Bus and Bus Conversions: What about Insurance?

Converting a school bus into a recreational vehicle (RV) as per your needs is the new way of presenting a technical advancement story. We have seen people around us who choose a bus, very similar to the one you rode during your school days, convert it entirely according to their preferences. And when it comes down to insuring these converted vehicles, commercial vehicle insurance comes in handy. Check out this article to know everything about bus conversion and its insurance.

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What is Bus Conversion?

For all the creative heads who keep juggling in creating new things, a school bus conversion process can be an indulging, sustainable, and fascinating task. A conversion bus usually has a sleeping area, cooking tools, a drinking water supply, climate control, a refrigeration appliance, heat and cooling appliances, an onboard bathroom, and a power source. 

When you do the conversion on your own, it refers to a non-professional conversion. But you have another option, where you can hire an agency or a group of professionals. 

So whether you are a dreamer who is planning to convert it or is under the process of converting it into a recreational vehicle (RV), you must know ways to protect your vehicle, yourself, and your passenger. To answer this question of how to protect your converted bus, a commercial bus insurance policy will be a perfect investment. 

Though getting commercial bus insurance policy coverage for the vehicle you have recently converted becomes vital.  But we suggest you connect with your insurer in case you are going to do it all by yourself to know your commercial bus insurance policy coverage.

What is Bus Conversion Insurance?

This type of insurance coverage is designed specifically for travellers, celebrities, band performers, sports teams, young entertainers, sports teams, and business groups who utilize this vehicle as a means of transportation to different places. It is generally offered by those insurance companies specialized in Recreational Vehicles (RVs), buses, and motor homes. Even they offer you customized coverage as per your needs. 

Is Bus Conversion Insurance Hard to Find? 

If you have already converted your bus into an RV, or in between the process, you must connect with your insurer offering insurance coverage for non-professional conversions as well. It is not easy to get insurance for a bus converted by yourself or non-professional because it includes certain conditions that policyholders must follow. Also, getting commercial vehicle insurance of bus coverage and exclusions varies from state to state.

Below we have mentioned some points that should be considered even when you a converting buses through professional or non-professional mode or buying a readymade RV-

1. Many insurers do not provide coverage for non-professional conversion or the one you did yourself.

2. The age, make, and model of the bus helps in determining your insurance premium. Some insurers do not offer insurance if your bus is older than 20 years.

3. Other factors include- the type of transmission i.e. automatic or manual, fuel type, and engine's cubic capacity.

4. One of the prominent factors is how much modification is done on the bus.

5. They also consider factors like the mechanical soundness of the bus.

Therefore, before making any kind of decision regarding conversion, connect with your insurer first, check the eligibility, and then choose a plan that fulfills your needs.

Types of Coverage Given Under Bus Conversion Insurance 

Insurance coverage under bus conversion insurance varies from insurer to insurer. Below we have discussed some of the basic coverage under your commercial bus insurance policy-

1. Liability Coverage

It gives you coverage against claims resulting from injuries and damages to a third party or property if you are at fault during the road accident. 

2. Collision Coverage 

It covers your RV financially against accidental crashes, either with another vehicle or any fixed structures like buildings.

3. Comprehensive Coverage 

Comprehensive coverage includes third-party liabilities, damage to the RV due to an accident, natural or man-made calamity, fire explosions, theft, etc. This coverage pays for the expenses in the repairs or replacement.

4. Personal Item Coverage

It gives you financial protection for the belongings and valuables available in your RV.

5. Roadside Assistance and Towing Service

You can avail roadside assistance when your RV breakdowns in between the journey. Also, you can get help when your vehicle needs to be towed to the nearest garage.

Apart from the above discussed basic coverage, you can also buy an add-on cover for the modifications you have made on your school bus or talk to your insurer. 

How to Compare Commercial Converted Bus Insurance Online?

Getting the best choice for converted bus insurance online includes a considerable amount of research on the internet and looking for different insurance companies providing insurance for bus conversion by either professional or non-professional or both.

We suggest you thoroughly search, compare and then buy bus insurance online. Also, you must connect with your insurance executive before purchasing the policy so you can run your converted bus on the road.


In India, the concept of bus conversion is very novel. Despite this, people choose to spend their time and savings in owning a recreational vehicle (RV). So, start designing a bus that appeals to youor you can hire professionals who are equipped with powertrain technology that can be used in school buses and convert them to the recreational vehicle (RV) as per your need. Additionally, do not forget to protect them with the right commercial bus insurance policy.

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