure with commercial vehicle insurance and financially protect it with unpredicted associated risks.

    Features of Force Orchard Deluxe

    • Type of Engine- 27 HP tractor with three-cylinder
    • Engine Capacity- Generating 2200 engine-rated RPM
    • Fuel Capacity- 29 Litre
    • GVM- 1460/1480 KG
    • Lifting Capacity- 1000 KG
    • Agricultural Activities- It performs well with farming implements like gyrovator, crop harvesting, threshing, ploughing, spraying, tilling, etc.
  6. Escorts Steeltrac 15

    Escorts Steeltrac 15 is a mini tractor known for its great efficiency and outstanding performance. This mini tractor is much recognised in the Indian market for its super classy design and unique structure.

    It can easily perform various functions with its robust & fuel-efficient powerful engine. The tractor is available in a 4-wheel drive (4WD) option and completes all the tasks with ease.

    If you are planning to buy this model, do not miss obtaining the tractor insurance policy and get coverage for your own damages & third-party liabilities.

    Features of Escorts Steeltrac 15

    • Type of Engine- 15 HP tractor with one-cylinder
    • Engine Capacity- Generating 3000 RPM with multi-speed PTO type
    • Fuel Capacity- 17.8 Litre
    • Lifting Capacity- 450 KG
    • Agricultural Activities- It is used for cropping cotton, vineyards, sugarcane, and orchards.


If you are a farmer and looking for a mini-tractor with great efficiency, refer to the above-mentioned list to get an affordable deal. Also, check all the features for broader choice. Along with it, obtain the right commercial vehicle insurance to financially protect your precious possession.

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