Essentials of an Accurate Smart Truck Overview in India

A smart truck is heavy machinery that offers both power and best-in-class mileage. In India, many truck manufacturing brands are trying to experiment and also have come up with enhanced heavy-duty vehicles. From mini-pickups to electric truck models, they are offering various innovative advancements. If you are planning to buy a truck, here are a few characteristics of a smart truck to guide you along with a commercial vehicle insurance policy to protect it from unprecedented road emergencies.

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7 Important Features of a Smart Truck

Previously, the condition of Indian trucks was not good. They were poorly built with substandard safety equipment that was not efficient enough to carry a load in rough terrains. But with time, they improved and focused on smart technology.

The following is a list of 7 essential characteristics to look for when buying a smart truck in India-

  1. Offers Both Power and Mileage

    With the improvement and advancement in technology, Indian truck manufacturers have come up with the best mileage and high-powered trucks in diesel, CNG, and electric truck models. Truckers usually travel on long routes, therefore, it becomes essential to choose a brand that provides them with excellent pickup and a comfortable driving experience.

  2. Equipped with Safety Measures

    Another feature, that you must consider while buying a smart truck is advanced safety measures. The truck should be equipped with smart safety features like robust and tensile designs, emergency exit options, and payload safety tools, reverse parking sensors, seat belt reminders, airbags, and robust & spacious cabins with an effective suspension system.

    Moreover, trucks are more prone to road accidents as their runtime is higher than other vehicles. So, having the right commercial vehicle insurance policy will help in getting out of these unforeseen road emergencies.

  3. Advanced Technology

    Technological advancement can increase the driver’s safety and hence help him to carry heavy payloads without any inconvenience. Here are some technologically advanced features that can be included when buying a new truck-

    • Smart Sensors- A truck equipped with smart sensors is considered to be a great invention. Power generation, parking sensors, fuel consumption sensors, and malfunction alerts are some of the advanced alerts that every smart truck must-have. Moreover, it helps in cutting down the service cost and keeping your vehicle in good shape.
    • Traffic Sensors- It is one of the important sensors that provide alerts related to traffic congestion and alternate safe route to the drivers. This sensor usually includes a navigation system to detect real-time situations.
    • Sleep Sensors- Truck drivers usually take night routes. These sensors help in alerting the drivers in case they doze off while driving. Despite having various sensors to detect the risk, it is extremely essential to insure your truck with a truck insurance policy, so that you are financially covered to pay off for expenses resulting due to road accidents.
  4. In-built GPS System

    GPS is an essential tool for your vehicle if you do not want to get stuck in traffic congestion or to find the shortest route. It also assists in guiding you with preferred landmarks or lane guidance. However, a GPS is already installed in the four-wheelers to make your driving experience hassle-free.

    With technological advancement, these can be installed in heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks. It will help you in finding the shortest routes as well as save fuel costs and make your long trip comfortable.

  5. Installed Entertainment System

    A vehicle infotainment system may not be the most essential thing in a truck, but it helps in amplifying your driving experience. Even the most popular trucks are now fitted with the best and latest digital infotainment system.

    Here you can connect your smartphone with a Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth, and HD radio, many other entertainment features. Moreover, you have the option to upgrade your model with Apple car play and Android auto.

  6. Unbeatable Features

    Automobile manufacturers are working on edgy bodywork and clever features so they can satisfy the needs of every segment. A truck must be designed with a high-powered engine, anti-inertial upper bodies to increase the driver’s safety, and a hydraulic suspension system for an advanced braking system.

    Moreover, it should have features like EBS, ABS, and high tensile strength tires. To give a safety shield to your truck, you can search for different commercial vehicle insurance companies on the internet and choose a truck insurance plan as per your need and budget.

  7. Comfortable Driving Experience

    Last but not the least, your vehicle should offer a comfortable driving experience in every situation. Seats should be designed in a way that reduces knee pains and back pains. A smart truck must have a spacious cabin, air conditioning system, and heat-resistant seat for a pleasant driving experience. For convenience and comfort, a mobile charging spot and adjustable seats should be there.

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With the growing logistic industry, there is a boom in truck manufacturing companies. They are manufacturing trucks that can deliver heavy loads with less fuel wastage. Moreover, they are more focused on the sales of electric truck models and CNG trucks.

Thus, keep this list of essential features of a smart truck in mind to make an informed decision. Also, do not forget to buy an online commercial vehicle insurance policy to secure yourself while driving on the roads.

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